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Indonesia Heritage Trust

  1. 1. Board of Experts :IHT has advisors comprising experienced experts from differentdisciplines, and distinguished community leaders:Prof. Johan Silas; Prof. Timbul Haryono; Prof. Sandi Siregar; Prof.Supanggah; Prof Danisworo; Prof. Paulus Wirutomo; DR. DibyoHartono; Prof. DR Gunawan Tjahjono; Drs. Hari Waluyo MHum;Drs Hari Untoro Dradjat MA; Prof. Eko Budihardjo; Prof.Mundardjito; Dr. Ir. Jo Santoso; Prof. Sentot Suatmadji; Dr. JusnaM. Amin; Dr. Ir. Bakti Setiawan; Dr. Ir. Wicaksono Sarosa; Dr.Djauhari Sumintardja; Dr. Ir. Widjaja Martokusumo; DR NingPurnomohadi; Budi Lim Dipl Arch; Ir. Budi Sukada Msi; Ir. TutiPurwani MSi; Dr. Ir. Harastuti; Ir. Meta Sekar Pudjiastuti MSi; Ir.Sugeng Gunadi MLA; Ir. Soehardi Msi; Eka Budianta; LuciaDhamayanti; Drs. Suwati Kartiwa MSc; Ir. Adhimursid; Ir AryaAbieta MSi; Prof. Budhy Tjahyati; Drs Junus Satrio MHum; Ir.Hengki Hermantoro MSi; Ir. Pingki Pangestu MTCP, URDI;Timoticin Kwanda BSc, MRP; Ir. Nirwono Yoga MLA; Ully HarySigar Rusadi; Ir, Catur Kukuh; Ir. Titi Handayani MArch; Ir. RaiPratadaja; Irawati Batangtaris; Sasmiyarsi Sasmoyo; Ir. SriHadiarti Msi; Drs Tantyo Bangun; Ella Ubaidi; SudarmadjiDamais.Funding:IHT invites donors, conservationists, community organizations ,and the private sector to support heritage conservation movement.They can contribute endowment fund, annual/monthly donation, orfinancial support for specific projects. There will be silver, gold,and platinum donors, categorized by the total donation contributedby the donors. All the inflow and outflow of money will be auditedby public auditor and reported to the BPPI members and donors.Let us save the invaluable heritage, before it is too late.Save the endangered heritage !
  2. 2. INDONESIAN HERITAGE TRUST New development should not damage or remove invaluable income and expenditures of IHT will be checked by Auditor, and heritage from the past. Natural and cultural heritage should be the result will be reported to the members, donors, and generalBADAN PELESTARIAN PUSAKA INDONESIA preserved and delivered to future generations. Conservartion should public. be one objective of development. Conservation will be successful if The Implementation Team comprises several sector division The Indonesian Heritage Trust is a civil society it develops into a people’s movement supported by all the people, such as the natural heritage division, tangible heritage division andorganization aiming at strengthening and assisting heritage and become a part of their life. BPPI encourages and assists intangible heritage division; and the support system such as:conservation in Indonesia. Indonesia has very rich and diverse heritage conservation movement in various regions. research and development division, empowerment division, andculture, with 700 ethnic groups, each with its language, local The protection and safeguard of endangered heritage have information system division. IHT Secretary is in charge for allwisdom and tradition. The Indonesian archipelago has more than high priority both in policy strengthening and fieldworks. BPPI is administrative activities. The Treasurer is responsible for IHT17,000 islands with their flora and fauna and natural resources. A now working with various institutions in reviewing and finance.lot of the invaluable natural and cultural heritage are lost, damaged, strengthening of laws, policy, program, and conservation IHT develops partnership with various organizations havingor endangered, due to ignorance, incapacity, or mismanagement. mechanisms Conservation also includes maintenance and the similar objectives at the region or at the national and internationalIHT will work together with various relevant institutions to management of its use in community life so that it become a part of level The relation between IHT and partner organization iastrengthen the heritage conservation system, and assist the sustainable community life. Motivation, capacity, and ability in autonomous. The partner organizations have their own constitution,safeguard and maintenance of the heritage. conservation need to be developed through education, training, and policy, and strategy, but they adjust some of their programs to technical assistance In the meantime resources should be develop effective synergy with IHT. Registration of members and IHT was born through the consensus of the members of JPPI consolidated to support conservation movement. partner organizations will be processed according to the internal(the Indonesian Network for Heritage Conservation), which is a Conservation does not mean freezing the creativity to build statute. Members and partner organizations can get assistance in thecommunication forum among