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  • Wikipedia is free-content encyclopedia project operated by the Wikimedia Foundation
  • Wikimedia Foundation, Inc. is an American non-profit charitable organization headquartered in San Francisco, California, United States of America. It is organized under the laws of the state of Florida, where it was initially based.
  • Wiki

    1. 1. Wikimedia foundation Vamsapala ID: 5301201125 Subject -Buddhism & Economics Lecturer : Dr. Montra Leoseng International Bachelor of art , 3rd year, Second Semester , Academic year 2013 Mahachularlongkorn University , Wang Noi, Ayutthaya, Thailand
    2. 2. Introduction • Is there anything we can get free ..? • Perhaps, there is something we can get free but for sure that we can not get everything in this world. So, what kind of things we can get free, how we can it. why we need free, where we can get it. • Suppose, if “money make everything”, what money can’t make ..? • So let me introduce what I have a thinking to share today…
    3. 3. Wikipedia is encyclopedia project operated by the Wikimedia Foundation(non-profit organization)
    4. 4. Jimmy Wales
    5. 5. • Wikipedia provides 279 languages. • Wikipedia is a non-profit organization. • Wikipedia one of the ten most popular website on internets through out the world.
    6. 6. • Wikipedia is something special . • It is like a library or a public park. • It is like a temple for the mind. • A place everyone can go to think learn free.
    7. 7. Wikipedia provides • Information • News • History • Social • Economic • Politics • Religions • Technology • Etc……
    8. 8. Wikipedia's sister projects Commons Free media repository MediaWiki Free software development Meta-Wiki Wikimedia project coordination Wikibooks Free textbooks and manuals Wikidata Free knowledge base Wikinews Free-content news Wikiquote Collection of quotations Wikisource Free-content library Wikispecies Directory of species Wikiversity Free learning materials and activities Wikivoyage Free travel guide Wiktionary Dictionary and thesaurus
    9. 9. What Wikipedia say ..? • Dear readers: • If Wikipedia is useful to you please take one minute to keep it online and ad-free another year. • We have only 150 staff but serve 450 millions users. • We survive on donations if everyone reading this gave 100 baths so please help us forget fundraising and get back to Widipedia. Thanks..
    10. 10. • In Buddhist teaching … • what money can’t make or can’t buy..? • It is…… Morality . • Wikipedia has offering the generally knowledge without any profit always to the world.
    11. 11. Conclusion • Of course, there is something free we can gain in this world that may much valuable for all. • Money can’t make everything. • We are coming to the world to do something good but not to do something bad. • Some people does to broke the society but some people rebuild. • Human is wonderful who can destroy the world and he can give intelligent ideas to be peaceful the world. • Really peace can build even though who is non- Buddhist. • Buddha said: live until hundreds years without any benefit it is selfish but live one days to does good to others who is better then. • To do good , not to do bad that is Buddhist economic .