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Open House Powerpoint

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Open house powerpoint 2012 2013

  1. 1. Welcome to Open House! Mrs. Sherman’s Class Room 28
  2. 2. Agenda:IntroductionsDiscuss classroom rulesReview homework assignments and policyLook at curriculumQuestionsWrite notes to your child and sign up for conferences and to volunteer
  3. 3. Introductions• BA in Psychology from Goshen Mennonite College• MA in Teaching, K-6 from Virginia Commonwealth University• Eight years as a social worker• Four years as a Reading Tutor K-6• Seventh year teaching at Kearns• Thirteen year old son, eleven year old daughter, husband, and an eight year old dog
  4. 4. Classroom Rules and Taking a Break
  5. 5. Classroom Rules We agree to … ~ think about, say, and/or write what we need ~ help ourselves and friends to get what’s needed to learn ~ never give up ~ take turns, listen, and share during discussions ~ fill up people’s buckets Rewards: Pride in yourself Praise Stronger Connections and Learning Consequences:If you choose to break a rule you will need to “take a break”. Ifthe behavior continues after your break a logical consequences will be given (i.e.  if you throw trash on the ground you will need to clean it up). Positive behaviors are modeled.
  6. 6. Homework Policy
  7. 7. Homework Assignments and Policy Core: Reading 15 minutes a night Monday through Thursday- Reading Log. Due Thursday or Friday. Math 5 minutes a night Monday through Thursday. Math will be internet and board game based with a Math Log to complete. Due Friday.If homework is taking your child much longer than twenty minutes,please let me know.The weekly reading log for children to fill out will begin the last week ofSeptember. A list of suggested spelling activities will also be provided.Spelling lists and reading responses will be sent home as optionalassignmentsI will also send home a few project oriented, optional, homeworkassignments. They include researching a career. This includes dressingup as that community worker and sharing information about it withclass friends. There is also an animal research project.
  8. 8. Reading LogDear Parents,Each child must read for at least 15 minutes a night, Monday through Thursday, as partof the daily homework. Please help your child complete this log each week and returnit to school every Thursday or Friday. Please note that for this reading homework to beproductive, the book selected should be at your child’s independent reading level.More than one book may need to be read to reach the required 15 minutes, or alengthier book may take several nights to read. Children are welcome to read thesame book more than once- rereading is a great way to improve oral reading fluency. Thanks for your help. Sincerely, Khristine Sherman Due Date: Thursday or Friday Student’s Name: ____________________________________ Parents Date Book Title Initials                  
  9. 9. Suggested Spelling Activities Give a written test. Ask your child how to spell each word out loud.Have your child write the words “in the air” with a stiff arm. Say each letter as it is written. Write the words in clay with a toothpick. Write the words in shaving cream on a cookie sheet. Have them write the words in alphabetical order.
  10. 10. Spelling Framework Grade Two 101 Core Words Core about know today after learn togetherSpelling again little two almost live under Words also always many might until upon animal more use another mother very any much want around never went asked new were back next where because now which been off while before often who began one why below once work both only would boy other write children our year come over your could own does people Grade 2 Priority List don’t picture down place and are each put at from every read had have father right in is first saw like of girl school said the give should there they goes since to was good some what when great story with you help than here their high them house these how think kind those
  11. 11. Reading and Writing in Second Grade• Reader’s Workshop: Read to Self and Partner Read 5x’s a week• Reading Response Notebooks 2-3x’s a week• Guided Reading 3-5x’s a week• Words Their Way for Word Study 4-5x’s a week• Writer’s Workshop 4x’s a week• Spelling Buddies 4-5x’s a week
  12. 12. Math• Connecticut Common Core State Standards• Fact Strategies (Addition and Subtraction) to 20• Place Value to 1000• Fluency with Addition and Subtraction within 100• Exploring Addition and Subtraction within 1000• Money (dollar amounts in word problems)• Reasoning with Shapes• Measurement with Standard Units (inches, feet, centimeters, and meters)• Time to the Nearest 5 Minutes• Representing and Analyzing and Interpreting Data (picture and bar graphs)• Exploring Multiplication
  13. 13. • SCIENCE• Nutrition• Solids, liquids, and gases• Plant life cycles• Soil• SOCIAL STUDIES• Character Education• Families• Appreciation for the past
  14. 14. NOVEMBER Report Card Expectations• This information will be posted every trimester on my website. Please contact me via e-mail if you have more specific questions. This information is subject to slight changes.• Reading:• Students should be able to read quickly and accurately while heeding most punctuation.• Students should be able to retell the stories with details and names.• Students should be able to answer literal and inferential questions about the text.• Identify and use fix up strategies while reading as needed.• Writing:• Students should be writing stories with evidence of beginnings, middles, and endings.• Students should be able to use periods properly most of the time.
