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  • Review birth of Jesus
  • Christ is Greek for “anointed one”
  • There was now hope for the world
  • Matt. 28:18-19 – all power is given unto me in heaven and in earth. Go ye therefore, and teach all nations
  • Jews were tired of living under foreign empires.In AD 66 the Jews rebelled against the RomansRome sent large number of troops to stop itIn AD 70 they broke through and destroyed the city and burned the temple
  • only one God, but he exists in three distinct persons.
  • Ch 1 sec 3

    1. 1. The Coming of Christ
    2. 2. Jesus of Nazareth• Most important human who has ever lived• Mary was a descendant of King David
    3. 3. Jesus was Lord, Christ & Savior• Lord because Jesus would fulfill the Davidic Covenant• Christ because he was the Messiah• Savior because he would save his people from their sad condition
    4. 4. The New Covenant• Jesus’ death would mark the beginning of the New Covenant• The death and resurrection of Jesus Christ mark the most important turning point in history• The gospel – Jesus dies for the sins of humans and has been raised again to save them forever
    5. 5. Spread of Christianity• Jesus told his disciples to tell all nations about the Gospel (Matt. 28: 18-19)• He gave the holy spirit to his people at Pentecost and the Christian church was born
    6. 6. Saul of Tarsus• He practiced Judaism which is the religion of the Jews• He tried to wipe out the Christian church
    7. 7. • Jesus confronted him and he was converted• He became a leader in the spread of Christianity• Spread Christianity into Asia Minor, Greece, Rome and perhaps even Spain
    8. 8. Paul taught two truths:1. no one could be saved from sin by obeying the conditions of the Mosiac Covenant2. Jesus was the promised seed of Abraham who would bring a blessing to all nations
    9. 9. Growth of Christianity• Jerusalem was destroyed and the temple burned by Romans• This actually helped Christianity 1. Ended the persecuting of Christians from Judaism 2. Drove Christians out of Judea
    10. 10. Roman Persecutions• Emperor Nero blamed the Christians for the fire that swept through Rome in AD 64
    11. 11. • Violent persecutions were recorded by the historian Tacitus
    12. 12. Emperor Diocletian
    13. 13. • The Great Persecution occurred under Diocletian• Had to offer sacrifices to pagan gods or be tortured and killed
    14. 14. • Jean-Leon Gerome• Oil painting• French painter• 1883
    15. 15. • Romans hoped that these persecutions would put an end to Christianity• Christianity was purified through the opposition, not destroyed
    16. 16. Emperor Constantine• He converted to Christianity• Issued the Edit of Milan which put an end to almost 300 years of persecution• Moved capitol of Rome to Byzantium. The people called it Constantinople. (Constantine’s City)
    17. 17. Emperor Constantine
    18. 18. Istanbul not Constantinople by the Four Lads
    19. 19. Council of Nicaea• Organized by Constantine,• They met to consider the deity of Christ• They concluded there was only one God• They affirmed the doctrine of the Trinity
    20. 20. The Trinity
    21. 21. Theodosius I• Made Christianity the only recognized religion in the empire. All others were illegal.• Divided Rome into two empires: Roman empire and Byzantine Empire• The Roman empire was conquered by barbarians and Christianity was blamed
    22. 22. Theodosius I
    23. 23. The City of God• A book written by Augustine (North Africa) after Rome fell• Said that Christians should not fear Rome’s fall. Empires come and go, but God’s city is forever.
    24. 24. Augustine