Xerox Production Declaration


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Xerox Production Declaration

  1. 1. ©2013 Xerox Corporation. All rights reserved. Xerox® and Xerox and Design® are trademarks of Xerox Corporation in the United States and/or other countries.Xerox Production Declaration
  2. 2. April 18, 20132Canadian Production Mono Market2003• Xerox 7 DocuTech products• All Competition 13 products2012• Xerox 9 DocuTech, DocuPrint, Nuvera• All Competition 1 productWhile everyone else is abandoning you…Xerox remains to help you serve Your CustomerXerox 60%All Competition 40%Xerox 97%All Competition 3%
  3. 3. April 18, 20133Xerox MonoXerox Created the Production Mono space and continues to develop andlead in the Mono Space!Xerox D-Series(D95/D110/D125 CP & Printer)DocuTech 128/155/180High Light Color PrintingSystemXerox Nuvera100/120/144 EA/MXProduction SystemXerox Nuvera200/288 EA/MXProduction SystemXerox 650/1300Continuous Feed PrinterXerox Nuvera 157/314Production SystemVolumeSpeed
  4. 4. 4Canadian Production Colour Market2003• Xerox introduces iGen 3• All Competition… 0 productsMarket has grown from 1 iGen in 2003 to 71 Production Colour devices installed in 2012Xerox remains the Dominant Provider with 77% ShareXerox 100%All Competition 0%Xerox 77%All Competition 23%2012• Xerox iGen Family / ColorPressproducts• All Competition 6 Products
  5. 5. iGen® 150Xerox Production Color Portfolio- Xerox Continues to leadwith Product Development and Technology InvestmentsPage 5Xerox® C75Xerox® Color 800/1000“If you look at our portfolio and strategy, we have thebroadest in the industry, but you cannot discount theimpact ink jet will have in this space. We have to beas strong in ink jet as we are in xerography.”Jeff Jacobson, President, Global GraphicCommunications Operations, Xerox CorporationiGen4® 90/110Graphic Art Cut Sheet Portfolio - Application Flexibility — Mixed Media, Variable Data,Substrate Latitude, Finishing, Color Management, Packaging, etcVolumeXerox® J75Xerox® DocuColor® 8080Production Colour CutSheetContinous Feed /Transactionanal/ Portfolio –flexible packaging, MICRPrinting, Uncoated/Coated, transaction, statement, lablels, etc.NEWtransactional & CFPortfolioiPrint CompactiPrint ReferenceCiPress 325 and 500iPrnt EvolutioniPrint ExtremeXerox 8250
  6. 6. 20%23%35%21%24%26%18%23%0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 100 110 120 130 140 150 160 170Fulfillment KitsPOSCatalogsBusinessIdentityNewslettersBooksTransPromoDMCollateralAnnual Pages 2018 (B)Compound Annual Growth Rate Percentage 2009 2024Projected WorldwideDigital Color Pages by ApplicationIndustry Snapshot: Explosive Growth in ColorSource: Caslon & Company22%• Currently Digital makes up lessthan 3% of pages printer WW• More than 1.2 trillion digital colorpages per year by 2021.• Most pages: collateral, directmarketing, TransPromo andbooks.Digital color printing will continueto grow rapidly over the nextdecade largely due to birth ofDigital InkJet Technology6
  7. 7. April 18, 20137Technology Disrupts, Recessions ClarifyDigital Prepress Digital Workflow Digital Media Smart MediaOffset, BW EP Color EP Color EP, Inkjet$0$40$80$120$1608990919293949596979899000102030405060708091011121314151617181920OffsetDigital
  8. 8. Our Production Value PropositionA Declaration to the GC Industry and Your Customers8Produce – Xeroxenables you to producemore with automatedintegration into yourprocesses & workflows,optimizing operations toimprove efficiency,controlling errors &wasteReduce – Xeroxhelps you reduceyour costs and wastethrough the help ofAutomation andQuality MeasuresDelight – Xeroxhelps you Deliveroutstanding imagequality on every job,Say “yes” to more of thejobs your customersrequest, Meet thetightest turnaroundtimesGrow – Xeroxenables you toenter new markets,expand applications,attract new customers,get more business fromexisting customers
  9. 9. More than Just Technology, Xerox Deliversthe Full Customer journey9YourJourney • Integration• Training• Technicalresources• Quality output• Smoothoperations• Technical support• Business goals• Alternativesolutions• Planning forsuccess• Businessdevelopment• Applicationsexpansion• EducationImplementProduceAssessDevelopOptimize• Review• Improve• PartnershipWe’re committed to helping you succeed every step of the way withour powerful portfolio of solutions :Market-Leading Technology &Service SupportAward-Winning WorkflowAutomationProven Production ConsultingServicesResults-Generating BusinessDevelopment