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ABC of Office Jargons


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ABC of some 'commonly used' and some 'not so popular' office jargons.. A must read before you step into your next meeting

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ABC of Office Jargons

  1. 1. ABC of some ‘ f ‘commonly used’ l d’ & some ‘not so popular’ Office Jargons Offi J A must read before yyou step into your next meeting
  2. 2. dministrivia (n) all the trivial tasks that management is far too qualified to suffer through
  3. 3. lamestorming (v) Discussion with an aim of finding a scapegoat
  4. 4. hainsaw consultant (n) An individual brought on board to do management’s dirty work at layoff time
  5. 5. ecruit (v) Opposite of Recruit Recruit. Often used as a term to fire senior officials
  6. 6. go surfing (v) Searching the web for ‘yourself’
  7. 7. lying Circus (n) Management team appointed to inspect local operations
  8. 8. ear Head (n) Technical Expert
  9. 9. ead Shunting (v) Secret hiring of a head hunter to persuade a non performer to join another organization
  10. 10. nto the weeds Presenting technical details in a discussion when purpose was to stay at a basic overview level
  11. 11. argonaut (n) A true master of ridiculous jargons
  12. 12. eepage (n) Opposite of garbage
  13. 13. ifehack (n) Any method of improving one’s productivity or quality of life
  14. 14. ulti-slacker (n) A person who can perform many unproductive things at the same time
  15. 15. ontreprenuer (n) An executive who demands growth from his team but is afraid of taking any risk
  16. 16. ffice pretty (n) A female co worker who is attractive only in comparison to others in office
  17. 17. owerpointless (adj) Funny graphics and animations in presentations which distract your audience instead of clarifying
  18. 18. uick Win (n) Small steps with expectations of immediate results
  19. 19. ightsizing (v) A gentler way to say downsizing
  20. 20. hotgun approach (n) A wide, wide untargeted strategy
  21. 21. urkey Farm (n) A division used to store the incompetent or unfireable
  22. 22. psell (v) Induce customer to buy more expensive items and/or add ons
  23. 23. alue Proposition (n) A collection of tangible and intangible things your product offers
  24. 24. ith all due respect Generally used prior to showing no respect at all
  25. 25. erox subsidy (n) Practice of using company’s photo copier and fax machine for personal reasons
  26. 26. our Take Your point of view
  27. 27. ero Zero Split (n) The opportunity to waste time when working on two projects simultaneously by telling one boss that you are busy with the other
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