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E book collections


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this is an analysis on the pros and cons of purchasing an annual eBook nonfiction collection for a library. I followed up with how to upload MARC records in for easy removal later in this blog post:

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E book collections

  1. 1. FORTUNATELY…The cost is low for the wealth of titles compared to purchase of print books.For example: EBSCO’s Academic eBook Collection is approximately $3000.00 for 113,000 titles. My print order of 252 titles is approximately $7500.00
  2. 2. UNFORTUNATELY…The eBooks within the collection are rentals and require a yearly subscription fee to be paid.Will you have the budget money each year to fund the purchase?
  3. 3. FORTUNATELY…The wealth of titles allows you a better likelihood to meet sudden and unique needs (on-demand).For example: students with projects that are self- chosen or new teachers introducing new units of study who are searching for resources are more able to find resources on the same day that they search versus waiting for the librarian to “build the collection” to suit their needs.
  4. 4. UNFORTUNATELY…While there are a wealth of titles available, there may not be access to specific titles that patrons are searching for (you still will need to buy print nonfiction to suit specific title needs.)
  5. 5. FORTUNATELY…Marc records for the eBooks within the collection are provided by the company . You may upload them into your catalog system for patrons to locate while searching.Whenever there are updates, you get new Marc records.
  6. 6. UNFORTUNATELY…That may be problematic when the company removes the title (the Marc record will need to be weeded. How will you know which to remove and will the task be time-consuming?)
  7. 7. FORTUNATELY…New titles are added throughout the year which should keep your average copyright date more current.
  8. 8. UNFORTUNATELY…These new books are “bundled” for you (selected by the service provider) leaving worry for whether they are utilizing quality selection criteria (just how do they decide which books to buy?) and appropriateness of material (are you able to block specific titles if deemed inappropriate by your school?)
  9. 9. FORTUNATELY…The company offers unlimited simultaneous access and ensures that they follow all of the access requirements mandated by the publisher.
  10. 10. UNFORTUNATELY…Titles that you want or need may disappear.
  11. 11. FORTUNATELY…Access is available for downloading on or offline and to many popular devices.
  12. 12. UNFORTUNATELY…The only access is electronic access. Will students respond positively to electronic versions and use them as widely as you hope? Will students make multiple copies to essentially turn into print, ultimately wasting more resources? Your collection will not be accessible when technology is down.
  13. 13. FORTUNATELY…It saves shelf space.
  14. 14. UNFORTUNATELY…The reduction of new purchases in your nonfiction shelves may make your nonfiction section begin to look outdated and may not reflect the actual quality of your collection of information which you provide to your patrons.
  15. 15. FORTUNATELY…With the emphasis on nonfiction within new Common Core standards, the wealth of materials allows teachers to access many examples of nonfiction writing.Examples can be projected for group discussion, modeling of note-taking, highlighting, etc.
  16. 16. UNFORTUNATELY…Surprise! There is no flip side – this is a really good tool for Common Core preparation!(We will not debate pros and cons of standardized testing in this document)
  17. 17. ULTIMATELY…• This decision will be a local decision for each library.• Age of your patrons will probably matter.• Comparison of companies is worthy of future attention – EBSCO eBook Academic Collection is currently the only company I have researched because Joyce Valenza has researched and trialed the collections on her own highly suggests this specific collection (and I very much trust her.)I hope you use the information provided by me synthesized as a result ofour collective sharing on a Google Doc useful in making the best decisionfor you. Thank you to everyone who contributed so many good ideas to theGoogle Doc!Karen Hornberger, Library Media Specialist, Palisades High School