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Openbravo 3 demo tips


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Published in: Technology
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Openbravo 3 demo tips

  1. 1. Show 100% native web UI provides many advantagesadvantages • Easy access (internal/external) • Sharing informationof 100% web • Easy to learn/rollout • Easy to update • Easy to integratePersonalize Leverage role-based workspace and other the user-oriented, productivity features • Widgets • Logos • Alerts • Email • Audit trail demo • Powerful, spreadsheet-style grid • Multi-tab UI Show Show key operational processes, the through to financials • Emphasize Openbravo 3 is a complete system flows • Show what is relevant to the specific audience
  2. 2. Openbravo Strong generic presentation, always latestweekly live controlled release functionality (1st one June 14) demo • Once per week • Complements self-serve demo Business Modules to streamline POC pilot or tailored demo analyst • IDL • EEA • Copy Role • Query Widget • HQL Query Tool resources Custom UI Leverage the awesome Smartclient javascriptdevelopment framework embedded in Openbravo 3 Most components on the example site can be used! resource Attend Openbravo 3 Basic Technical Training to learn how