  15. 15. November Report Card Expectations• Math:• Students should be able to be able to:• Count by twos up to 100; Count by fives up to 100; Count by 10s up to 100• Count by 1s, 2s, 5s, or 10s midstream (i.e. count by 2s: start at 40 and end at 90)• Make numbers up to 999 using base-10 blocks; Write numbers up to 999 after reading base-10 blocks• Add numbers up to 20; Subtract numbers from 20 or less; Complete addition word problems.• Science:• Students should be able to:• Understand a balanced nutritional diet can be obtained from plant and animal sources. Different cultures have different foods.• Package labels provide nutritional information.
  16. 16. Second Grade Curriculum HighlightsMathematics Language Arts   Numerical Reasoning   Reading o  Counting o  Phonics o  Place Value o  Fluency o  Problem Solving o  Comprehension o  Estimation o  Strategies o  Computation o  Vocabulary Development o  Addition Facts o  Story Elements o  Subtraction Facts o  Literature Response o    Communicating with Others   Working with Data   Communicating Relevant Thoughts Orally o  Graphing   Listening with Attention and Understanding   Writing   Measurement o  Using Correct Grammar and Mechanics o  Time o  Applying Editing Skills o  Calendar o  Using Story Structure and Details o  Money o  Spelling Assigned Words Correctly on Tests o  Using Reasonable Spelling Approximations o  Writing Neatly and LegiblySocial Studies Science and Health   Knowledge and Appreciation of the Past   Nutritional Needs   Rights and Responsibilities of Citizens   Plants   Geography and Geography Skills   Properties of Matter   Concepts of Family and Community   Properties of Soil
  17. 17. Reading Tips
  18. 18. Specials Specials’ ScheduleSchedule Day Special Time Monday Physical Education 11:20-11:55 Library/Computer Tuesday 1:05-2:05 Physical Education 11:20-11:55 Wednesday Music 1:05-1:40 Thursday Art 11:20-11:55
  19. 19. Birthday celebrations• No food• Feel free to send in birthday favors if you’d like to (Ex: pencils, small notebooks etc.)• We will make sure to make every child feel special on their birthday• You are welcome to come to the class as a guest reader to help celebrate your child’s birthday. If your child has a summer birthday, we can set up a day in June. There is also a sign up sheet to come in as a general guest reader at 2:45pm.
  20. 20. Additional Information• Please send a note if your child is getting picked up otherwise they will get on the bus• Send in your reading lists.• Portable snacks with disposable bags• Reusable water bottles• Label all lunch boxes, backpacks, coats, and water bottles• Check the school backpack and folder every night• Peanut allergies bring in a cloth placemat
  21. 21. Thanks for Coming!• Don’t hesitate to contact me at any time if you have a question or concern: – Send a note with your child – Call the school – E-mail me at – The Granby Website – I will send home email blasts to inform you of upcoming events and curriculum. Please add your address to the list if needed.
  22. 22. Volunteer Opportunities :