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A Branded Visual Content Theorem


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The use of images has greatly increased in the world of social media. Why are they so powerful and how can you best use them for your purposes?
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A Branded Visual Content Theorem

  1. BRANDED ! VISUAL ! CONTENT! THEOREMan unscientific analysis by the unscientists at
  2. whopping numbers 3,000 pictures uploaded every second, +250 million daily 1.2 million photos per second. There is well over 80 million 100 billion 4.5 million of photos on FB, registered users photos daily, +100 photos per user. sharing hosted4 billion photos +100 billion
  3. massive increase in photos 10% of all pictures taken by all humankind were shot in the last 12 months
  4. understanding “eye candy” “studies suggest that cute images stimulate the same pleasure centers of the brain aroused by sex, Is your picture cute? a good meal or psychoactive drugs like cocaine” You’re playing with
  5. pictures are distractive The brain’s right hemisphere of image processing, feeling, and excitation dominates the left hemisphere’s efforts to decode text and then to engage in rational thinking.
  6. what does it mean? A web stream of kittens got 10 million views within 24 hours Our world is obviously hooked on kittens
  7. Why are picturesmore powerful than words?
  8. Pictures tell stories fasterthan words
  9. Pictures are more compelling than words
  10. Pictures are easier to remember and understand than words
  11. Pictures evoke emotions better than words
  12. Pictures are universal
  13. Pictures are powerful symbols but not communicators
  14. words or pictures? Words and images combined are ! Long copy outsells short copy: the right amount 5X more ! of copy and right photo! doubles previous result. memorable ! --- David Ogilvy than words alone
  15. general rules Make it stick! One main idea per picture
  16. general rules Make it simple! Stick to the 3 second rule: ! If people won’t get your message by then, you’ll lose them.
  17. general rules Make it emotional! Appeal to emotions and people will remember longer
  18. A picture says more than 1,000 words: there are more nuances in a picture than in a quote. What comes first: quote or image?
  19. our suggestionFind a memorableimage and let thewords come to you
  20. our suggestion FUNNY CAPTION Sometimes you just don’t need one
  21. what if the words are off? ONE WAY! ONE WAY!
  22. what if the words are off? Your text can support your ! visual message… Pigs
  23. what if the words are off? … or be ! a “mismatch.” Bacon
  24. ?
  25. ? Well, It depends…
  26. congruence pleasing allfeel-good + good supportive
  27. congruence lame all a.k.a. annoying badtoo promotional
  28. incongruence smile odd + all + positive goodfunny association
  29. incongruence odd all + I incomprehensible badtoo weird
  30. congruence strategiesIt’s all about selling !the dream andbridging the gap Have a vision ! of the life your customer tries to live and portray that life through images
  31. incongruence strategiesDon’t forget:people will seethe image first.There is anexpectation. Surprise them ! Exceed it But don’t mess with them
  32. Can’t finda great caption?
  33. let the people speak! CROWDSOURCING: Let them come upwith the caption andbecome part of the success story.
  34. or not… It can go wrong! Know your trolls and make sure they play nice!It usually happens !to high profile brands !with a large audience, !not to smaller businesseswith a supportive !fan base.
  35. focus on key visuals K! OO ion! L tract isA d
  36. focus on key visuals Digital effects rainbow colors flash intros !pop-ups sliding carousels“click here” buttons often only distract !the viewer
  37. focus on key visuals Digital effects rainbow colors flash intros ! pop-ups sliding carousels “click here” buttons often only distract ! the viewer Dont add more visual vomit to this pool
  38. where should you share?
  39. where should you share? Meet your target audience on their turf. 50 clicks at the right place are worth more than 5,000 clicks at the wrong one.
  40. in conclusion Stunning visuals are eye candy for the masses!
  41. in conclusion Stunning visuals are eye candy for the masses! So let’s all do it! Easy!
  42. in conclusionNope. It’s actually really hard.Youll have to stick out of 300 million photos per day!
  43. you wanna go for it? Then bring it on!We can help!
  44. sources addicting