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Welcome Letter


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Published in: Education
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Welcome Letter

  1. 1. August 29, 2012Dear Student and Parents,I am so excited to start the year and I hope you are feeling the same! Weare in for a WILD journey.This is my 9th year teaching 4th grade. Before that, I was the mediaspecialist here at Shirley Hills for 7 years. I love reading, computers,learning, and laughing. I have a blog that can be found at When you visit it, you will find schedules,links to the 4th grade blog, and lots of stuff from last year. I am lookingforward to adding more this year.Tuesday we will go over fourth grade hopes and dreams. From these, we willset up class expectations and general guidelines. I’ll be sending home moreinformation once we finalize it together as a class.I am almost positive we are about to start one of, if not your best year ofschool. We will be reading great stories, explore the regions of the UnitedStates in Social Studies, investigate the properties of water and magnetsand electricity in Science, tackle a our new Math series, and to top it all offWolf Ridge in May. Whew!!!Remember to call or email me if you have any questions or information thatyou would like to discuss. I also would like to start an email group so if youcould return the attached sheet, I would really appreciate it!Thanks,Kristi