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Addictomaticresearch from different website by one website

Published in: Education, Technology, Business
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  1. 1. Addictomaticresearch from differentwebsite by one website Khowla abdulrhman 200600912
  2. 2. Out line Introduction How is using it Why using it Other research link Quiz time Bibliography
  3. 3.  IntroductionAddictomatic searches sites on the web for the latest news, blog posts, videos and images.
  4. 4. Who using it Student Teacher Social people
  5. 5. Why using it:- New benefit way to research Save their time Easy to use Diversification of source Quickly identifies news and information from different sources
  6. 6. Other research link
  7. 7. How is using it
  8. 8. Quiz question time
  9. 9. You can use Addictomatic for news, blog posts, videos and images. News only Blog only Image only
  10. 10. You can choose the web, thatyou want to find from Yes No
  11. 11. Oops wrong answer Go again video slide
  12. 12. Congratulation you are readyto use Addictomatic
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