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A lot of content for this slideshow is taken from our website and will give you in-depth information about our service areas and our client projects.

Introducing our agency including showcases starting at slide 34. Enjoy!

NOTE: Due to the amount of text on some slides you might want to switch to full screen mode.

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Conceptbakery - Comprehensive Presentation

  1. 1. 1.0) Marketing Delicacies Made in Germany and the USA 1
  2. 2. 1. Form a versatile team by mixing creative guerilla thinkers with writers, word-of-mouth specialists, designers, programming experts and other talents. 2. Take the latest trends and ideas from around the world and blend them together until something new and unique emerges. 3. Carefully add many years of experience in walking the walk, not just talking the talk, until a solid strategy dough forms. 4. This is the foundation for ideas mixed until a concept turns into a campaign and a story develops into a conversation topic that stays in people’s minds. 5. Finally, our enthusiastic bakers push this into the oven and serve up a true marketing delicacy with lots of passion and fun.Our Recipe 2
  3. 3. Founded: September 2002 Location: Denver (USA) / Cologne (Germany) Specialty: creativity + technical know-how = marketing delicacies Team: 18 (and counting) in-house + ~10 freelancers + worldwide contractor network Legal Status: LLC (USA) / GmbH & Co. KG (Germany) Ownership: Felix Holzapfel and Klaus Holzapfel Management: Felix Holzapfel (Germany) / Klaus Holzapfel (USA) First large Client: Early 2003 (E-Plus, German telecommunications provider, building an online and mobile community, guerilla marketing on the web and mobile) Funding: Completely self-funded, no external investors, loans, etc.In Zahlen 3
  4. 4. Our bakeries are both located in unassuming places. You’ll find us in the always-bustling Cologne, Germany, as well as the residential oasis of Westminster, CO, USA, in the green and outdoorsy world between Denver & Boulder. All the things we need to inspire us are right at our doorsteps. We would never bother with the monotony of cubicles. Our offices are perfect settings to brainstorm and develop only the finest marketing delicacies. Sounds interesting? Why don’t you swing by and pay us a visit? Coffee, tea and friendly faces, plus maybe some freshly baked cookies, will await you :)Bakeries 4
  5. 5. 2.0) IngredientsEverything from one source 5
  6. 6. EVERYTHING FROM ONE SOURCE As master bakers at a full-service social media agency, we only use the finest ingredients. Some of them are known to bakers at any level, but others are of more exotic nature. We know how to blend the perfect mix of ingredients at the right time and place, bake it to perfection and serve it fresh, just out of the oven. Our recipe box includes some classics, common basics and our own original creations. We use them for clients, and ourselves. Of course we also offer our ingredients separately. But you only get tasty baked goodies by combining them together.Ingredients 6
  7. 7. 2.1) ToolsOur best helpers 7
  8. 8. OUR LITTLE HELPERS The best ingredients are fairly useless if the right tools are missing or someone doesnt know how to properly use them. Only countless experiments and hard training will teach someone to not only use but master the tools at their fingertips. Developing and discovering newly available tools early ensures conceptbakery produces delicious baked goods that turns heads whenever they’re presented to the public. Many times, we’re able to answer questions that havent even been asked and provide solutions to problems you arent even aware of yet. As a cross-Atlantic marketing agency, we constantly implement the latest trends and techniques for a global audience. The world of Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Foursquare, Blogs, etc. is changing daily and we make sure our clients are able to use all these playgrounds to their fullest potential. Ultimately, we provide our clients with a custom recipeTools developed exclusively for them. 8
  9. 9. THE DRAWER You can’t bake without your special drawer of tools, and you cant communicate professionally without social media. This is the area where the techniques of our daily work are being stored. Need more information? We could bombard you with countless statistics in order to raise your appetite for social media. But in this technologically-based world, those numbers change too fast to be relevant for very long. However, the underlying message is the same: humans love to communicate with each other. While thats not a new phenomenon, the new technology for todays conversation is the main game changer. It has and is still evolving at a speed that is stunning even the leading futurists of our times. With our help, you wont just keep up. Youll be at the forefront of the movement.Social Web 9
