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  1. 2. Who is an example of a legendary sports star? Someone legendary is especially famous for something he or she did a long time ago.
  2. 3. If you muttered something, how did you say it? If you muttered, you said something very quiet because you did not want to be heard.
  3. 4. If you gaped at something, how did you feel when you saw it? If you gaped at something, you stared openmouthed in surprise.
  4. 5. What might cause you to flinch? If a person flinched, he or she quickly moved away from something dangerous or painful.
  5. 6. How would you feel if you heard some kids snickering behind your back? Snickering at someone is like laughing quietly at them because they did something silly.
  6. 7. What might cause you to glare at someone in a library? If you glared at someone, you stared at them in an angry way.
  7. 8. How stunned would you be if your best friend suddenly moved away? When someone is stunned by something amazing, he or she is shocked and sometimes even speechless.
  8. 9. If a cook flipped a pancake and it landed on someone’s head, would that be a fluke? Why or why not? A fluke is something unusual that happens by accident.