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Linkedin is the largest business networking website with 150 million users. Your Linkedin profile will typically rise to the top of Google search results. Through Linkedin, you can ‘add Connections’ and network with other Linkedin users, participate in group discussions, find information on potential employees and business contacts, and explore new business opportunities.

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Linkedin for Business

  1. 1. What is LinkedIn?Everyone knows about LinkedIn, dont they?
  2. 2. What is LinkedIn? LinkedIn is a website where people create profiles about themselves and their companies Has a professional look and feelHas more than 100 million users (but no one knows for sure) Seems to be mainly used for job hunting and business networking
  3. 3. LinkedIn Statistics• Largest professional social network o 100+ million registered users o Average age – 40 years old o Average industry tenure, 9+ years o Average household income, $109,000• Translated into German, French, Spanish• Over 40% are “decision makers” (but no one knows for sure)
  4. 4. Your LinkedIn Profile• Fill out completely o If there’s a box, complete the information o This is your professional resume plus o Every word in your profile is searchable o Ensure professionalism, proper spelling, grammar• More complete profile leads to more connections, more business• Apply some “tweakage”
  5. 5. Your LinkedIn Profile• Keyword density o Use keywords associated with what you do:  Investments, catering, shoe repair, etc. o What do people search for? o We recommend 15-20% keyword density• Photos o Profilephoto – use professional headshot  No logos, sketches, group or partner shots
  6. 6. Your LinkedIn Profile
  7. 7. Your LinkedIn Profile
  8. 8. Your LinkedIn Profile
  9. 9. Everyone Needs A Friend
  10. 10. Everyone Need A Friend• How do I find connections? o Watch “Suggestions” o Mine your connections’ networks* o Point from other networks o Group discussions, Q & A o Promote through email, blog site and website• Look for “open networkers” o LION’s, TopLinked, etc. members• Mass invite vs. singly
  11. 11. Who Should I Connect With?Two schools of thought:• Connect only with those you know• Connect with everyone- Smaller networks of people you know and like canbe efficient and productive- Larger networks allow for new connections andopportunities (and bragging about all your online cconnections)
  12. 12. Who Should I Connect With?
  13. 13. Who Should I Connect With?
  14. 14. What Should I Post?• Professional information o LinkedIn is for business, so promote your activities, business• Interesting articles, blog posts• Status updates o Should be done daily• Initiate conversations o Participate in group discussions
  15. 15. Communication• LinkedIn internal messages o Private, delivered to LI inbox o Default notification settings notify via email o Set up rules in your email client to reduce clutter to your inbox• Status updates• Introductions
  16. 16. Communication Dont regurgigate public news feeds(yes, everyone else has already heard about the sinking of the Titanic)
  17. 17. Care & Feeding of Your Network• Update frequently o Daily status updates are recommended  Activity breeds activity• Monitor questions and discussion forums• Managing your connections o Scan updates, inbox• Time saving tips
  18. 18. Care & Feeding of Your Network
  19. 19. Care & Feeding of Your Network
  20. 20. Q&A
  21. 21. Thanks for attending Visit www.TheTouchMarketing.comfor social media training, tips and best practices Connect with / follow / like / watch: