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Kennedy Creative Portfolio


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Kennedy Creative is a diverse network of creative consultants specializing in brand creation, package design, identity systems and promotional materials to meet your design and marketing needs.

We have a large talent pool that enables us to hand pick the best project team for you. With so much flexibility, Kennedy Creative always delivers high quality creative work to meet your marketing objectives every step of the way from project initiation, to category review, to creative concept generation, through artwork completion.

Kennedy Creative has helped many companies build their business through stronger, more effective branding and package design, and we’d love the opportunity to work with Abbott Nutrition International. Attached is a PDF of a few pages from our portfolio book for your review.

If you have any questions about Kennedy Creative’s services, please feel free to call or email me. I will follow up with a few more of our case studies and/or a phone call within the next week or two. Don’t forget to check out our website at for more exciting details about Kennedy Creative’s services and success stories!

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Kennedy Creative Portfolio

  1. 1. KENNEDYCREATIVE strategy + design for high growth brands
  2. 2. KENNEDYCREATIVE cincinnati . new york strategy + design for high growth brandsWHO WE AREOur firm, Kennedy Creative, was started 18 years ago and brings over 75 years of As a result, Kennedy Creative has eliminated unnecessary obstacles, allowing us to focusConsumer Packaged Goods (CPG) experience to our clients. We specialize in identifying on the target - successful solutions for our clients. We respond quickly and are flexible andand leveraging the unique benefits brands offers to consumers. Our research, strategy innovative enough to exceed expectations, both around the corner and across the continent.and award winning design have helped our clients build their high growth brands. We pride ourselves on excellent customer solutions. Our goal is to tap our vast resourcesTo us, bureaucratic layers stifle ideas, add complexity and prevent clients from getting of experienced creative thinkers - to not only produce solutions that go beyond expectations,the full attention they deserve. but produce maximum results in the marketplace. Our network of creative talent is directed by managers with the know-how to get the results our clients demand. WHAT WE DO Our passion is branding, our history is creative packaging and our focus is your brand. We research, create, build, direct, revitalize and manage brands. Our approach is straightforward. We partner with our clients. We embrace strategies, are mindful of processes and understand the importance of big-picture solutions. Bottom line - we love what we do. We choose to work because we find it rewarding, enjoyable and satisfying, and so do our clients. HOW WE DO IT The structure of Kennedy Creative is pared down to the essentials. Our managers assemble and direct a creative team that is uniquely customized to your needs. They maintain focused discipline on project objectives, schedules, and budgets. We combine experience with enthusiasm to create the best possible solution for you and your brand. BELIEVE IT We are so confident in our ability to provide the best strategic solutions for our clients that we have developed a simple way of walking-the-walk. The Kennedy Creative Guarantee: We will deliver beyond your expectations or we will work for no fee until we do. Period. 1
  3. 3. research/strategy private label LOYALTY PROGRAM Extensive consumer research drove these Devised, wrote, developed, created and dynamic redesigns of Kroger’s premium analyzed a personalized loyalty program to Private Selection line and Kroger brand coffee. help retain and “build wallet” of PNC’s high Private Selection Coffee: Generous use of color net-worth customers. The results were a and metallic gave this line an international travel dramatic 67% return on our questionnaires feel. Original oil paintings used as backgrounds and 8% improvement in customer retention. provided an appropriate premium attitude. Kroger Coffee: Created an inviting and of easy-to-shopBoxes look that resulted in a s9-1 lb. brand e Includ tions asta tali P repositioningaon store shelves. ne D’I Tradizio hes, ain Dis t for M Perfecop d s & Sala Soups club store P&U survey ine Fettuc from Kennedy Creative, wrote, developed, created Developed a cost effective system that optimized current retail structures and and analyzed an extensive consumer P&U graphic equities paving the way for this entry survey program. The results provided valuable ith Old Italy w into club stores. Over 100 configuration insight into customers’ wants, needs, desires in Made Tradit ion and packages were explored, capitalizing and understandings. Italian World on current packaging structures as well as ste y & Ta for Qualit z. (1lb) exploring new innovative packaging materials. o 6 t. 9 - 1 Net W2
