Fundraising for film


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Fundraising for film

  1. 1. Kenda HembroughMay 16, 2013
  2. 2. Agenda for TodayI. IntroductionsII. About GENESISIII. Overview of how films are typically financedIV. Overview of fundraising methodsV. Crowdfunding tipsVI. Next steps
  3. 3. My Interestin Promoting Indie Film B. S. in Marketing at UF, 2000 11 years experience in fundraising Direct mail, e-solicitations, giving web sites, events,phonathon, peer-to-peer fundraising 1 year in health care consulting Strategic planning, employee management, projectmanagement B. A. in Communication at UWF, August 2013 Extensive research on the independent film industry Industry structure and trends, marketing strategy,distribution strategy, fan group formation.
  4. 4. IntroductionsWho is onyour team?
  5. 5. About GENESIS Production company and fiscal sponsor Production Budget Prints & Advertising (P&A) budget Target release date Gifts versus investments Past fundraising efforts Future fundraising plans Donor base Communications (e-mail, newsletter, social media, etc.) Past feature-length film productions
  6. 6. How Films are Financed1. In-house studio production2. Studio Production, Finance & Distribution (PFD)Deal3. Negative Pick-up Deal4. Single, active investor5. Investor (Equity) Financing6. Self-financing / Fundraising
  7. 7. Fundraising Methods1. Grant writing2. Corporate solicitations3. Public broadcasting funds4. Personal solicitation One-on-one, events, peer-to-peer, challenges, etc. My experience with RED SEPTEMBER; the fundingproposal5. Crowdfunding
  8. 8. Sources: Tim Ferris article Help section ofIndiegogo andKickstarter websites
  9. 9. Budget No costs to get started on Indiegogo Funds for a virtual assistant are helpful Indiegogo charges 4% if you reach our goal and 0% ifyou do not charges 4% of every donationprocessed through a nonprofit organization (EINnumber required for set-up) Fees are deducted from donations before they are sentto the nonprofit organization
  10. 10. “Hacking Kickstarter” ArticleI. Minimum Effective Dose (MED) Focus on the top three things that will bring the mostresults and eliminate any extrasII. Outsource and automate Virtual assistant (VA) is more affordable than ZirtualIII. Prep and pick up Do 90% of the work in advance of your launch date.
  11. 11. How Much? How Long? Crowdfunding is ONE piece of the funding pie Success stories often relate to a personal network builtover many years or via wealthy friends People respond to goalsand deadlines Determine your timeline Consider multiple campaigns Set a realistic goal
  12. 12. Key = Driving Traffic Drive a large number of the right people to yourcampaign page How?1. tracking Give your virtual assistant a list of projects like yours andhave him / her list the referral sources for each one Focus your attention on those types of media
  13. 13. How to Drive Traffic (Cont’d)2. Work with your VA to create a media list based on Relevance Readership (traffic) Relationships (do you know anyone related?) Reach (will they send it out?)3. Identify bloggers who will promote your campaign Google images Identify mutual friends on Facebook
  14. 14. How to Drive Traffic (Cont’d)4. Prioritize and arrange introductions for the top 10bloggers5. Build genuine, mutually-beneficial relationshipswith those 106. Get coverage Make it VERY easy for them to write a story that theirreaders will LOVE Ask if they can publicize the story on day one of yourcampaign Can they feature it in their newsletter? On Facebook?Put a picture on Pinterest?
  15. 15. Use Humor Humor drives traffic Post new media tokeep the page fresh(pics, clips, posters,etc.) Provide frequentupdates(every 3 or 4 days)
  16. 16. Activate your Network Create an Advisory Committee Expands your personal network Ensures high quality campaign page Create ownership Ask for advice Offer sneak peaks that no one else gets Throw a launch party Day 1 is Critical Secure commitments from advisory committee members,colleagues, friends and family to make a gift and share thepage ON DAY ONE.
  17. 17. Other Key Tips Consider perks carefully Use a landing page to encourage sharing
  18. 18. Ralph & Reality Television? Hmmm…..OPPORTUNITY TO DEVELOP UNSCRIPTED REALITY SERIESThe History channel (AETN) is seeking new ideas/characters that couldbe turned into an unscripted reality series and could lead to a $10,000 fee.We are looking for fascinating American characters that live and/or workin interesting environments that may not be familiar to ouraudience. The main characters should be male (History is a male-skewing network) and could be buddies, part of a multi-generationalfamily, competitors, and/or people who work together. It’s critical thattheir personalities and everyday lives are strong enough to engage atelevision audience week after week.Models for success include: Duck Dynasty (A+E), Ax Men (History),Pawn Stars (History), Swamp People (History).Deadline is June 30, 2013.
  19. 19. Top 3 Things YouLearnedQuestions?Next Steps?