Ch 6 sec 3


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  • Read note about Crossing Delaware picture on page 96
  • General Burgoyne – south from MontrealGeneral Howe – north up the Hudson RiverGeneral St. Leger – down the St. Lawerence, to Lake Ontario, cut east across the Mohawk River Valley
  • How many people died at Saratoga?
  • Why? The French hoped to weaken its greatest enemy
  • Once when chased, she hid in hollow log..when Indians left she followed them and took back everything they had stolen from her
  • Ch 6 sec 3

    1. 1. War for Independence
    2. 2. • Washington was outnumbered 4 to 1• The Americans had to get out of New York, but how?• One of Washington’s aides brought a fleet of fishing boats, rowboats and sailing ships.• On a rainy night followed by heavy fog allowed the army to ferry across to safety
    3. 3. • The Americans had low morale• Enlistments were due to expire• Americans needed a victory to attract more men to the cause• Washington crossed the Delaware River on Christmas night• Surprised the Hessians and captured 900• No Americans died
    4. 4. • Charles Cornwallis sent troops to Trenton to capture Washington• Washington left decoy fires and marched to Princeton• He captured Princeton
    5. 5. General Cornwallis
    6. 6. • The British plan was to all meet in Albany, New York and attack Americans
    7. 7. • It went wrong for the British – One decided to take a different route – One heard rumors and retreated – One ran out of supplies• Burgoyne decided to attack anyway (the one that ran out of supplies)• Gates led the Americans• The British suffered heavy casualties
    8. 8. Surrender of General Burgoyne
    9. 9. General HoratioBurgoyne Gates
    10. 10. • He decided to attack again three weeks later and lost badly.• Burgoyne surrendered on October 17, 1777
    11. 11. • The Battle of Saratoga brought France into the war to help the Americans.
    12. 12. Valley Forge• In Pennsylvania• Where the Americans spent the winter of 1777-1778• Had few supplies and no money to buy more
    13. 13. Baron Von Steuben• His name was Lieutenant General Frederick William Augustus Henry Ferdinand Baron von Steuben• A German who trained the army.• Had them focus on the cause rather than their hardships
    14. 14. Baron Von Steuben
    15. 15. Baron von Steuben
    16. 16. Margaret Corbin• Fought along side her husband.• She was shot and wounded and her wound was so severe that she was an invalid the rest of her life
    17. 17. Mary Ludwig Hays• Called “Molly Pitcher”• Carried water to the troops during battle• Fired her husbands cannon when he was injured
    18. 18. Betty Zane• During a battle the Americans were running low on gun powder• She ran the 100 yards to retrieve it
    19. 19. “Mad Anne” Bailey• Indians thought she was protected by the Great Spirit or insane• She traveled alone through Indian areas to retrieve gunpowder for Americans
    20. 20. Nancy Hart• Called the “war woman”• Had a man gallop through her house• Six Loyalists forced her to cook for them• She sent her daughter to get help, killed two of them with their muskets while eating and held the rest at gunpoint
    21. 21. George Rogers Clark• Famous Patriot that fought in the West
    22. 22. War at Sea• America did not have a navy• America used privateers. (merchant vessels outfitted to fight)• Most famous naval officer was John Paul Jones