  10. 10. EASY, EASY, EASY... Our Facebook CMS Lite is tailored for smaller businesses and Facebook Pages. • Setup of a landing page, including a fan and no-fan section • Selection of templates and switching text and background colors (custom layouts available at additional cost) • Use of pre-built modules (sweepstakes, polls, image galleries, RSS feeds, news ticker, videos, etc.) • Easy to manage (no programming knowledge required) We also use this system for larger organizations. It could not only just be used for the main brand page, but for all branches (store or agency networks, franchises, etc.). The system can guarantee a unified look, updated product info across all pages, legal stability and more.CMS Lite 10
  11. 11. FOR FACEBOOK PROS This system is for companies that are looking for a highly professional, state-of-the-art Facebook Page. • Setup of a landing page with unlimited sub-pages • Multi-User System, including rights management • Use of pre-built modules (sweepstakes, polls, image galleries, RSS feeds, news ticker, videos, etc.) + individually programmed modules • International Facebook Page possible (automatically displaying language versions) • Knowledge of other CMS is helpful (no programming knowledge required) We will take care of the entire setup. The ongoing maintenance can then be done by us or our client.CMS Pro 11
  12. 12. TASTY BITES 2 GO Our shop would not be the same without our little helpers, aka "apps". They make our job easier and are fun to work with. A far cry from uniform-shaped cookie cutters, they provide discussion material and are tailor-made for special purposes. Apps can be tailored to the flavor and the requirements of a select target audience or can be build for a to have wide spread appeal. The look and feel as well as the functionality of an app will always be unique. Apps are special tasty bites, for us and our clients.Apps & Co. 12
  13. 13. 2.2) StrategyAnalysis, Goals, Positioning, ROI & Co. 13
  14. 14. ASKING THE RIGHT QUESTIONS... We start by deciding what we’re doing and who we’re serving. Are we baking bread, rolls, pies or cookies? For whom? Who is doing what? Where and when are the goods going to be served? People shouldn’t just eat and leave, they should want to talk about what their experience was like. What needs to be done for the finished product to be perceived as something special and memorable? How do you hook your audience so they tell their friends about their experience? We can never forget who is always the center of all of our efforts: people, consumers, clients, employees, and the needs of all of those. One key success factor is to keep it simple (let’s skip the stupid) rather than to complicate them.Strategy 14
  15. 15. SOCIAL WEB MONITORING & CONTROLLING How is a company, product or service being perceived by our clients consumers or customers? What’re the benefits? How about the weaknesses? What does the overall market situation look like? Whats the existing conversation like? These are just some of the questions we explore during this process. We use various social web monitoring tools to gather information from a wide range of sources. They help us learn what’s being discussed, when, where and by whom. This process serves us in three ways: 1. Creating a pool of data as a foundation to develop an effective strategy. 2. Acts as a before and after study so we can gauge how many people nibbled at our goodies and occurred because of that. 3. Ongoing control during a campaign.Analysis 15
  16. 16. ROI ON THE SOCIAL WEB Its a fairly common approach in the social web to heat up the oven prior to thinking about what to bake. That’s the wrong way to achieve a goal. We prefer to clearly define our quantitative and qualitative goals prior to deciding which goodies will be served: when, where, by whom and for whom. This is essential for planning and executing a social media marketing program and measure its success. Despite public belief, it’s possible to create social media campaigns with clearly defined and measured ROI. Alternative Key Performance Indicators (KPI) are one way to illustrate the effectiveness of your program. What are your best options to measure your success? We’ll find out!Goals 16
  17. 17. SOCIAL MEDIA STORYTELLING Why should anyone try your tasty goods and not the ones in the window across the street? Why should a user show interest with your brand and let you talk to them? How do you get your point across within seconds? To retain and grow an audience, the answer in many cases is careful targeting and a clear definition of your position. We are working with our clients on positioning that creates appetite. Only a tasty story makes an audience hungry for more.Positioning 17
  18. 18. 2.3) Viral & WOM Don’t just stand around! 18