  4. 4. strategy/marketingexploringnew markets community connectionA series of concept boards were created for Kennedy Creative helped to developconsumer research that helped to identify and execute a distinct, regional onlinemultiple market opportunities. marketing program designed to strengthen brand loyalty. By coupling manufacturers and retailers with community fundraisers, we made the process easy for all stakeholders. grass rootsrepositioning marketingEnergized an old brand for new owners. The traveling Creamette and Prince brandCreamette was updated by rewriting a trucks and kitchen trailers crisscrossed“new” brand history that led to a complete across the Midwest promoting the brandsrebranding, leveraging unique historical at the “grass roots” level, building brandequities that were made relevant to current awareness for line extensions and newand new consumers. product introductions. 3
  5. 5. branding expertiseregionally Focusedstrategy & design SCORED FORM EXAMPLE SCORING GUIDEWe build stronger, more profitable regional brands. x 4REGIONAL BRANDs x x 5 2Our goal is to help your local brands dominate in the x 3 x 3marketplace. Our mission is to elevate the role that regional,local and place-based brands play in their respective categories 17by identifying and leveraging the unique benefits these brands This package would be rated as marginally effective.offer to consumers.Regional Brand Builders (RBB) is a specialized team ofConsumer Packaged Goods (CPG) experts from KennedyCreative dedicated to elevating the role of local brands. With Bone Suckin’ $5.59 • Premium Price Anchor Bar (Wing) $4.64 Walden Farms $4.88 • •over 40 years of CPG experience, we specialize in Strategy, Olde Cape Cod $3.46 • Nance’s (Wing) $3.49 • Stubb’s $3.08 Brooks’ $3.25 •Design, and Retail Execution. Our proprietary RBB Brand • Salamida’s $2.80 • Dinosaur $2.42 Famous Dave’s $1.88 •Audit® was developed specifically for the unique needs of Cattlemen’s $1.74 Bull’s Eye $1.55 • • National • Local DESIGN Sweet Baby Ray’s $1.50local brands. Customized to your brand, our system identifies • Montgomery Inn $1.79 •the needs of your local consumer and positions your brand to Open Pit $1.20 • Kraft Hickory Smoke $0.93 • Price Chopper (PL) $0.92fill those needs. Chicken ‘n Ribs $0.87 • • Value PricedFrom product ideation, to creative concept generation,through design completion, we always deliver results that willexceed your marketing objectives, guaranteed. Unlike othercreative firms, we provide marketing strategy, downstream Within the Barbecue Categoryretail support, and sales support that will take your brand from Segments Timid Users General Hard Core Adventurersidea to the store shelf. • safe • use a variety of • like to try new products Attitudes • not sure about new items barbecue products • looking for new flavors • like 1 or 2 brandsOur Regional Brand Experts have done the research. • dislike surprisesWe have the experience. Behaviors • do not brand switch • would try a new product in a brand they currently use • read labels • try new products • share with othersLet us empower your brand.4
  6. 6. category managementregionally focused Category ScoreCardbrand MANAGEMENTWe manage your category by leveraging regional brands.1. Identify appropriate categories2. Review Quantitative Performance Measures3. Cross Functional Team 1. Availability4. Qualitative Market Level Assessment 2. Assortment5. Deliver measurable findings 3. Pricing6. Identify the right regional brands 4. Shelving7. Integrate regional merchandising, assortment, pricing, and shelving 5. Opportunity8. Increase consumer awareness of regional offerings 6. Sustainability9. Develop regional new product pipeline business performance packaging benchmark evaluation system 1. Innovation Platform 1. Unique Identity 2. Convenience 2. Priority of Communication 3. Message 3. Reason to Believe 4. Trial 4. Overall SKU Presentation 5. Loyalty 5. Memorability 5
  7. 7. business creation Sustain was built from the ground up as a new idea rooted in a simple sustainable pr0mise. We are committed to bringing only locally owned, locally grown products to mainstream grocery. CONSUMERS suppliers retailers 85% Wish local products • Support local farmers/ Benefits to Retailers - were clearly marked as a businesses • lo Cost Savings wned cally local product yo • Build community pride gr ll • Vendor Consolidation loca ownSustain Brand Suppliers Local Retailer’s Suppliers 83% Believe that their • Strengthen local community benefits when economies • Purchasing Consolidation they support locally owned • Forage for fresher, businesses na healthier options • Shipping Consolidation tio n nally know 79% Are concerned about • Organize many local where their food comes brands • Receiving Consolidation from • Deliver unique varieties • One Company vs. Many 82% Would like to be able to • Promote and build compare local products with brand awareness • DSD vs. Warehousing Costs national products on shelf • Advertise and tell the • Managed Inventory brand story 50% Would be willing to pay more for a product that is • Create an intimate bond grown or produced locally with loyal consumers Sustain = Local unique local stories One recognizable brand name Each Product has its own unique local story6
