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Introducing SoMo Bridge


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Have you every tried accessing a contest or promotion on Facebook via a Smartphone or a Tablet? You'll just be redirected to the wall of the page running the promotion. We can change that! conceptbakery's SoMo Bridge Technology offers an elegant solution to the problem.

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Introducing SoMo Bridge

  2. 2. Based on Facebook date from December 2012, except where noted.
  3. 3. Linda White I have tried to enter to become a tester but my phone won’t allow me to proceed past pushing the button. With 3 dogs 2 cats a 2yr old and a 8 month old I would really love to test this.... is there another way to enter? February 27 via mobile Dr. King Schulz I don’t see the form??? February 24 via mobile Joanne Doe-Smith How can I become a tester? I use my iPhone mostly and rarely get to a computer. February 22 via mobileMention and link to Custom tab can’t be RESULT: Angry and disappointed users; a promotion or accessed. Users will see no mobile traction and missed potential Facebook Ad an error message. momentum CURRENT STATUS * these comments inspired by real users
  4. 4. Jon Doe-Smith I got a sample yesterday and used it. WOW I am impressed!!!! February 27 via mobile Mary Lopez Yay!!! I was chosen too! February 26 via mobile Michael Moore So glad I could participate in your promotion and test out the products. February 25 via mobile Robbie Windsor I just signed up and I’d love to be selected as a team captain :) February 25 via mobileMention and link to Users access fully- RESULT: Users are positively surprised; a promotion or functional mobile version the campaign can live up to its Facebook Ad on smartphones & tablets full potential USING SOMO BRIDGE * these comments inspired by real users
  5. 5. It’s time to make your page fully accessible toFacebook’s mobile users! Contact us at303 500 3130 or GIVE US A RINGSoMo Bridge Technology: Basic PackageAccess to your custom Facebook tab on mobiledevices: iPhone, iPad, Android phones & tablets. only $250 US
  6. 6. HAPPENING AT THE BAKERYSTRATEGY & CONSULTINGBrand management (social and digital)Cross-media embedding MOBILE Content and apps optimized for mobile use Within Facebook or as native apps for iOS, Android and more.CAMPAIGN PLANNING & MANAGEMENTIdea developmentImplementation (design and programming)Sweepstakes, product tests, games, contests, etc. SOCIAL MEDIA (ADVERTISING) Creating ad copy, banner, etc. Running ads on Facebook, YouTube,CONTENT PRODUCTION Twitter, etc.Managing social media accounts Monitoring and optimizationCommunity managementContent production (infographics, videos,slideshows, blog posts, etc.)
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