  19. 19. OUR WORD-OF-MOUTH-SPECIALS Viral marketing and WOM arent just sprinkles on top of frosting any longer. They’re key ingredients for any successful project. A plain marketing message is as uninspiring as an undecorated cupcake sitting on a counter of intricately- decorated multi-tier cakes. You want your customer to see your message, grab their phone and start a call with "OMG!" or tweet about you, take a picture, post on Facebook, etc. We usually refer to our creations as "word-of-mouth specials". They’re meant to trigger participation and conversation and are the icing on the cake of our projects. Note: Our forefathers already used the same ingredients to spread their word. Interesting stories are always a successful vehicle to get your point across. We’re merely adapting this philosophy to our modern communication landscape.Viral & WOM 19
  20. 20. 2.4) Social WebYour audience is there! Are you? 20
  21. 21. HAVING THAT PERFECT MIX The best recipes used to be top-secret and were passed down from generation to generation within families. Today, all of these family treasures and more are easily accessible on the Internet. Each plan must be uniquely tailored and baked to perfection with only relevant variables and precise attention to detail. That’s the difference between novice and master bakers. If you’re sloppy, you could set the oven on fire. Your project could become talk of the town in a completely different way. There are some pre-mixed products available, such as our Facebook CMS Lite and Facebook CMS Pro, that make the job a little easier. But those alone will only lead you to good results, not great. For great, you’ll need fresh add-ons created specifically for this product or your project. Tip: The sooner you involve your social media agency in the planning process for your campaigns the better. That can start as early as product development.Social Web 21
  22. 22. COMMUNITY MANAGEMENT Once a consumer has developed a taste for your creations, we recommend to continue reaching out to them on an ongoing base. This will turn one-time visitors into regulars. The management effort of your social media program will increase with a growing number of daily visitors to your destinations. Thats when it makes sense to use monitoring tools that aggregate information including statistics from multiple platforms and make it easier to work as a team. Whats the impact of a particular post? Who said what to whom? What is the social media clout of the people you are talking to? How big and relevant is their network to you? It is important to measure what works and what doesnt and to know whom you are talking to. This is key information in order to satisfy the needs and requirement of the people you want to communicate with.Management 22
  23. 23. BUILDING REACH THAT MATTERS Baking an amazing pie is one thing. Making sure that others know about it and stand in line to savor it is the other part of your success story. Unlike many others, we’ve mastered both disciplines. The initial steps of this process happen in the design and the making of your pie. It’s important to add some show- stopping ingredients to ensure you become talk of the town. We call these word-of-mouth specials. Afterwards, we set the pie in the window to tempt passers-by and highlight it with online media to reach your target audience. Are they male or female? Younger or older? What are their specific interests? We know how to maximize marketing and public relations to get you the maximum benefits with the budget at hand. Ready to serve your pie? We recommend integrating it with your website and all your other communication channels. A smart cross-media strategy avoids any dead ends and uses the enticing smell of your activities to stir interest and care for immediate distribution.Promotion 23
  24. 24. 2.5) Social CommerceOnline Shopping 2.0 - Sales meets Social Web 24
  25. 25. ONLINE SHOPPING 2.0 The social web isn’t just the place to spread the word about your gourmet products. It’s also a way for your audience to get their hands on it. Selling products ala online shopping 1.0 is being turned into an stimulating, interactive 2.0 experience. This starts with a client’s website. First we analyze the pre-sales, sales and after-sales processes. Next we optimize them, using apps and social plugins, etc. to “socialize” them. We already did many successful product tests on the social web for larger brands as well as small businesses. The result is, always, a very efficient creation of WOM for brands, products and businesses. It is relatively easy to integrate an online store into Facebook. This alone doesn’t do the trick though. We can help you to create exclusive social-web taste bites that will benefit you as well as your audience. That’s when things get yummy - for you and your customers.sCommerce 25
  26. 26. 2.6) Mobile Marketing 2 Go 26
