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Up 2012 smart cloud presentation_final

  1. 1. Sunil Murthy,IBM Cloud Computing Evangelist@sunilbayareaDecember 12, 2012IBM SmartCloud for aNew Era of ComputingRethink IT. Reinvent business. © 2012 IBM CorporationOn today’s Smarter Planet, businesses globally are challenged toinnovate while managing an unprecedented rate of change …. 80% CEOs anticipate CEOs anticipate turbulent change and turbulent change and bold moves ahead. bold moves ahead. * Source: IBM CEO StudyBuild operating Reinvent customer Uncover new dexterity relationships Profit opportunity2 © 2012 IBM Corporation 1
  2. 2. Technology will play the key role in success … Speed Value 90% view cloud as 1 critical to their plans Extended Reach 1Billion Smartphones and 1.2 billion mobile employees by 2014 Factors impacting organizations: Responsiveness 1. Technology factors 2. People skills 3. Market factors IBM Global 20B+ Intelligent CEO Study 4. Macro-economic factors business assets 5. Regulatory concerns 6. Globalization New Insights 7. Socio-economic factors 8. Environmental issues 9. Geopolitical factors 2.7ZB of digital content in 2012, up 50% from 2011 3 © 2012 IBM Corporation Thus, organizations are creating new business-IT partnerships to apply technology in new, innovative ways Reinvent Business • Improve operating dexterity Transformation & InnovationLower Costs & Efficiency • Reinvent client relationships Rethink IT • Provide new profit opportunity • React with Agility • Speed innovation • Improve economics 4 The Economics of Computing are Changing © 2012 IBM Corporation 2
  3. 3. Requires flexibility in delivering, integrating, and consumingCloud capabilities, enabled by open standards Private Clouds Hybrid Public Clouds Flexible business service delivery and consumption models Immediate Accelerate Access public Evolve existing access to a adoption with cloud SaaS infrastructure managed integrated business to Cloud platform with systems solutions flexible cost Common Cloud platform built on an open standards reference model5 © 2012 IBM CorporationDelivered through IBM SmartCloud ArchitectureAn open, enterprise-class Cloud platform optimized to proven best practice patterns• Resilient to the velocity of changing business needs• Choice & Flexibility in hybrid Business Process as a Service delivery & consumption models Software as a Service• Built-in Expertise enabling workload awareness & optimization Platform as a Service• Secure & Scalable smoothing evolution from existing environments Infrastructure as a Service• Integrated analytics improving Design Deploy Consume QoS and responsiveness6 © 2012 IBM Corporation 3
  4. 4. Flexible deployment options to enable enterprise cloud platforms Deploy Cloud platforms into your existing infrastructure Accelerate deployments of Existing Infrastructure cloud infrastructure, platform and data services with integrated and optimized systems An integrated pool of abstracted application services to build & run Cloud services Immediate access to managed services A policy-based, scalable environment for managing the delivery of computing resources and Cloud services “on demand”7 © 2012 IBM CorporationIBM SmartCloud Services for immediate access to managed services An IBM hosted IaaS with enterprise- class governance, administration and management control An IBM hosted Enterprise PaaS Platform as a Service (App Services) with unprecedented choice in app development, deployment and management Lifecycle Resources Environments Management Integration The most complete set of automated Infrastructure as a Service (Enterprise, Enterprise+) and integrated services to support enterprise applications Infrastructure Management Performance Security Usage Real business-centric SLAs that align IBM accountability to your business Enterprise Enterprise Enterprise data center Multiple IBM hosted delivery models allow clients to optimize against economics, integration, security and control Managed private cloud Hosted private cloud Shared cloud services8 © 2012 IBM Corporation 4
  5. 5. IBM SmartCloud infrastructure services help customers aligninfrastructure to meet their business needs. IBM SmartCloud™ Enterprise • More agile infrastructure as a service • Faster access to enterprise cloud environments • Suited for development, test activities • Developed for moderate-risk applications • Reduced cost • Self-service cloud-based object storage capabilities IBM SmartCloud Enterprise+ • IBM managed • Helps drive business value, competitive advantage • Helps reduce operational risk • Runs production workloads, including SAP applications • Hardware, hypervisor and isolation elements included9 © 2012 IBM Corporation“AT&T and IBM are delivering a new, network-enabled cloud service that marries thesecurity and speed of AT&T’s global network with the control and managementcapabilities of IBM’s enterprise cloud”Andy Geisse, CEO of AT&T Business Solutions. IBM SmartCloud Enterprise + and ATT Virtual Private Network Deliver• Fully managed shared private IaaS using private networks rather than the public Internet• Fast and highly-secure shared cloud service• Flexibility and protection of applications and data as they move between data centers and wired or wireless computing devices such as tablets, smartphones, personal computers, retail kiosks or other machine-to-machine devices..10 © 2012 IBM Corporation 5
