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  • Labored long hours and unsafe conditions, which in some cases led to disastersDoors to the shirtwaist company were locked to keep the workers on the job, so they couldn’t get outTextile workers inhaled cotton lint and some contracted “brown lung” disease and later died from it
  • Or went on strike…it did little good to try to change jobs…troublemakers would not be hired
  • Due to crowded conditions of the city, diphtheria, smallpox, cholera, typhus, scarlet fever and tuberculosisGarbage created a terrible stench and became a breeding ground for germs, rodents, disease, and harmful insectsFire hydrants were opened at certain times for bathing or other usesHousing conditions were bad, but the prisons, mental hospitals, and other institutions was worse.
  • Provided food, clothing and child care, recreation and classes
  • For the parents of city children, supervised recreation was a major service provided by settlement houses. This 1924 photo was taken on the "roof playground" of the Irene Kaufman Settlement.
  • Actually set up for wealthy people to live in who wanted to live among the poor and help them improve the neighborhood
  • She won the Nobel Peace Prize
  • Everyone should get a square deal
  • With all of the focus on foreign affairs, progressive politics fell by the wayside
  • Ch 20

    1. 1. Progressivism Wanted to make life better through reform
    2. 2. • Treatment of workers was unfair and cruel – Triangle Shirtwaist Company Fire in New York City may have been worst incident – Nearly 150 women and children died
    3. 3. • Blacklists were exchanged between employers of those who caused trouble
    4. 4. • City Problems – Epidemics were common – Insufficient clean water supply and lack of sanitary plumbing
    5. 5. Muckrackers • Journalists who exposed society’s corruption • Upton Sinclair – Wrote the Jungle to expose the meat industry – Led to the passage of the Pure Food and Drug Act
    6. 6. Upton Sinclair
    7. 7. Settlement houses • Set up to help the poor in the cities • The first one was called Neighborhood Guild in New York City
    8. 8. Hull House • Settlement house in Chicago set up by Jane Addams
    9. 9. Jane Addams
    10. 10. Square Deal • Believed that workers should receive just and fair treatment
    11. 11. 16th Amendment • Created the federal income tax
    12. 12. 17th Amendment • Allowed senators to be elected by the people
    13. 13. 18th Amendment • Banned the manufacture and sale of alcoholic beverages
    14. 14. 19th Amendment • Gave women the right to vote