White Paper

                 The Price ...
For a perspective on the impact            simply because it can’t identify
                      this information gap is ...
The Genesis of                            This new strategy puts sales teams
Anonymous Visitor                         at ...
entering a traditional sales cycle
“Where BtoB conversion rates can be                            could be identified. Now...
looked at can put you one step
“To have the granular ability to create                          ahead of the competition,”...
process. During the initial research   Four Ways to Benefit
phase, 42% of prospects will           from Anonymous
2. Campaign Management:
                                                                   Nurturing is Necessary
companies can be better-informed         3. Integrating Sales and
                             about what type of content ...
4. Business Intelligence:                  campaign from two months ago,
   Convert Information                     look a...
success. When it comes time             2. Integrate Marketing
to implement anonymous visitor             and Sales
Before anonymous visitor tracking
                                       was introduced, companies had no
About netFactor
netFactor Corporation provides a suite of products to drive new levels of
sales performance from Internet ...
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Price taf of_anonymous_buyer

  1. 1. A White Paper The Price Tag of the Anonymous Buyer Analyzing The Revenue Opportunity Many BtoB Companies Are Missing By Failing To Identify & Connect With Anonymous Web Visitors More than 20% of the pipeline for BtoB organizations is at risk today because marketers are unable to identify and connect with early-stage buyers. According to recent research from DemandGen Report, more than 40% of recent BtoB buyers started their research anonymously on the web. As these buyers are operating in stealth mode, they are forming opinions on vendors and possibly shortening their lists of potential solution providers. When you consider that approximately 58% of a company’s sales leads are currently generated by the web, according to data from SiriusDecisions, this begins to underscore the potential negative impact on pipeline for those firms who are still unable to identify and connect with anonymous visitors. The potential void is also growing deeper, as SiriusDecisions estimates the volume of leads from the Sponsored by web will increase to 71% by 2015.
  2. 2. For a perspective on the impact simply because it can’t identify this information gap is having on anonymous website visitors. That companies, consider the math for a risk is becoming greater by the day, company with $50 million in annual as an increasing number of buyers revenue. When you figure that 58% are beginning their vendor research of its leads are being delivered via on the web. the web, if that company is missing Equipped with the right tools to out on engaging with the more than identify anonymous web buyers, 40% of companies that are starting BtoB companies are able to plug their research anonymously, it is at this leak before the dam breaks risk of losing more than $11 million and becomes a flood. The following in annual revenue today. That at- white paper will present industry risk revenue factor for the same data, case studies and insights from $50 million company will climb to leading analysts to demonstrate $14 million by 2015, when the web how technology advances are represents close to 3/4 of sales making it possible for sales leads generated. and marketing professionals to Based on those projections, that effectively track, identify and engage $50 million firm is at risk of losing with anonymous website visitors at more than 20% of its revenue, the earliest stages of their research. Lost Revenue From Anonymous Web Site Visitors 2011 2014 $50 Million 40 75% Annual Revenue 30 Total Leads Generated Through Web 58% Lost Revenue from Anonymous Visitors 20 $14 10 $11 Million Million (40%) (40%) 0 2 • A DEMANDGEN REPORT WHITE PAPER 2010
  3. 3. The Genesis of This new strategy puts sales teams Anonymous Visitor at a disadvantage because they may not know until it is too late that Identification a prospect is looking for the type of Only 1% to 2% of website visitors solution or service their company who are responding to a digitally offers. Often the project is not delivered message and arrive to a budgeted or approved until after the web site will ever share Personally research is completed and vendors Identifiable Information (PII), in part are chosen. because: With this knowledge in hand, and 1) they don’t really want to share having exhausted all traditional their personal information if they means of soliciting potential don’t have to; customers, what are the next steps 2) they believe they can find for a company trying to traverse the information they need by the hurdle of finding and signing continuing to search on their new customers in the new world own; and of customer independence? The answer: Beat them at their own 3) they just don’t want to fill out game — track them, identify them another form. and provide them the information Therefore, companies that are they are looking for before the depending on potential customers competition does. to voluntarily identify themselves are often finding themselves The web 2.0 movement has lagging behind the competition in completely changed the way people new deals. and companies buy and shop for products. In a sense we are now Fewer potential buyers are using the all digital citizens of the Internet, traditional method of sending out especially with tools like forums, RFPs to a group of vendors, then social media outlets, blogs, podcast reviewing those RFPs to narrow and vodcast tools. What one the field. Based on DemandGen digital citizen recommends another Report research, a mere 22% of believes, since the information that respondents said they still follow person heard is from someone the traditional RFP path. The who is using the product/service remaining 78% are narrowing the and is perceived as an expert. This field long before the RFP process, is why it is so crucial to engage by conducting anonymous web prospects early in the buying cycle research and relying on information and find out what their needs are from peers and others via social and begin engaging them with sales media venues. interaction and thought leadership 3 • A DEMANDGEN REPORT WHITE PAPER 2010
