Madden superstars facebook powerpoint


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Madden superstars facebook powerpoint

  1. 1. NFL Madden Superstars Guide for Dummies
  2. 2. CAUTION Do not use if you do not have a facebook account.
  3. 3. Welcome to the start of your biggest football career that you will ever have in your life if you don’t play football for real.
  4. 4. This is the best point and click football game on facebook ever
  5. 5. Welcome you are the new owner of a football team. You can look at your friends football field to see how it looks compared to yours Since you are the Owner of the team you can have your team play in real games, practice, you can manage your teams roster, go to the store , and look at your achievements.
  6. 6. This is the Leader board that compares you to your friends, family, and coworkers
  7. 7. This is were you can play all types of games You can play against professional teams You can bet on football games without getting in trouble and losing real money Here you can play minor league football and win trophies for every season won This allows you to play a against your friends without you losing practice points
  8. 8. Here is where you can see how many games you have oneThis is where you can see how many seasons you have one These are the games you can play. Every game is playable even if you already played it. This shows what season you are on
  9. 9. This is where you practice Each practice takes a different amount of time and cost coins Once you practice and practice again your practice bar will rise by how many point the practice is worth If you don’t start a new practice in the allotted time after your practice has ended you will not get any practice points
  10. 10. This is where your team can play a professional NFL team In order to play a NFL team you must fill the prerequisite
  11. 11. Time to challenge your team against all of your friends in a good ol game of football
  12. 12. You can bet for free on the teams that you think are going to win
  13. 13. Your offensive half of the team
  14. 14. Your defensive half of the team
  15. 15. This is where you can buy your team players
  16. 16. You can upgrade your stadium
  17. 17. You can buy a new stadium
  18. 18. Your field can have your favorite teams logo
  19. 19. You can upgrade your stadium
  20. 20. You can buy cards that will change your game if you use them correctly in one of your games
  21. 21. Game day tickets allow you to play against other teams. Non-NFL teams only need one ticket but NFL teams take two tickets per game They also cost playfish cash, but every two hours they regenerate
  22. 22. Here are the ways you can get playfish cash.
  23. 23. This is your achievement page
  24. 24. It’s time to start inviting friends so they can send you gift