  8. 8. ground breaking ideasmarket creation pr promotionThis groundbreaking concept was created We built a one-of-a-kind bike concept tofor the New Product Development Team at be used as a traveling PR program forP&G. The strategy was to lift the sales of CATERPILLAR. The bike was built by Orangesmaller brands by coupling them to large County Choppers and featured on thebrands. This was the precursor of the Discovery Channel.current trend in the market of combiningbrands to move sales.value added line extensionsKennedy Creative saw an opportunity to Sam Adams is an American Revolutionaryboost sales in the pickle category by adding War hero. We utilized war themes to brewa special “Pickle Puller” to product lines, revolutionary flavored line extensions.thereby making the brand more valuableand the pickle jars more consumer friendly. Heinz Sweet Ketchup is a regional formula concept. The Kibbles ‘n Bits package was rebuilt to help the printability of the concept. 7
  9. 9. brand creation child diet/energy development The leftovers of two dead brands were Put pen to paper to create a series of fun animated into a new brand, Optibolic. new characters geared toward children This rebranding and repackaging program ages 2-5. This learning series included generated $15M in new sales annually for original coloring books, original songs, 7 years. original characters, clothing and plenty of kid appeal. bundling program commodity branding Brand creation, naming, and a complete Jack’s Magic Beans is an award winning package system from Kennedy Creative package who’s purpose was to breath life added $26.2 million in new sales within into a commodity line of products. the first 6 months of sales.8
  10. 10. brand revitalization food serviceprivate label channelPrivate label revitalized by an intelligent Kennedy Creative created, developed anduse of vibrant color to create an exciting executed the successful rebranding of thevisual dialogue with consumers. The brand North American portion pack program forfamily is held together by the remade Smuckers.large brand logo and consistent use ofphotography.time/cost brand/categorysavings managementWe updated the overall look of the A-Z vitamin The Kroger Cheese category used over 16and mineral line with a simplified color different colors, creating a “rainbow” of colorpalette and strong item-specific versioning. in the store case making the category difficultBy utilizing shrink-wrap technology, we to shop. We took the Kroger cheese in a newsignificantly reduced the number of parts per direction, creating a large, distinctive brand-item, time to market and a production cost block that created a cohesive look for oversavings of 18%. 900+ SKU’s nationwide. This new direction resulted in an 8% sales increase. 9
  11. 11. brand revitalization Aquisition market leader Our challenge was to increase sales to Prince pasta was updated to bring vitality help make the company more attractive into this 90-year-old brand. Clearer product for acquisition within 24 months. Our segmentation helped consumers shop the rebranding, repackaging 80+ SKUs pasta varieties. The rebrand helped maintain and new shelving program resulted its leadership position in the market. in sales increase of 28%. Acquisition accomplished. introduction PRIVATE SELECTION to retail Graphic standards were updated and Kennedy Creative expanded a 75-year-old maintained for this upscale private food service line into the retail market. label brand line. This line covered many This recreation started with 2 SKUs and categories, hundreds of SKUs and a expanded to 12 SKUs. Sample sell kits multitude of packaging structures. were created and additional food service brands were repackaged for retail.10
  12. 12. delineationFilter program filter programDeveloped and maintained this line of oil, Helped to develop and create a new toair and cabin air filters. 149 SKUs are in market line of air, oil and cabin air filters.this line of filter products. All 282 SKUs were produced trilingual. Managed all downstream suppliers and deliverables.filter program oil filtersMaintained and expanded this Maintained and expanded this race readyperformance driven line of oil and air line of oil filters. Generated custom madefilters. We managed all downstream QR codes for packaging making accesssuppliers and deliverables. 173 SKUs are in to filter information and installationthis line of premium products. instructions a quick scan away. 11
  13. 13. 07/10/03PMS 871 Metallic Gold changed to PMS 872 Metallic Gold per new Graphic Standards Guide, dated7/8/03, from Loraine Simpson. P - Logos Private Selection LOGO (07-10-03) SPOT COLOR PMS 485 PMS 872 100 K FOR MOST APPLICATIONS FOR SMALL LABELS 4-COLOR PROCESS 100 M, 100 Y 35 C, 40 M, 84 Y 100 K r i v e r· s p a n FOR MOST APPLICATIONS FOR SMALL LABELS SCULPTURE EXHIBITION AND SALE REQUIRED ELEMENTS FOR PACKAGING SIGNATURE COPY: Pick-up from “SIGNATURES” folder on server. File Name: Inter-American Signature GUARANTEE STATEMENT: Pick-up from “SIGNATURES” folder on server. File Name: Inter-American SignaturePrivate Selection Script = Larissa RegularPremium Quality Type = Optima Demi-Bold 12
  14. 14. identityEvent Hall - Identity Set #3 rR “Fo eal ke s” Buttermilk Panca 13
  15. 15. clientsA FEW OF OUR CLIENTSAsset Advisory Group J&L ManagementBedrock Group Development Company Kao BrandsBorden The Kroger CompanyCarbon’s Golden Malted Links ConstructionCATERPILLAR NASAChampion Laboratories New World PastaDiversipak PNC BankGlobal Food Procter & GambleGNC-General Nutrition Corp. The J.M. Smucker CompanyH.J. Heinz United Dairy FarmersInt’l Publishing Group Unilever14
  16. 16. KENNEDYCREATIVE strategy + design for high growth brands 110 Front Street | Cincinnati, Ohio 45157 p 513.381.4900 | f 513.381.4915 Matthew Kennedy - Principal