  4. 4. entering a traditional sales cycle “Where BtoB conversion rates can be could be identified. Now the buying 1% or less, the best of breed visitor cycle begins long before the sales cycle ever does. Anonymous tracking products can return 10% to visitor tracking discloses actionable 20% more profit opportunity from the insights for companies at each same click.” stage of a product purchase cycle. And where BtoB conversion rates —Christopher Jeffers, CEO of netFactor can be 1% or less, the best of breed visitor tracking products can return 10% to 20% more profit assets. This reverses the roles so opportunity from the same click.” the seller is now perceived as the expert and the buyer is more willing Anonymous Visitor to engage with you. Tracking: How it Works That is where anonymous visitor Most BtoB executives are familiar tracking comes in. “Today’s with and often using Google business buyer is enabled by the Analytics, which has helped Internet where providers, product move the education curve in the information and content are right direction. Companies now abundant,” said Christopher Jeffers, understand that a few lines of CEO of netFactor. “Not so long JavaScript inserted into a web ago product and pricing data were page will elicit valuable analytical effectively controlled and buyers feedback. Beyond that, though, most companies are not familiar with the intricacies of anonymous visitor tracking and how it works. Anonymous visitor tracking technology extends that intelligence by identifying the business visitors to a web site and their activity in real time. Visitors can be identified by their companies’ names, addresses, phone numbers, web sites and geographical locations. The technology also tracks individual page views, keyword searches, length of time per page and how they entered the site (search engine, landing page, etc.). 4 • A DEMANDGEN REPORT WHITE PAPER 2010
  5. 5. looked at can put you one step “To have the granular ability to create ahead of the competition,” said a personalized report gives our sales Steven Croft, Senior VP, Sales and Marketing for Cypress Software. representatives a lot of power. The initial sales call can be a lot more “To have the granular ability to create a personalized report gives professional and the rep can truly start our sales representatives a lot a good dialog with the prospect.” of power,” noted Croft. Using —Steven Croft, Senior VP, Sales and VisitorTrack from netFactor, Marketing for Cypress Software Cypress sales reps are now able to get “more swings at the plate” with each potential customer. “The Best-of-breed visitor tracking initial sales call can be a lot more applications provide additional professional and the rep can features for sales and marketing truly start a good dialog with the users. These include alerts and prospect.” reports, which can be customized That initial sales call also can so individual sales team members take place in real time at the very only receive leads that fit their beginning of a prospect’s search sales criteria, such as geographic efforts. The anonymous visitor location, size and type of company tracking technology is designed and type of product or service being to deliver an immediate email alert searched. based on the BtoB marketer’s A limited set of visitor tracking predetermined criteria. Cypress offerings also fully integrate also is taking advantage of contact-level data such as name, VisitorTrack’s Trigger capability, titles, email and phone for the which sifts through all site visitors preferred business contacts at and sends only the relevant leads the visiting company. In this to each sales representative. The way, the most appropriate sales criteria for that Trigger alert are and marketing action can be customized by the individual sales easily initiated to highly targeted person or company executive and prospects through sales, direct can be changed on the fly. With the mail, telephone and email. Trigger functionality of VisitorTrack, they only get the leads relevant to For Cypress Software, anonymous their own criteria, and they get it visitor tracking allows individual instantaneously. sales representatives to identify potential leads within their specific This type of knowledge becomes territories. “Knowing exactly who especially important as the field is on your site and what they have narrows during prospects’ research 5 • A DEMANDGEN REPORT WHITE PAPER 2010
  6. 6. process. During the initial research Four Ways to Benefit phase, 42% of prospects will from Anonymous consider four or more suppliers. Visitor Identification But by the time they have conducted their own research, only The overarching benefits of 26% get quotes from four or more anonymous visitor identification can suppliers, reported Chief Marketer be broken down into four specific in a report titled Adjusting to the areas: 1. Real-Time Sales Follow- Web-Influenced Buy Cycle. up; 2. Campaign Management; 3. Integration of Sales and Salesworks Systems, a consulting Marketing; and 4. Business firm for BtoB software companies, Intelligence. now recommends netFactor’s VisitorTrack to its clients. “When 1. Real-Time Sales they see it they think it’s magic,” Follow-up said Colin Greig, Director of Online Marketing. “They are immediately It may be obvious but is necessary interested when they hear about to state that the ability to follow up it, but when they see the demo on on warm sales leads immediately their site they are in shock. We are will greatly improve the chances of definitely showing them something securing a sale. Industry experts they have never seen before.” predict that the