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Product Work Log


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Published in: Business, Self Improvement
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Product Work Log

  1. 1. Product Work LogName_Kyle Doughty________________________________________ Date _April 19, 2012_______Product _My product is a wooden footbridge across a 16’ creek.____________________________Monday, February 20, Activity: Went to JP Hayne’s Lumber Comment/Suggestions:2012 on Ballground Hwy. to purchase two Set aside extra time for even4:00-5:30 p.m. 6’’ X 6’’ X 16’ beams and twelve 2” X 4” menial tasks, because every X 12’ beams. little detail takes more time to accomplish than one Commentary: My dad and I took the would expect. trailer with us when we drove up to Hayne’s, but the 16’ beams were still a little longer than the trailer. We had to tie them down and drive slow, because there was no alternative. The plan is to go to the store tomorrow, purchase screws and then begin building. Once the basic structure is up, we will buy more lumber for railing.___________________ __________________________________ ___________________________ _ Comment/Suggestions:Tuesday, February 21, Activity: Went to the Lowe’s in Canton Do not underestimate the2012 Marketplace to purchase two 8” X 8” X effort required to move 6x611:00 a.m.-1:30 p.m. 16” lightweight concrete blocks, one beams. Follow the adviceand 2:00-6:00 p.m. box of 3.5” star-head screws, a set of from Monday even more star bits for the power drills and one strictly, because there will be three-ounce container of electric motor plenty of decking to screw in oil for the circular saw. Back at home, I tomorrow. In the future, cut all of the 2x4s, moved the materials either choose to only use one to the site, dug holes for the beam, or just make a rope foundations and set the beams. bridge. Commentary: After that, I marked and cut all of the 2x4s into three-foot lengths. My dad and I drove as close as we could to the site, and we walked the materials in the rest of the way. Holes were dug for the concrete blocks,
  2. 2. which serve as level surfaces for the 6x6 beams, and then we positioned the beams so that they spanned the creek. We ended the day by screwing in decking on either end, and all the rest will be screwed in tomorrow. Tomorrow may allow us to put the safety railing in as well. _____________________________________________ __________________________________ Comment/Suggestions:_ _ The measurements forWednesday, February Activity: Started the day by lining up lumber are based on when it22, 2012 all the decking with the cross beams is wet and fresh, not when it11:00 a.m.-2:00 p.m. and then screwing the individual is dry. That is the reason forand 4:00 p.m-6:30 p.m. boards into place. The latter half of the a shortage of decking, so in day was spent buying more lumber for the future account for the railing and concrete to secure both actual measurements of ends of the bridge. everything being used. Commentary: All of the decking had to be perfectly in line, so my dad and I lined them up and snapped a chalk line across the boards so that they would stay on track. That same line was also used for the placement of screws on one side. Space was allowed in between the boards, since moisture and heat will change the volume of the boards over time. When we ran out of 2x4s, we took the time to resupply and also gather our materials for the next day. Ideally, decking should be finished tomorrow. The safety rail and __________________________ support columns will also be set. Comment/Suggestions:___________________ __________________________________ Wake up earlier and_ _ persevere. After the concreteThursday, February Activity: Cut 2x4s into decking and is poured, the remaining23, 2012 4x4s into supports for the railing. My work will consist mostly of12:00-1:30 p.m. and dad and I also cut a 6x6 in half in order drilling and screwing parts2:30-6:30 p.m. to create support columns for the together. bridge, and we bevel-cut two 2x4s and two 2x6s that will serve as the handrail.
  3. 3. The creek had to be rerouted, so I dug a channel around the site for the columns, and then I created multiple dams upstream to hold back water. Even further upstream, I dammed the creek and routed it to flow into another creek that is away from the bridge. Commentary: Today was mainly a tedious day. All of the remaining lumber was cut to size, and then holes were dug for the columns. Various earthworks were also created for rerouting the creek. The ground proved more resilient than expected, so __________________________ the concrete will have to be poured at a Comment/Suggestions: later time. Pay attention to the weather.___________________ __________________________________ The wind and mud_ _ prevented any meaningfulSunday, February 26, Activity: Finished putting in the last work on Friday and2012 few pieces of decking. My dad and I Saturday, and the concrete1:00-6:00 p.m. cut the edges of the decking such that foundations will depend on there is one smooth, continuous good weather in the future. overhang on both sides of the bridge. We also drove in most of the supports for the rail, and we made sure that the columns will fit in their foundation holes. Commentary: Trimming the decking was simple, but the rail supports were a bit of a hassle. All of them had to be held completely level while two seven- inch lag screws were used to secure __________________________ each one against the beam. Still, Comment/Suggestions: progress was made, and more will be Think about using made if the weather cooperates. suspension that is above the___________________ __________________________________ bridge on future projects._ _Monday, February 27, Activity: Placed support columns in2012 their holes and secured them to the
  4. 4. 4:00-6:00 p.m. bridge. Comment/Suggestions: The rocks proved to be quite Commentary: There was not enough useful, but concrete will still time to pour the concrete, and it will be used. One can never be have to wait for better weather. too safe.Tuesday, February 28, Activity: Placed gravel rocks around2012 the posts to provide some stability4:00-4:30 p.m. before the concrete is poured. Commentary: The creek has several large deposits of rocks nearby, so I __________________________ simply gathered them up and piled Comment/Suggestions: them around each of the columns. Concrete is only an extra More work would have been done, but precaution. This bridge has it began to rain. been tested by wind, rain, a___________________ __________________________________ creek beneath it, and the_ _ general wear-and-tear ofWednesday, April 4, Activity: Placed the last support for the nature.2012 railing in its slot, and then attached the1:00-3:00 actual railing. We also added several more cross-beams beneath for extra support. Commentary: The boards did not warp too much, and the bridge seems complete. The concrete footers are the only tasks left to do, but the bridge is already stable and completely functional.