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latihan dasar bahasa inggris

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  1. 1. CHOOSE THE BEST ANSWER BY GIVING CROSSING THE LETTER! 1. The driver of the famous bus …… the police because he had forgot to bring his driving license. a. arrested c. was arrested b. arresting d. arrests 2. Gina, a new student of the famous private school, ………to the room alone and she brought her new school bag on her back. a. walked c. was walked b. walking d. walks 3. Rudy got seventeen books from his teacher and after arriving home his father bought him ten books. Then his lovely sister gave him ten books. So how many books did Rudy get? a. thirty c. twenty seven b. seventeen d. thirty seven 4. Mother had twenty eggs, unfortunately my little brother broke a dozen. So how many eggs was left? a. twenty c. twelve b. eight d. thirty two 5. Anya : What’s your favourite channel do you like to watch? Gina : ……. a. Film c. RCTI b. News and Review d. Infotainment 6. The colour of the sea is like the colour of the sky. Now the sky is light blue, clear, and clean. Which is the best statement based on the the truth above? a. The sky is cloudy c. The sea is clear and clean b. The sky is in the sea d. The sea is light blue 7. Walking around the city along day, Mr. Jono …………… a. was very tired c. was in the city b. was wathing TV d. was in the city park 8. It is the populer one. It’s played by two team and each team has eleven, ten cannot hold the ball but the rest must do that. Three men lead the game. One must have whistle and the others help him in the line of the field. Guess what is it? a. snoocker c. soccer b. volley ball d. American football 9. Which one is misswritten? a. vollyball c. running b. type writer d. chocolate 10. No machine used in the following tools, except:……. a. tractor c. seed drill b. plate d. air craft TEXT for no. 11-12 Sea world in Ancol Dreamland is a place where many kinds of fishes are kept in captivity. They are big and small fishes, and beautiful corals. People can come and see them there. The fishes swim to and from in an aquarium which is as big as a volleyball court. Some people enjoy seeing the fishes and they think that it is important to keep some kinds of fishes in captivity so that we can study there and find out everything about them. They can see the underwater life without diving into thesea. The sea world is divided into two worlds, fresh water and salt water. In fresh water section, we can find out about ecosystem, south American fish, piranha, Indonesian fish, electrical eel, African fish, baby crocodiles and giant ribbed crabs. The salt water consist of special appearance tank (dugong) jelly fish, coral reef, miniature corals, schooling fish, dangerous sea creatures, underwater world and much more. So, Ancol isthemost complete sea-world to see. 11. Which word in the text which has defined as harmonious relation between creatures and surroundings? a. Dreamland c. Aquarium b. Captivity d. Ecosystem 12. The following statements are right based on the text, except…. a. Ancol has a special place for a people who likes the sea living. b. We can see many kinds of beautiful corals in the salt water sea world part in Ancol c. In Ancol we enjoy about the sea and its beautiful beach d. In Ancol we can see piranha in fresh water sea world 13. What do you think about the picture! MEETING CLASS ACTIVITY TEST SMP NEGERI 1 NAMA PESERTA : KELAS : STARTING TIME : END TIME : N I L A I
  2. 2. a. The man was very happy to know his son was wounded b. The boy was broken his leg and the man tried to help him c. The man was shocked because he knew his son was dead d. It was the civil victims of war 14. Which one is the best statement? a. It’s a kind of fruit contain vitamin A and the natural colour is redish. b. It’s a kind of fruit which is useful for our sight health. c. It’s a name of fruit and we can find in the pole. d. It’s a name of fruit which has purple colour and its price is rather expensive. 15. Guess what picture is it? a. It is wood b. It is tree c. It is forest d. It is village life 16. Putri wants to apply for a job. Now the manager is interviewing her. Mr. Susilo : What foreign language can you speak? Putri : English and French. Mr. Susilo : … Putri : Yes, fifty words a minute. a. Can you help me? b. Can you type? c. Would you type this letter? d. Can you write letters? 17. Mr. Hasan : Would you get me a cup of tea, please? Housemaid : I am sorry, sir. ... no tea left. We have only coffee. a. There is b. There isn’t c. There are d. There aren’t 18. A : Can you take my umbrella, please? B : There are four umbrellas here. … is yours? A : The black one, please. a. What b. Which c. What sort d. Where 19. Winda : Look ! The flowers are beautiful. Who … them? Lidya : I did, and I watered them regularly. a. are planting b. planted c. plants d. plant 20. Lidya : There is not any sugar left, Ratna. We need … to make cakes. Ratna : Okay, I’ll buy it then. Do we need eggs, too? Lidya : No, we don’t. a. many b. a lot c. a few d. any