  6. 6. A new class of expert integrated systems…built for cloud Built-in Integration by Expertise DesignCapturing and automating Deeply integrating and what experts do tuning hardware and software Simplified Experience Making every part of the IT lifecycle easier 11 © 2012 IBM Corporation Accelerate deployments with IBM PureSystems family Application Platform Data Platform System optimized to System delivering Platform as a Service Technologies accelerate application high performance data deployment and simplify services to lifecycle management transactional and analytics applications Lifecycle Resources Environments Management Integration Infrastructure as a Service Technologies Infrastructure System with flexibility - runs your choice of Infrastructure Management Performance Security Usage applications and middleware 12 © 2012 IBM Corporation 6
  7. 7. IBM enables workload optimization with Patterns of ExpertiseApplication Patterns: Proven best practices and expertise learnedfrom decades of client and partner engagements• Pre-defined architecture of an application or Cloud service• Captures best practices for complex tasks Monitoring Lifecycle Management• Optimized into a deployable form for private or public cloud• Repeatable deployment with full lifecycle management "Patterns are the magic here. Customers are capturing expertise in patterns. Its a new pride of ownership." Richard Doherty, Envisioneering Group13 © 2012 IBM CorporationIBM SmartCloud supports Application Patterns acrossdeployment options Monitoring Lifecycle Managemen t Application Pattern Private Clouds Public CloudDeploy patterns to your Deploy patterns to Deploy patterns toexisting infrastructure with PureApplication System SmartCloud Application ServicesSmartCloud Foundation SmartCloud Application Services SmartCloud Enterprise14 © 2012 IBM Corporation 7
  8. 8. ISVs & Managed Services Providers are seeing value in PureSystems Business Need: Solution hosting with a high Business Need: XAUAT is a high-tech institution level of performance while continuing to provide that needed a cloud computing system, simple easy-to-use IT services to their customers management, automization, energy efficiency and integration services from a top IT vendor Solution: IBM PureFlex provides an x86 infrastructure with IBM software that is ready for Solution: ECData and IBM presented a joint Platform as a Service (PaaS) Cloud and allows Enfo solution that included IBM PureFlex, Power & to reduce their VMWare licensing costs. Storage, technical support discussions and a POC Managed Service Provider Independent Software Vendor Business Need: Effectively and quickly deploy Business Need: Deliver Ready for PureSystems the PriceLenz solution while maintaining a high solution in SaaS model using a cloud-ready platform level of quality with fully integrated server, storage and network Solution: Optimize their solution on the IBM Solution: The cloud-ready platform allows PureApplication System to increase performance & DynaFront to offer customers usage-based pricing slash deployment time from 3 weeks to 8 minutes while simplifying system management and billing Software Solution and Independent Software Vendor Consulting Company15 © 2012 IBM CorporationA strong ecosystem of partners augment IBM SmartCloud capabilitiesCloud Infrastructure ProvidersLeveraging the IBM Cloud toprovide IaaS/PaaS capabilitiesCloud Application ProvidersDelivering standardized SaaSsolutions on IBM SmartCloudCloud Services Solution ProvidersCreate customized client solutions running onthe IBM SmartCloudCloud Technology ProvidersExtending the function and value of IBMSmartCloudCloud BuildersCreating customized privatecloud solutions for client andprovider infrastructures16 © 2012 IBM Corporation 8
  9. 9. IBM’s leadership across the standards landscape results in investment protection & interoperability for customers Architecture Defining cloud as an extension of SOA to protect your investment Infrastructure APIs Standardized IaaS layer allows The Open Group & ISO SC38 Differentiation higher in the stack Cloud Computing Reference Architecture OpenStack Adoption of IaaS standards DMTF Cloud Infrastructure Management Interface Open-services.net Open Services for Lifecycle Collaboration SNIA Cloud Data Management Interface Security Ensuring the security of yourassets, regardless of the location DMTF Cloud Audit Working Group OASIS Cloud Identity Management CSCC Security Working Group Management OAuth.net Write once, run anywhere portable workloads OAuth OASIS Topology & Orchestration Specification for Cloud Apps CSCC Platform as a Service Workgroup 17 © 2012 IBM Corporation We classify organizations according to the extent to which their use of cloud impacts value chains and value propositions Cloud Enablement Framework Disruptors create radically different value Disruptors Create propositions, generate new customer needs and segments. They disrupt existing industries or even create new ecosystems Innovators significantly extend customer Value Chain Transform Innovators value propositions resulting in new revenue streams and transform their role within their industry or enter a different industry ecosystem Optimizers Improve Optimizers use the cloud to incrementally enhance their customer value propositions while improving their organization’s efficiency Enhance Extend Invent Customer Value Proposition Organizations should determine how and to what degree cloud can be used to enable their business model 18 © 2012 IBM Corporation 9
  10. 10. The time has come to rethink IT and reinvent business —with IBM SmartCloud Ask the fundamental questions: • Is your organization achieving the levels of innovation required to compete in today’s environment? • Is your organization able to nimbly put lucrative ideas into action? • Is your organization continually reinventing customer relationships? • Are you adapting to market changes as fast as your competitors? Go to ibm.com/smartcloud for more information.19 © 2012 IBM Corporation www.ibm.com20 © 2012 IBM Corporation 10