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L19 P


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L19 P

  1. 2. What view would be more magnificent, the view from under your bed or the view from the top of a mountain? Something magnificent is very beautiful and impressive.
  2. 3. If your parents insisted that you go somewhere, would they expect you to go there? Explain. If you insisted on something, you said it very firmly and you refused to change your mind.
  3. 4. Would you be surprised if someone declared something that he wanted to keep secret? Explain. Something that has been declared has been announced in a clear way.
  4. 5. When you walk confidently into a room, do you feel scared? Why or why not? When you do something confidently, you are sure about what you are doing.
  5. 6. Would you expect someone who is feeling distressed to whistle a cheerful song? Why or why not? Someone who is distressed feels very sad and helpless.
  6. 7. If a player on the opposing team gloated about winning a game, how would you feel? If someone gloated, he or she bragged about something in a mean way.
  7. 8. You see someone looking anxiously at the clock. What might be the reason? If you waited anxiously for something, you worried about how it would turn out.