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Green qloud up-con

  1. 1. Clean Up Your Cloud: CarbonEmissions, Renewable Energy and the Future of IT @greenqloud
  2. 2. The Cloud “Stack” greenqloud Value Adding IaaS Services Scalr, Rightscale, Enstratus... Public Cloud Computing SaaS = Software as a Service DropBox, SalesForce, ZenDesk, Google Apps PaaS = Platform as a Service Cloud Foundry , Google AppEngine, Azure, IaaS = Infrastructure as a Service GreenQloud, Amazon AWS, Rackspace
  3. 3. Problems with current clouds greenqloud• Not scientific, research and educational friendly• Vendor lock in by API• Respective market leader solutions don’t work together• No public cloud (except GreenQloud) can service both North America and Europe with low latency• Doesn’t cater well to the SMB market• Cloud security not standardized• Little SaaS incentive to stick with a specific cloud• Not even close to being GREEN - don’t believe the hype!
  4. 4. What we know greenqloud• Global data storage is growing exponentially• Emissions from IT industry growing exponentially• By 2017 Hadoop may store and process 50% of data worldwide Apache Hadoop• Big Data processing is latency insensitive and perfect for the cloud (note: Iceland does not have latency issues)• 50% of the world’s data could be processed in sustainable clouds to lower future global IT emissions drastically
  5. 5. CO2 emissions and IT greenqloud• IT causes 2% of global CO2 emissions (Gartner 2007)• 2020 IT emissions to reach 4% (McKinsey)• The problem: Emphasis on Efficiency over Sustainability• Efficiency ≠ Sustainability• Carbon Credits ≠ Sustainability
  6. 6. Green Power Usage greenqloudGPUE recalculates PUE for the purpose ofcomparing data center to data center truegreenness by including energy sources with theirlifecycle CO2 emissions per usable KWh ofcomputing. G = ∑( %Energy Source x ( 1 +
  7. 7. Compute clouds are green, greenqloud right...? WRONG!• Cloud reduces energy use for existing infrastructure migrations BUT shift problem to the cloud• Virtually all data processing and storage heading to the cloud• Explosive growth - Newcomers increase the energy need despite better efficiency: Jevon’s Paradox.
  8. 8. How green is the industry with GPUE? greenqloud Kg CO2/ Multipliers based on G PUE GPUE % Energy KWh 2008 Sovacool survey Lenoir 1.630 1.21 1.97 50.5% Coal 0.76 GPUE North Carolina 38.7% Nuclear Multipliers by Dalles energy source 1.490 1.2 1.79 34.% Coal 0.59 Oregon 3.3% Nuclear Coal & Mixed Apple 50.5% Coal x1.050 North Carolina 1.630 1.5 2.44 0.94 38.7% Nuclear Diesel & Heavy Oil x0.778 Iceland 1.021 1.1 1.12 70% Hydro 0.02 30% GeoThermal Natural Gas x0.443 Chicago 72.8% Coal Nuclear x0.066 Illinois 1.819 1.22 2.22 1.00 22.3% Nuclear Geothermal San Antonio 1.936 1.2 2.32 1.12 x0.038 37.1% Coal Texas Solar PV x0.032 Lockport 21.0% Coal New York 1.497 1.16 1.74 0.58 BioMass x0.014 27.0% Nuclear Hydro x0.013 La Vista 1.834 1.5 2.75 73.5% Coal 1.25 Wind x0.010 Nebraska 14.6% Nuclear
  9. 9. The carbon crisis greenqloud• “A big reason for the focus on energy efficiency over renewable energy is that many data center operators are more concerned with saving money than with saving the planet” - GigaOm• “Internet struggles to contain carbon footprint...” -• “The rapidly growing carbon footprint associated with information and communications technologies...could make them among the biggest greenhouse gas emitters by 2020” - McKinsey & Company• “At 4 tons of carbon dioxide (CO2) annually per server, these un-utilized servers produce a total of more than 80 million tons of CO2 per year. This is more than is emitted from the country of Thailand and more than half of ALL countries in South America.” - VMWare
  10. 10. Can I has renewables? KTHXBYE. greenqloud• Renewable energy-powered Cloud services exist!• The solution is to use renewable energy to power the cloud NOW.• Why buy carbon credits and Green Energy options when you can have a Truly Green cloud?• Buying carbon creditsrenewable energy = cloud services powered by and offsets > using unnecessary additional line item in data management budget.
  11. 11. Real life context greenqloud• A web search ~ 7g of CO2• 740 searches for "funny cat pictures" equals as much CO2 as making a cheeseburger• The cheeseburger carbon footprint ~ 5.18kg
  12. 12. Real life context greenqloud113.5 MILLION searchesper month for "cats/cat”(Googles Keyword tool)That’s 9.534.000 kg CO2per year!!!(about 1.8 million cheeseburgers)
  13. 13. If only there was a place Who needs coalwhere you could store data on a greenqloud sustainable cloud...
  14. 14. GreenQloud greenqloud Data Storage EuropeN-America Virtual Servers PaaS & HPC Additional ServicesStorage Only HPC
  15. 15. Economic + Legislative Drivers greenqloud• Cloud is both cost and time saving Countries that are considering• Fossil fuel prices skyrocketing or implementing CO2 taxes• Companies facing increased pressure to be both efficient and sustainable UK Denmark Finland• Carbon taxes now apply to regular France Ireland companies (public “black sheep” lists) Netherlands Sweden• Brands are increasingly valued on their Norway Canada social responsibility New Zealand United States China• The EU has set the bar at 20% reduction of Japan ... CO2 emissions
  16. 16. GreenQloud is:• Truly Green IaaS and data storage-- 100% greenqloud Geothermal and Hydro energy powered Public Cloud• HQ in Iceland-- one of the top 5 safest Sharing of IT resources and locations in the world for DCs best practices• Price competitive. No ‘green premium.’ Cloud Stack• Compatible with Amazon APIs and tools SaaS• Easy-to-use and scalable PaaS• Built-in carbon emissions /savings reports IaaS Greenqloud for company “Green” initiatives
  17. 17. Clean Up Your Cloud NOW! @greenqloud