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How to cure Autism by Khawar Nehal

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Khawar autism presentation_27_april_2013-1

  1. 1. How to cure autism.By : Khawar NehalApplied Technology Research Center April 2013
  2. 2. Background● Gastrointestinal problems● Low iron or anemia● Effects related to chelation therapy● Autism seems to get fixed with age.
  3. 3. Against genetics● If it was genetic, then it would not get fixedwith age.
  4. 4. Different names● If you have large amounts of aluminum in yourbody in adult hood it is called alzhimers.● If you have large amounts of aluminum in yourbody in adult hood it is called autism.
  5. 5. Symptoms related to heavy metals● The symptoms and results are related toheavy metals in most cases.● If the heavy metals in the body are reducedthe symptoms are reduced.
  6. 6. Missing link found● Heavy metal accumulation is related to lack ofiron in the body.● If the iron is less, the human bodyaccumulates iron.
  7. 7. Why is iron low ?● The human body is not designed to excretiron.● The iron is leaked through gastroinstetinalproblems.
  8. 8. Heavy metal therapy● If we try to reduce the heavy metals, the sideeffects are that other essential elements arealso excreted in the treatment processesavailable currently.
  9. 9. We have to stop the iron leak● To prevent iron from leaking and heavy metalsaccumulating, we need to fix the leak.● The leak is related to gastroinstentinalproblems.● The gastrointestinal problems are related tomany factors including allergies.
  10. 10. To fix the gut issues.● Find out what is causing the gut problems.Which foods cause it.● Give natural organic foods with less chemicalsto reduce allergies over time.● Reduce intake of foods already allergic to.
  11. 11. Once gut issues are fixed● After fixing the leak, we need to fix the level ofiron.● It takes up to 6 months for the iron levels to getback up. During this time, you shall see vastimprovements in the autism symptoms for thebetter.
  12. 12. Once the iron is fixed● After 6 months inshallah you shall have ahuman with stable levels of iron and it can takeup to 2 years for the heavy metals which haveaccumulated to get out of the body.● During this time, the human can be placed innormal society to learn things which they weremissing out because they could notunderstand the social situations.
  13. 13. Conclusion● So that is how you fix one type of autism whichis related to heavy metal accumulation.● If there are other types of autism, like geneticbased, then tight now I do not know how to fixthat.
  14. 14. Further information● All of the information needed to clarify theinformation in provided in this presentation iseasily available in many research reportsalready published in scientific journals.● If you need us to conduct more research in thisarea, then you can contact us with yourdetailed plan for further research.
  15. 15. ContactApplied Technology Research Center Box 242512 Dubai, UAE.