contact rate of a lead drops 100 times from five With anonymous visitor tracking, minutes to 30 minutes. cold leads can become warm leads in real-time. “A prospect’s With VisitorTrack, Cypress Software interest drops down dramatically is able to filter warm leads to the within 24 hours after they have right sales representatives (more been on a site,” noted Croft. “If quickly and nimbly). “Our sales we reach out within one hour, we executives utilize the Multi-Triggers believe we still have 90% of their capability within VisitorTrack to interest.” One fact that all sales obtain instant email notifications for people agree on is that a warm pre-determined specific traffic visits sales lead beats a cold lead any on our web site, as well as visits day of the week. to ongoing marketing campaign landing pages,” said Croft. “By allowing them to filter the Triggers to their exact geographic territory, they are now able to receive only the lead activity that they are accountable for, which accelerates the prospective client follow-up.” 6 • A DEMANDGEN REPORT WHITE PAPER 2010
  7. 7. 2. Campaign Management: Nurturing is Necessary Knowing that individuals are conducting pre-project research in stealth mode, companies must be proactive, identify potential customers before they identify themselves, then provide them with the pertinent information that will influence their buying decisions. The nurturing process, in this scenario, begins before the potential customer is even identified. Because potential customers are Cypress also takes advantage of highly informed, they expect the VisitorTrack’s Hot Lead Alert, which companies they deal with to be identifies a lead as a “hot lead” if at least as informed, if not better the Internet visitor touches a site a informed. “Today's buyers expect certain number of times. “Our reps you to know and understand use it every day,” said Croft. their unique business issues,” reported ITSMA in its report titled Greig estimates that the VisitorTrack How Customers Choose Solution technology identifies approximately Providers. “The more you know 35% of site traffic as business about where the leads are coming users. So for a site that has 10,000 from and their behavior, the better,” visitors per month, the technology noted Chris Koch, Associate Vice can deliver 3,500 potential business President of Research and Thought leads every month. Leadership, ITSMA. “Our research shows consistently that buyers want content that is targeted at them.” “VisitorTrack technology identifies approximately 35% of site traffic The most valuable pre-contact nurturing comes in the form of as business users. So for a site that relevant content that companies has 10,000 visitors per month, the can deliver via outbound marketing technology can deliver 3,500 potential campaigns using a number of vehicles including white papers, business leads every month.” webinars, case studies and —Colin Greig, Director of Online Marketing research reports. With the help for Salesworks Systems of anonymous visitor tracking, 7 • A DEMANDGEN REPORT WHITE PAPER 2010
  8. 8. companies can be better-informed 3. Integrating Sales and about what type of content Marketing Efforts prospects may be seeking. Sales teams may want to thank Being able to identify the type of their marketing counterparts for information potential leads are providing the relevant content to looking for provides insights for help generate new leads, as the companies looking to improve number of people using the web the deliverables offered on their for initial research continues to rise, sites. “Anonymous visitors provide and they are looking for relevant excellent sources of trending content. As many as 85% of information at an aggregate level,” survey respondents said thought said Ian Michiels, Principal Analyst leadership content is somewhat at Gleanster. “If you can isolate how important to critical in determining anonymous visitors search and which providers to put on the short identify what they are looking for, list, according to 2010 research then you can develop better content from ITSMA. that may persuade visitors to register or make themselves known.” With compelling content delivered by the marketing department, in the form of information and thought leadership content on a company’s Turning to Online Sources website, more potential leads will conduct detailed and continuous searches, thereby allowing the visitor identification technology to deliver warmer leads to the sales force. “Buyers are trying to push sales people out of the earliest stages of the buying process, by using search and, to some extent, social media,” said Koch. “Even the stodgiest old C-level executive is doing multiple searches per day – 80% are conducting at least three per day.” Anonymous visitor tracking brings sales people back into the mix at the beginning of the search process. Source: Enquiro, "Integrated Persuasion: Online and Offline" 8 • A DEMANDGEN REPORT WHITE PAPER 2010
  9. 9. 4. Business Intelligence: campaign from two months ago, Convert Information look at the pages that lead visited Into Action and follow the crumbs behind it. It (VisitorTrack) becomes a Collecting the information is the compliment to my lead generation first step – using it effectively is yet program.” another challenge. “You must have the right experience and culture in How to Begin place to consume web trends and a Successful actually adjust content or strategy Implementation of based on these trends,” said Anonymous Visitor Michiels. “You can collect a lot of data but then you need to ask and Tracking answer the question: What do you Anonymous visitor tracking can do with it and how do you make it be a key component in a BtoB actionable?” marketer’s efforts to locate more leads sooner and close deals faster. For BtoB marketers, one of the first That said, it is one component steps is using the data to improve of a company’s complete website performance, which will in marketing and sales strategy, not turn improve the lead generation a standalone lead-generating