the heritage societies in various the future. Utilizing the energy and values of the heritage, form of information, technical assistance, involvement in variousregions in Indonesia. The inauguration ceremony of the Indonesian development of arts and culture in various regions are encouraged activities, or financial assistance where it is possible. IHT helps toHeritage Trust on August 17, 2004 was attended by the Minister of and valorized to build sustainable positive cultural frameworks built national support to solve crucial problems in the region. IHTCulture and Tourism, government officials, representatives of the which can contribute to the development of harmonious and assist its members and partners in communicating with internationalNGOs, Universities, media etc. IHT has been active in providing prosperous world. Cross cultural communication and understanding organizations.inputs for policy and strategy, launching of petition for should be developed in mutual respect. Conducive environmentconservation, organizing monthly discussions, and consultation should be built for the conservation of heritage, improvement of To support various conservation activities, IHT memberswith various organizations. current life, .and development of strong foundation for the future. contribute Rp 10,000/month. IHT would like to invite big, medium, and small enterprises to donate, for general purpose orGeneral Program: Members: specific activities. IHT also invites students, employees,• to prepare inputs for policy, strategy, program, guidelines, and Members of IHT are individuals who are concerned or work communities to join the organization, and take active role in mechanisms for the heritage conservation in Indonesia. in conservation. IHT covers a wide range of activities in natural and heritage conservation. For young and concessional members the• to assist capacity building and conservation movement, in cultural heritage conservation (both the tangible and intangible contribution is only Rp 5000/month cooperation with other institutions, community, and the private culture). IHT members come from various discipline, such as: sector, through technical assistance, education and training, architecture, urban planning, environment, archaeology, sociology, Board of Directors : workshops, seminars, database and web-site, publication, and anthropology, economy, law, history, literature, music, dance, etc. Setyanto P Santosa MA (management exp), Dr. Laretna Adishakti, promotion. IHT develops partnership with various organizations having similar architect; Rudy Pesik MSc (private sector), Pia Alisjahbana• to develop funding for Indonesian heritage conservation in objectives to strengthen heritage conservation. IHT members and (media), Hashim Djojo-hadikusumo (private sector), Frances cooperation with national and international organizations, partner-organizations have been active in advocacy and fieldworks Afandi BA (anthropologist), Dr. Yuswadi Salya (architect), Dr. private sector, and the communities, and propose incentives, together with communities, government institutions, and the private Daud Tanudirjo (archaeologist), Dr. Eko Alvares (architect), Drs tax deduction, and other support from the government. sector. Endo Suanda (ethnomusicologist), Bambang Eryudawan MArch (architect), Ir. Suhadi Hadiwinoto (architect), Drs Bondan WinarnoPriority Program 2007-2008 To be more democratic and open, IHT was established as an (culinary heritage exp), Widya Wijayanti MURP (architect), Dra o Establishment of Heritage Emergency Response “Association”, with the highest authority in the Congress of its Hasti Tarekat (sociologist), Ir. Popo Danes (architect), Catrini Unit members. The Board of Trustees comprises senior experts and Pratihari Kubontubuh, MArch (planner). o Development of Heritage Conservation Funding distinguished persons in conservation. They are responsible for the System overall policy and important decision making. The Board of Board of Executives o Development of Archipelago Trails Trustees appointed an Executive Director to coordinate the The Board of Executives organize the daily activities. o Education, capacity building, and certification Implementation Team and the daily activities. IHT has many Executive Director : Ir. Catrini P. Kubontubuh, M.Arch. o Implementation of Indonesia-Australia cooperation advisors who are outstanding experts and local leaders from various Internal Affairs Coordinator : Ir. Eunike Prasasti in heritage conservation. regions. IHT also has a Board who are responsible for funding External Affairs Coordinator : Virginia Rusli o Communication and Public Relation. development to support heritage conservation. Each year the Working Groups will be established to organize specific tasks