  27. 27. MARKETING 2 GO conceptbakery has many years of experience with mobile marketing. iPhone and iPad, Google Android, location based services, Facebook Places and Deals, Foursquare and QR codes are just some possible ingredients. The behavior of users is dramatically changing and well make sure you have smaller treats which still taste delicious at any size. The online presentation of your company can now be easily accessed through multiple formats. The mobile world offers us completely new ways to reach out to users at any time and place. They can become an active part of your marketing efforts. We are happy to help you to cautiously blend these new ingredients into your marketing mix and the processes attached to it.Mobile 27
  28. 28. 2.7) Cross-Media Mix it Baby! 28
  29. 29. MIX IT BABY! Some people use a fork to eat their pie. Others use a spoon. Both are equally important target audiences, but require different methods to get their attention. You dont want to force your audience to adapt their habits to your taste bud stimulant. Some bakers are still using the same few ingredients over and over again. We don’t believe in limiting ourselves this way. There are also many ingredients in today’s marketing mix that are unlike egg whites and yolk: you can’t just easily separate them from each other. Cross-media makes sure all single elements subtly form a mix to stimulate the senses of your audience in whatever way they prefer. The results of cross-media done right will always greatly exceed the effects of a number of standalone marketing efforts. You audience will remember your delicacies. You have automatically created appetite for more.Crossmedia 29
  30. 30. 2.8) Cause MarketingCampaign + Good Cause = Success 30
  31. 31. CAMPAIGN + GOOD CAUSE = SUCCESS Baking for a good cause? We can show you how to increase engagement with your audience, anchor your message in the heads of your target groups and do some good all at the same time. Cause marketing, or corporate responsibility, has been becoming increasingly important over the last couple of years. If all your competitors are engaging in it ,you dont really have to decide if you will try to make a difference. It’s expected for you to do so. You will need to decide how you’re going to do it and what your effort should look like. We have long been engaging in cause marketing ourselves. We supported a school in India, sponsored global awareness videos and launched Ubuntu Now, a 501(c)(3) non-profit. Of course, your cause has to be something you are passionate about. For example, we’re using the power of World Cup soccer to support child education and promote gender equality.Cause Marketing 31
  32. 32. 2.9) Baking Classes Bake social media yourself! 32
  33. 33. GETTING YOUR HANDS DIRTY Does what you read and see at this site sound good to you? Wouldnt you rather bake yourself than just nibble at what we have to offer? Want to learn more about the recipes and ingredients? How are the goods being prepared? Our baking seminars are geared towards beginners as well as intermediates. We cover the underlying concepts but emphasize practical training. Well cover showcases, talk about our first-hand experience and our daily work. You will learn to bake your first social web cake. Youll also analyze the market and the competition, develop ideas and strategies, work on your own word-of-mouth specials and develop strategies on how to let others know about your new, tempting creation. We’re offering our workshops to interested companies, groups, small businesses, etc. We’ll also hold seminars at various professional gatherings, schools and universities. Want to learn our secret recipes? We’ll be happy to discuss your needs and design a tailored agenda for you.Baking Classes 33
  34. 34. 3.0) ShowcasesWho do we bake for? And what? 34
  35. 35. 35
  36. 36. ROYAL CARIBBEAN INTERNATIONALRoyal Caribbean is one of the leading providers of cruisesto international destinations.Tasks: Increasing brand awareness on the social web,image rejuvenation, reaching out to younger targetgroups, creating additional ways of communicating withexisting customers, development of social web designbased on existing CD, as well as planning and executionof original & interactive marketing activities.Ingredients: Social web strategy creation, FacebookPage makeover, apps (photo tool, sweepstakes, imagegallery, etc.), social plugins, YouTube brand channel, webvideo production, Twitter profile, Flickr, media buys onFacebook and YouTube, Word-Of-Mouth-Specials,ongoing consulting and management of thecommunication channels.Results: Very well-received social web presence, highrate of interaction with existing and new fans, building andgrowing a loyal community, development of the “Seafari”campaign (named for highlights at sea + adventures of asafari). Though originally created for the social web,Seafari’s success earned it growth into a lead campaign(catalog, print ads, online advertising, etc.). It alsoreceived large volumes of press coverage and resulted ina happy and ongoing relationship with the client. 36