process. Using anonymous solution. visitor tracking, these companies can discover which keywords Visitor tracking can be considered prospects are using to find out a pre-marketing application information about their products or that provides a stronger set of services. They can then adjust the marketing-qualified leads that can content to reflect those keywords. then be fed into the marketing automation application. In the When planning marketing context of the Demand Waterfall campaigns, specifically SEO or Pay presented by SiriusDecisions, Per Click (PPC) efforts, companies VisitorTrack is providing denser can make better investments water that flows through the funnel based on more specific knowledge faster. Leads are driven through the about how potential customers pipeline faster and more efficiently. are searching and the kinds of companies that are responding. Before implementing visitor tracking, BtoB marketers would “We also use it to do backwards be wise to take a step back and research,” said Croft. When ensure that all of the company’s following up with a qualified lead, marketing efforts are aligned for for example, “we can look at a 9 • A DEMANDGEN REPORT WHITE PAPER 2010
  10. 10. success. When it comes time 2. Integrate Marketing to implement anonymous visitor and Sales tracking, focusing on three primary strategies will help: It’s worth repeating: sales and marketing must be aligned. Initially 1. Ensure a Commitment the onus is on marketing to bring From the Top Down the sales team onboard by showing them the value of engagement “You can’t do this with scale and in the early stages of the buying efficiency unless it is a corporate- process. Conversely, “sales driven philosophy,” said Koch. people must be willing to open up “It really has to come from the and share their information with very top.” marketing about what they are At Cypress, the CEO made a hearing about buyers,” said Koch. renewed commitment to sales and “The bottom line is that the sales marketing as a combined effort, team needs to be convinced that which created the opportunity for content is the beginning of the sales Croft to implement visitor tracking cycle,” Koch added. as well as a number of other new marketing projects. “By bringing 3. Acknowledge That me in a few years ago, now he Content is King does not have to worry about sales management and marketing Recent data from Gleanster campaigns and both of us can found that prospective buyers move at 100 mph,” noted Croft. “I overwhelmingly consider a have put a lot of programs in effect company more seriously if it offers smart thought leadership content. and this is one of them.” “Their thought process is ‘You have to be smart and show me that you are smart before I will talk to you,’” Michiels explained. To be on board with the commitment to content, BtoB marketers should make a concerted effort to locate, create and disseminate relevant information on a regular basis. This can be accomplished by creating a dedicated internal content department and/or soliciting outside resources to help bring the content to life. 10 • A DEMANDGEN REPORT WHITE PAPER 2010
  11. 11. Before anonymous visitor tracking was introduced, companies had no means of identifying the sources of hundreds and thousands of anonymous web clicks. By gaining access to contact information, location and page activity for those previously anonymous visitors, BtoB marketers can take action to save more than 20% of potentially Conclusion lost sales. Every company should take the A recent discovery for many BtoB time to do the math and consider companies, anonymous visitor the substantial percentage of sales tracking goes beyond the abilities that is at stake without automated of Google Analytics and other visitor tracking in place. As many similar technologies. It can provide as 71% of leads may be generated customized real-time alerts, emails by the web by 2015, according to and reports of companies and SiriusDecisions. At that point a $50 contacts to sales representatives million company that is not using who can then reach out quickly and visitor tracking could be at risk of intelligently to newly discovered losing $14 million in sales. warm sales leads for hidden prospect opportunities. An affordable investment, VisitorTrack is easy-to-implement When aligned with a company’s and presents no technology total sales and marketing strategy, barriers. Most companies cannot anonymous visitor tracking will help afford to pass on this type of to create strongly qualified leads solution if they want to compete where there were previously none, in the fast-moving web-based putting BtoB marketers ahead of retail environment today and in the the competition and poised to save foreseeable future. potentially lost sales and capture new leads. 11 • A DEMANDGEN REPORT WHITE PAPER 2010
  12. 12. About netFactor netFactor Corporation provides a suite of products to drive new levels of sales performance from Internet marketing for the Business-to-Business market. The company’s core VisitorTrack® technology platform integrates web analytics, business intelligence and marketing automation into a powerful SaaS application for lead generation from anonymous visitor tracking – it’s like “Caller ID for Your Website®”. netFactor is privileged to serve customers and resellers across multiple industries including software, telecom, healthcare, technology, financial, professional services, manufacturing and transportation. For more information on netFactor Corporation’s performance-driven products and services for Internet marketing, please visit http://www.netFactor.com About DemandGen Report DemandGen Report is a targeted e-media publication spotlighting the strategies and solutions that help companies better align their sales and marketing organizations, and ultimately, drive growth. A key component of the publication’s editorial focuses on the sales and marketing automation tools that enable companies to better measure and manage their multi- channel demand generation efforts. 12 • A DEMANDGEN REPORT WHITE PAPER 2010