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conceptbakery 2013 Agency Presentation


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Our social media agency is located in Denver, CO and Cologne, Germany. This presentation tells you what we do and who some of our clients are. Visit and see our other slideshows to learn more.

Please see our other slideshows and our website to learn more about what we are working on.

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conceptbakery 2013 Agency Presentation

  1. 1. MARKETING DELICACIES Alternative Marketing Strategies since 2002conceptbakery llc | 10230 Zenobia Cir | Westminster, CO 80031 | T: (303) 500 3130 | E: | | ©2002 - 2013
  2. 2. Specialty: Freshly-baked alternative marketing strategiesIngredients: Social Media, Digital, Mobile, Cross-MediaKnown for: Viral and Word-of-Mouth delicaciesLocations: Denver, USA / Cologne, GermanyTeam: 22 in-house employees supported bya worldwide freelancer networkFounded: September 2002Good to Know: We are one of the top 10 social mediaagencies in Germany as per the BVDW Ranking NUMBERS & FACTS
  3. 3. ASK THE RIGHT QUESTIONS... And answer them! Turn your messages into delicacies that stick in peoples’ minds. Consulting: What’s the impact of the ongoing digital revolution on businesses, brands and processes? Positioning: How do you create sustainable appetites for your offers, not just one-time cravings? Social Web Analysis, Monitoring & Controlling: What does the world look like in your audiences’ eyes? Goals & ROI: How successful is your digital marketing on the social web?(DIGITAL) STRATEGY
  4. 4. VIRAL & WORD-OF-MOUTH SPECIALS Original ideas and activities Memorable promotions to drive conversation Increased awarenessThe icing on the cake of a successful promotion?You as the talk of the town. OUR RECIPE
  5. 5. Production: Design, programming, Facebook Pages,social media profiles, social & mobile apps, games, videos,etc., all done in-housePromotion: News releases, media buys, initiating word ofmouth sharingCommunity Management: Content creation, posting,monitoring, CRM 2.0Legal Issues: Social media policy, guidelines, privacy rulesBaking an amazing pie is one thing. Making sure othersknow about it is what makes us master bakers. SOCIAL WEB INGREDIENTS
  6. 6. SOCIAL + MOBILE = KILLER APPMOBILE - MARKETING 2 GOThe use of apps, Facebook, Foursquare and other location-basedservices on smartphones and tablets has soared. What does this mean for businesses, brands and products? How do you adjust to different user behaviors? Is your digital content mobile-friendly? Does an app makes sense for you?We can help answer these questions and add these ingredients toyour marketing mix.
  7. 7. CROSS-MEDIA - MIXING IT ALL TOGETHER Eggs, flour, sugar, butter, and salt come together to form delicious cookies. Cross-media connects single marketing elements to form a strong, cohesive message. Reach and engage your audience at any starting platform, from social to digital to traditional advertising. The results of cross-media done right will always greatly exceed the effects of some standalone marketing efforts. Build a lasting impression for your brand, and automatically create appetite for more.NO MORE DEAD ENDS
  8. 8. CREATE, RE-WORK, MASTER Top-notch baking requires working with the best tools. We know the best ways to use all of them!LITTLE AND BIG HELPERS
  9. 9. MASTER BAKERS AT WORK Proper planning, organization and execution of our projects are key to the overall conceptbakery recipe. Planning: high-quality brainstorming, action plan development and execution Project Management: coordinate resources, track client updates, modification requests and milestones at a central location, compile relevant statistics and feedback, analyze results, log time worked.BAKING IS A PRECISE SCIENCE
  11. 11. Sample some of our delicacies!SHOWCASES
  12. 12. CARBONA - STAINTALKSocial media story for household cleaning brand. WOM specials Social media management for Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, etc. Social web and digital media workshops Setup and maintenance of website, online store and blog Writing, designing and distributing newsletter Program expansion into Canada and Mexico Ongoing management and consulting
  13. 13. DENON - FEEL ITDigital and social web strategy for Europe. Established Facebook in FR, BE, NL, GB and GER Apps and campaigns on Facebook Ongoing management and consulting
  14. 14. REBUSFARM tegy for 3D renderingInternational social web strasoftware provider. WOM specials Facebook page Social media ads Ongoing consulting
  15. 15. ROYAL CARIBBEAN INTERNATIONALSocial web strategy becomes cross-media lead campaign“Seafari” (2011 and 2012). WOM specials Facebook Page, apps, microsite, YouTube, Twitter, Flickr, Google+, mobile Media buys on Facebook and YouTube Ongoing management and consulting
  16. 16. RANGE ROVER & JAGUARDigital strategy consulting for the launch of theRange Rover Evoque. Nationwide dealer training in Germany on the use of digital technology and social web. Promotions extended to the the Jaguar brand due to the success of our initial work.
  17. 17. RAVENSBURGER - BEING FUN & SOCIALSocial web strategy for leading book publisher,board game and puzzle producer. WOM specials App development Facebook Friends Memory Game (Shortlist, Best Of Social Media Award 2012) Product tests and sweepstakes Augmented reality Facebook app Alternate reality game to support book launch Web videos Social media ads
  18. 18. REDKEN - COLOR GENERATIONB2B and B2C social web strategy for leadinghair care brand owned by LOréal. WOM specials SoMo Bridge technology Connecting POS and mobile events Maintaining website & managing newsletter Ongoing management and consulting
  19. 19. KARSTADT - MAIN BRAND & HRSocial web campaigns including mobile elements forleading German retailer. WOM specials App development Cross-media concepts SoMo Bridge technology Social media ads (focus on Facebook) Social newsroom blog Ongoing management and consulting
  20. 20. YTONG - QUALITY IN LIFEOnline marketing strategy for a new apparel line. Corporate identity and design WOM specials Setup of Facebook page Social media ads Ongoing management and consulting
  21. 21. GET IN TOUCH
  22. 22. THANK YOU for your attention!conceptbakery llc | 10230 Zenobia Cir | Westminster, CO 80031 | T: (303) 500 3130 | E: | | ©2002 - 2013