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Transverse up cloud 2012 - final


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Transverse up cloud 2012 - final

  1. 1. Take the Leap: Reap the Rewards of Graduating FromSubscription to Activity- Based Billing
  2. 2. Who Cares About Billing?
  3. 3. We are Changing 83 percent of IT Gartner forecasts Cloud storage is decision say cloud cloud computing expected to have computing made market will be double digit business more $241 billion by growth until at productive 2014 least 2017 In More YouTube Car-sharing the business of video uploaded revenues in Northmoving “electrons in 2 months than America will hit and algorithms” all new network $3.3 billion by content combined 2016 since 1948
  4. 4. Billing Systems areEvolving, Too
  5. 5. The Evolution of BillingSystems
  6. 6. The Evolution of BillingSystems
  7. 7. The Evolution of BillingSystems
  8. 8. Billing Maturity and YourCompanyAs your businessevolves, your billingsystems mustmature, too.
  9. 9. Billing Maturity Stage 1:Ground ZeroCOMPLEXITY Ad-hoc Billing REVENUE OPPORTUNITIES
  10. 10. Billing Maturity Stage 2: SimpleSubscriptions Simple SubscriptionsCOMPLEXITY Ad-hoc Billing REVENUE OPPORTUNITIES
  11. 11. Billing Maturity Stage 3: Activity-based Billing Activity-based Billing Simple SubscriptionsCOMPLEXITY Ad-hoc Billing REVENUE OPPORTUNITIES
  12. 12. How Can Activity-basedBilling Help You? Acquire tons of new customers Expand revenue per customer Extend the duration of customer relationships
  13. 13. Questions?