  37. 37. STABILOGerman-based writing utensil maker STABILO is theworld’s largest maker of highlighters, as well as pens (forwriting and coloring) and markers for office use.Tasks: Assisting with the development of an internationalsocial web strategy, web and graphic design based onexisting branding, launching an overall Facebook Page,as well as individual product Pages, increasing brandawareness across the board.Ingredients: Strategy consulting, developing numerousFacebook Pages (content and design), use of ourFacebook CMS Pro, creating additional modules (e.g. forrunning sweepstakes), social plugins, WordPress blog,social web workshops, YouTube channel, web videos,Twitter profile, media buys, ongoing consulting andmaintenance of the separate communication channels.Results: Solid brand evangelist relationships developedvia central international brand page, users greeted in theirnative language (on the landing page, the Wall, otherproduct pages and/or country specific pages), centralstrategy and harmonized web presences, well-trainedemployees included as part of the strategy developmentand solid community management. 37
  38. 38. MANGAHELDEN (CARLSEN VERLAG)Carlsen Verlag is a subsidiary of Danish companyCarlsen Copenhagen. Its division Carlsen Comics is oneof the three biggest comic publishers in Germany, andwas the first to introduce comics to the German market.Tasks: Creating and executing a social web campaign,celebrating the 20 year anniversary of manga (Japanesegraphic novels) in Germany, to act as a destination forexisting manga fans and introduce new audiences to thebooks.Ingredients: Setting up a Facebook Page, apps (phototool, quiz, sweepstakes), Word-Of-Mouth Specials, mediabuys, offline guerilla outreach at cultural conventions,ongoing management and consulting.Results: Development of an engaged community,creating a high interaction rate with users, receiving pressand blog coverage, and gaining another highly satisfiedclient planning to expand the original agreement.By the numbers: The Facebook Page reached 4,000fans within weeks. Over 5,000 comments were posted byan active, engaged community during the same period oftime. 38
  39. 39. SWRPublic broadcasting company SWR (Südwestrundfunk,Southwest Broadcasting) is the second-largest televisioncompany in Germany and reaches an estimated audienceof 14.7 million viewers in southwest states.Tasks: Developing a distribution and interaction strategyfor the social web, as well as analyzing broadcastingformats, editorial staff, market and competition. Setting uprequired infrastructure and reaching new target groups(digital natives).Ingredients: Strategy, setup and maintenance ofFacebook Pages, YouTube Brand Channels, and Twitterchannels, social plugins, Word-Of-Mouth-Specials, mediabuys, training and workshops, ongoing consulting.Results: One of the first German Saturday-nightprimetime TV shows with live Facebook integration,creation of numerous, successful social web presenceson various platforms, cross-media concepts tying radio,events, TV and social web together. 39
  40. 40. NIE WIEDER BOHREN AGNiewiederbohren (German for ‘never drill again’) offers auniquely simple, durable but reversible attachmentsystem. It is quick, clean alternative to drilling forattaching objects to high-quality surfaces.Tasks: Planning and running an innovative producttesting in the social web, creating awareness and brandrecognition, reaching new target groups, creatingpromotional content (advertisements and attention-grabbing web videos).Ingredients: Concept development for running theproduct test (including triggers for users to share theirexperience on Facebook, blogs and other onlineplatforms), developing Facebook Page, apps (sourcingand qualifying testers during the application process),web video production, social plugins, media buys,ongoing consulting.Results: Over 5,000 product testers and over 10,000fans within weeks, over 10,000 web video views,successful and highly efficient product test, successfulcampaign run on a slim budget. Generated widespreadconversation of the product an, user generated contentincl. photos and new product use ideas. 40
  41. 41. KARSTADTKarstadt is a 130-year-old retail company with 84department stores, 26 sporting goods stores and anonline shop ( The company employsmore than 25,000.Tasks: General strategy development, creating andimplementing original ideas in order to win newemployees via the social web. We also created a socialmedia newsroom.Ingredients: Word-of-Mouth Special KarSTADT (“Stadt”means city - we cast the company as an urbandestination looking for new citizens). Development of amicrosite and Facebook Page, apps (style check,sweepstakes, etc.), use of our proprietary FacebookCMS, social plugins, media buys, blog, training, ongoingconsulting.Results: The project became one of the most successfulcareer sites on Facebook within weeks. Resulted inabundant positive coverage and rejuvenated the brandimage within the target group. Earned an expandedagreement with the client and inclusion into the list ofshowcases at 41
