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Life of Blessed Laura Vincuna.

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Laura Biography

  1. 1. Santidade Juvenil Laura Vicuña 13 anos cheios de amor
  2. 2. Laura Vicuña 13 anos cheios de amor Laura was born April 5, 1891, in Santiago. Blessed Laura Vicuna was the daughter of Jose Domingo Vicuna and Mercedes Pino
  3. 3. Laura Vicunã 13 years full of love The Vicuña family were Chilean aristocrats, forced into exile by the revolution. They took refuge in Temuco in a poor house, but soon after Joseph Domenico died suddenly, and Mercedes had to take refuge with her two daughters in Argentina.
  4. 4. Laura Vicunã 13 anos cheios de amor In 1900 Laura went to board with her sister Julia Amanda with the Daughters of Mary Help of Christians at their school.
  5. 5. Laura Vicuña 13 anos cheios de amor The following year she made her first communion with the same fervour and ideals as Saint Dominic Savio, whom she had taken as a model. she entered the Children of Mary. A mãe nunca tinha falado de Deus, mas agora sente-se amada e protegida pelo amor infinito e forte de Deus.
  6. 6. Laura Vicuña 13 anos cheios de amor While one of the Sisters was explaining the sacrament of marriage during catechetics, Laura began to understand her mother’s sinful state, and fainted. She also understood because during the holidays on the farm her mother made her pray in secret, and never went to the sacraments. From then on Laura increased her prayers and sacrifices for her mother’s conversion.
  7. 7. Laura Vicuña 13 anos cheios de amor On that special day, Laura talks with Jesus and offers him her heart, and all her being. She takes a decision that it is a gift of love. On the day of the first communion the Church is filled with songs and flowers.
  8. 8. Laura Vicuña 13 anos cheios de amor Laura’s mother visits her and her sister regularly and gives them lots of presents. Amanda, her sister is happy and Lauren is thankful for all these gifts. Laura shares with the presents with her friends . She likes to see them contented and happy …
  9. 9. Laura Vicuña 13 anos cheios de amor The kindness and the friendship of Laura fills the heart one of the colleagues with envy. Laura ,with her sweetness continue to transform her colleague. She values the friendship and looks forward to cultivate it…
  10. 10. Laura Vicuña 13 anos cheios de amor On the 8th of December, the best students can be part of the Association of the Children of Maria. Ours Lady is for them a life model, a marvelous and tender Mother. The joy overflows of the heart of Laura. Her sister, Amanda said later: “The day which my sister Laura received the ribbon as the daughter of Maria, was one of the happiest days for her”.
  11. 11. Laura Vicuña 13 anos cheios de amor The time passes and Laura continues in the college. A small group of students was trusted to Laura and she is like a mother to them. Despite of her little age, she makes herself responsible for everything and with a lot affection. she helps them in house works and in study as well.
  12. 12. Laura Vicunã 13 anos cheios de amor 1903- Rising of waters of the river Chimehuin. The winter was very rigorous , with rains , and the river was overflowing. The College was destroyed. After the event the Sisters and the students return to the college and feel that the humidity and the coldness penetrate up to the bones . Laura is sick. Each day that passes, she is more pale and the weak…
  13. 13. Laura Vicuña 13 anos cheios de amor In January of 1904, burning in fever , Laura says to her mother: "I offered my life to Jesus for you… I always love you a lot mother…" Her health does not improve and the mother is worried more and more…
  14. 14. Laura Vicuña 13 anos cheios de amor "Now I happy to die . I am grateful to Jesus! . I am grateful Maria!" It was day January 22, 1904. Laura was not even 13 years of age. In day the September 3rd of 1988, Pope John Paul II proclaims her Blessed and model of all youth.
  15. 15. Laura Vicuña 13 anos cheios de amor Laura, to small flower of the Andes, continues it be model for many adolescents. Não tenhas medo de escalar a montanha da santidade: vive em verdade cada momento que te é dado, na presença de Deus! Santidade Juvenil Do not be scare of the high mountain of the holiness: live moment truthful to yourself, in the presence of God!
  16. 16. Laura Vicuña 13 anos cheios de amor Santidade Juvenil Jogar, estudar, rezar era tudo a mesma coisa, porque vivia tudo isto na presença de Deus. Simple girl that it chose to live the daily sanctity. And you? What direction do you choose? To play, study, is pray is same thing, because everything lived in the presence of God. Laura received this gift of the holiness in her life. And in the simplicity of the everyday, life was giving sense to hers existence.