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Insert a table of contents in word 2010 - plain unformated


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MSWord exercise on Heading, Automated Table of Content, Document Mapping, and Bibliography

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Insert a table of contents in word 2010 - plain unformated

  1. 1. Insert A Table OfContents In Word2010 Introduction A table of contents(TOC) providesaquickreference pointforyourdocument,givingthe readerabrief overviewof where tofindwhatcontent.Whenyouinsertatable of contentsinWord 2010, Word searchesthroughyourdocumentlookingforitemsmarkedforuse inthe TOC.Some elements,suchas headings,are markedbydefaultbutyoucan alsomark otherelementsmanuallyyourself. Synopsis We’ll lookatinsertingatable of contentsfirst,andthen lookat how we can mark itemsforuse inthe TOC later. Objectives At the endof thisclass,the studentswill have the knowledge of doingautomaticallygeneratedtableof content. Pre-requisite Havingthe knowledge of simple MicrosoftWord2010. Resources 1. Thistutorial isexcerptfromWord 2010 Tutorial website. 2. There isalso a bookthat suitable foryourfuture reference by DzulkarnainIdris, Langkah Demi Langkah:MicrosoftWord 2010, VentonPublishing,Malaysia,2011, ISBN:9673700427 InsertingA Table Of Contents Whenyour documentisreadyfora table of contents becarefulwhere you position yourcursor.The TOC will be insertedwhere the cursoris,notat the start of the document.Make sure you go to the start of your documentbefore youproceed.Tomake some roomfor the TOC, insertapage breakbyclicking Insert> Pages> Page Break.The insertionpointremains where itwas,withthe new blankpage precedingitsogo back to the top of your documentandclickReferences>Table of Contents> Table of Contents.Thumbnail imagesrepresentingthe differentTOCstylesare displayedinthe galleryandthey adoptthe currenttheme inyourdocument.Below,the theme inuse bythe documentwasEquityand youcan see thatthe TOC usesthose colours.
  2. 2. You’ll alsonotice thatthere are two optionsinthe menuforAutomaticTable 1 and AutomaticTable 2. These twooptionsinsertatable of contentsthat isautomaticallygeneratedfromthe headingsinthe document.Thisisa quickand easytask.If youselect ManualTable,however,astructuredTOC template isinsertedbutyouhave to type inthe TOC’s contentsmanually,asshownbelow.
  3. 3. UsingThe InsertTable Of ContentsOption The thumbnailsgive youaquickway of insertingatable of contentsthatwill be styledthe same way your documentsis,butyouare givenmore control withthe InsertTable of Contents optionatthe bottomof the menu.Whenyouclickthisoption,the followingwindow opens. You can change such attributesforyourTOC as the formatand how manyheadinglevelstoshow.If you wantto showonlya brief TOC,youcan choose to show onlylevel 1headings.
  4. 4. UpdatingThe Table Of Contents Quite oftenwe will insertatable of contentsandfindthat we needtochange some of the document’s content.The TOC may become outof date and meaninglessif youaddor remove headingsandchange the page numbersused. Toupdate the TOCso that it reflectswhatreallyisinthe document,selectthe TOC by clickinginitand youshouldsee atab appearat the top. Clickon the UpdateTableoptionandthenselectwhetheryouwanttoupdate page numbersonly,orto update the entire table.Youcanalso clickon the buttonto itslefttochange the attributesof the table, and thisgivesusthe same optionswe saw whenwe originallyinsertedthe TOC. AddingEntriesToA Table Of Contents You can add entriestoa table of contentsbyselectingthe textthatyouwantto add and thenbyclicking References>Table of Contents> AddText,andthenselectthe level yourequire.Level 1formatsthe textas a heading1, andso on. Note thatthe whole paragraphisaffected,notjustthe selectedtext.You can update the TOC by clickingthe UpdateTablebuttononthe same tab. RemovingEntriesFromA Table Of Contents Removingentriesfromthe TOCisjust as easy.Selectthe textthatyoupreviouslyaddedandclick References>Table of Contents> AddText,andthenselect Do NotShow in Table of Contents.Youwill needtoupdate the TOC again to see the changesreflectedthere. The disadvantage of addingentriestoaTOC in thiswayis thatthe text(andindeedthe whole paragraph) getsstyledasa heading,whichmaynotbe whatyou want. Table Of ContentsFields Anotherwayof addingentriestoa table of contentsisto use a TC field.Insertsome textimmediately before the contentyouwantto add andselectit.ClickInsert> Text > QuickParts Field>TC, and type some textintothe Textentryfield.Thistextwillappearinthe TOC.ClickOK.Note thatthe textyou markedisnot visible anymore.Next,insertaTOC, butby usingthe InsertTable of Contents at the bottomof the Table of Contentsmenu.We’ll needtodosomethingspecialwiththisTOCtoget the field to display,soclickOptions,uncheckStyles,check Tableentry fieldsand clickOK twice.
  5. 5. Unfortunately,doingthisignoresthe headingsthatappearinthe document. Nowthat you’ve learnthowtoinserta table of contents,whynottry yourhand at insertinganindex in your Worddocuments?