  42. 42. CARBONACarbona is the oldest household cleaning productmanufacturer in the US.Tasks: Social media audit, developing of overall strategyand original ideas to increase overall brand awareness,social media workshop for entire organization, constantsocial web program optimization, management andconsulting.Ingredients: Setup of social media program StainTalk -Cleaning Heroes United, Word-Of-Mouth Specials.Facebook Page, Twitter, Youtube, Flickr channels, apps(sweepstakes, sample giveaways, etc.), cross-mediapromotion, developing and launching an online store,creating newsletters and press releases, blog networking,giveaways and other promotions, website redesign,various microsites, WordPress blog, web videos, socialplugins, cause marketing, product samplings on the socialweb, designing product packaging, ongoing managementand consulting.Results: Building a loyal and active community andestablishing StainTalk as a premier resource forhousehold cleaning tips. Being invited by mom bloggersto join their conversations and hosted chats, long-termrelationship with client, expansion of activities intoCanada. 42
  43. 43. CELEBRITY CRUISESFounded by Greece-based Chandris Group, CelebrityCruises is well-known as an upscale leader. The 10-shipline was acquired by Royal Caribbean in 1997 and nowoperates as its sister cruise line.Tasks: After the launch of the first successful RoyalCaribbean project, we were asked to work on increasingawareness on the social web for Celebrity Cruises. Weopened new communication channels with existingclients, created a social web design (based on existingcorporate branding) and developed and maintained userparticipation campaigns.Ingredients: Social Web Strategy, optimization ofFacebook Page, apps (photo tool, sweepstakes, imagegallery, etc.), social plugins, YouTube Brand Channel,Twitter profile, media buys on Facebook and YouTube,Word-Of-Mouth Specials, covering a ship launch vialivestream on Facebook, ongoing consulting andmanagement of communication channels.Results: Successful social web presence, had growth of4,000 fans within a month, experienced a high rate ofinteraction with existing and new fans of the brand,developed a loyal community. One sweepstakespromotion required on-the-fly programming adjustmentssince the user participation exceeded all expectations.Resulted in an expanded agreement with the client. 43
  44. 44. TÜV RHEINLANDAn internationally recognized symbol for quality andreliability, TÜV Rheinland stands for TechnicalInspections Organization. The company employs morethan 12,000 people in 360 locations in 62 countries.Tasks: Development and implementation of a social webstrategy, original marketing concepts and cross-mediaconcepts for events. Building a car-tuning fan community,setting up and managing social web accounts, providingcross-media support for offline events.Ingredients: Facebook Page, YouTube channel, Flickr,Twitter, apps (photo tool, sweepstakes, image gallery,etc.), integration of social web content into, socialplugins, custom programming of an interactive carcommunity, media buys, web videos, Word-Of-MouthSpecials (e.g. election of tuning minister, car love),workshops, creating social media guide, ongoingconsulting and management of social web accounts.Results: TÜV Rheinland’s establishment as a leader inthe social web surprised the tuning fans and otherstakeholders. The program launch and many subsequentactivities generated plenty of positive WOM and mediacoverage. The TÜV was one of the first large Germanorganizations with far reaching social web integration intotheir corporate website. Our work with the client isongoing and constantly expanded. 44
  45. 45. 4.0) Final Words Why conceptbakery... 45
  46. 46. WHY US? Experience: We are social media pioneers and trendsetters since 2002. One-stop shop for the social web: strategy, campaign development and implementation, management and consulting. Passion for our work: We are going the extra mile for all of our clients, no matter if small business or global brands. We practice what we offer to our clients ourselves. Custom solutions: We are able to use our in-house tools like our Facebook CMS Lite or Pro in order to best match a clients needs. Our team: Lots of talent assembled in two potent teams. We are combining creativity with in-depth know-how of user behavior and technology. Of course we would be very pleased if we created some appetite for more :)Final Words 46
  47. 47. 47
  48. 48. 5.0) Many Thanks... for your attention! 48