Ch 2 sec 4


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Ch 2 sec 4

  1. 1. The Southern Colonies
  2. 2. • It began as a charter colony, but the king took it over due to the treatment of Indians• Tobacco was the cash crop and very valuable• John Rolfe cultivated Tobacco and sold it in England• It was the center of Anglicanism in the New World• Other religions were fined
  3. 3. • Williamsburg became the capital when Jamestown burned
  4. 4. • The land was given to George Calvert (Lord Baltimore) by the King• He wanted a place safe for Roman Catholics• The king names the area Maryland after the queen Henrietta Maria
  5. 5. • George Calvert died before he could go to New World• His son, Cecilius Calvert led the settlers to the New World
  6. 6. • Protestants began to arrive in Maryland and outnumbered the Catholics• Maryland passed the Act of Toleration which guaranteed religious freedom to all who believed in the Trinity
  7. 7. • After a civil war in England, King Charles II wanted to award those who remained loyal.• King Charles II gave 8 noblemen a tract of land that they named Carolina• Kings name was Carolus in Latin• The land was divided about 50 years later into North and South Carolina
  8. 8. • North Carolina grew Tobacco• South Carolina grew rice and indigo
  9. 9. Two reasons for the founding of Georgia1. Served as a buffer between the Carolinas and the Spanish Florida2. Served as a new home for debtors
  10. 10. • James Oglethorpe was unhappy with the way debtors were treated in England• Also wanted to disallow slavery• No drinking of hard liquor
  11. 11. • Only a few debtors traveled to America• Other settlers came, but hated the no slave and no drinking rules• Became a royal colony and started to look like the others.