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Ggl new profile

  1. 1. COMPANY PROFILE OFGIVENSEE GARMENTS LTD. (A concern of Givensee Group of Industries) Head Office : House # 6, Road # 13, Sector # 3, Uttara, Dhaka-1230, Bangladesh Tel :+88-02-8932801-2 ,8932813 ,8913802, 8913826 Fax :+88-02-8932816, 8960347 E-Mail: Factory Address : Bishuia, Kuribari, Bokhran ,Monipur Bhobanipur, Gazipur, Dhaka , Bangladesh. LIEN BANK : ISLAMI BANK BANGLADESH LTD. Uttara Branch , 29 Kushal Center ( 2nd Floor) Sector-03, Uttara, Dhaka-1230, Bangladesh. Tel : +880-2-8918055, 8923976 Fax : +880-2-8923976 Swift : IBBLBDDH207 1
  2. 2. MANAGEMENT :Managing Director, Mr. Khatib Abdul Zahid MukulGivensee Group Of Industries Tel: Tel :+88-02-9832801-2 , +88-02-8932813Director , Mr. Khatib M.A. RubelGivensee Group of Industries Tel: Tel :+88-02-9832801-2 , +88-02-8932813 Mob :+88- 01713013638Contact Person :Executive Director Md. Sarwar JahanGivensee Garments Ltd. Tel :+88-02-9832801-2 , +88-02-8932813, Mob: +88 01926670336 E-mail : sarwar.jahan@givenseegroup.comAGM ( Merchandising & Marketing) Md. Abul Kalam AzadGivensee Garments Ltd Tel :+88-02-9832801-2 , +88-02-8932813 Mob. +88 01755 581340 E-mail : azad@givenseegroup.comAsst. Manager ( Merchandising & Marketing) Arup Ratan ChowdhuryGivensee Garments Ltd Tel :+88-02-9832801-2 , +88-02-8932813 Mob. +88 01926 670344 E-mail : arup@givenseegroup.comMerchandiser Md.Feroz Ahmed SumonGivensee Garments Ltd Tel :+88-02-9832801-2 , +88-02-8932813 Mob. +88 01715 603963 E-mail : sumon@givenseegroup.comMerchandiser Md.Sharif SalauddinGivensee Garments Ltd Tel :+88-02-9832801-2 , +88-02-8932813 Mob. +88 01716 660446 E-mail : mahbub@givenseegroup.comMerchandiser Md.Habibul IslamGivensee Garments Ltd Tel :+88-02-9832801-2 , +88-02-8932813 Mob. +88 01926 670043 E-mail : habibul@givenseegroup.comOTHER SISTER CONCERNS : i) Givensee Spinning Mills Ltd. ii) Hotapara Garments Ltd. iii) Zahintex Industries Ltd. iv) Masuma Khatun Textile Ltd. v) Twin Brothers Garments Ltd. vi) Givensee Garments Accessories Industries Ltd. vii) Neat Printing &Packaging Ltd. 2
  3. 3. viii) Givensee Washing. ix) Old and child rehabilitation centre x) Givensee Foods Ltd.GENERAL1. Year of Establishment : 20042. Floor Space (Prod’n) : 95,000 sft.3. Floor Space (Wash) : 28000 sft.4. Yearly Turnover : US$ 24.00 Million Per annum (Aprx)5. Total Worker & stuff : 18006. Total Prod’n Capacity : 310000 pcs ( Basic 5 Pocket Jeans / Month)7. Total Uses Line : 10 Lines8. Number of Machinery : 720 Sets (List of Machinery enclosed)9. Product Name : Men’s /Ladies /Boys/Girls Jeans, Trousers, Shorts Bermuda in Denim ,Twill & Canvas Etc. (Woven Fabric).10. Production Lead time : Foreign-120 days ,Local-90 Days from receipt of Master L/C. (Depends on the situation)11. Business Ethics : Givensee Garments Ltd. Targets in achieving highest standard in Quality & Delivery control to retain a successful Customer satisfaction.12. Social Terms : Givensee Garments Ltd. Maintain all social charter requirements of Bangladesh Labour Law and maintains a satisfactory condition as per evaluation of Bangladesh Garment Manufacturers & Exporters Association.13. Present Customer : Tema Magazacilik ,Gorge, TK International ,KiK, Braska,Cosco, Aldi,14. Compliance : Under Process 3
  4. 4. LIST OF MACHINERY’S (Garment Div.) Description Brand Model Quantity 1-Needle, Lockstitch Sewing Plain Machine JUKI DDL-8700-7 170 Sets 1-Needle, Lockstitch Sewing Plain Machine JUKI DDL-8300-N 170 Sets 2-Needle , 5 thread safety stitch Over lock Machine JUKI M-832-86-5X6 45 Sets 2-Neddle ,4 thread Over lock machine JUKI M-852-13-2X4 18 Sets 1-Needle,Lockstitch side cutter Sewing Machine(Vertical) JUKI DLM-5200- 18 Sets 2-Needle , Needle feed Lockstitch Machine JUKI LH-3128 G.F 44 Sets 2-Needle , Needle feed Lockstitch Machine JUKI LH-3168 G.F 10 Sets 3-Needle,Feed-off-the-Arm,Double Chain stitch Machine JUKI MS-1216 F 27 Sets 3-Needle Feed-off-the-Arm, Double Chain stitch cloth JUKI MS-35800DZ36 9 Sets Puller Machine Bar tack Machine , Computer controlled JUKI LK-1900AHS 40 Sets Kansai machine KANSAI DFB-1404 PMD 10 Sets 1-Needle Lockstitch Zigzag & embroidery sewing JUKI LZ-391. N 2 Sets Machine Pocket Design Machine JUKI AMS-210 G.H 2Sets Flat Bed , 2 Needle, Double Chain stitch Machine JUKI MH-380- A-2 5 Sets 2-Neddle bottom cover stitch, Belt loop making machine KANSAI B-2000-C 9 Sets Velcrow tape JUKI LK-1930-HS 01 SET Velcrow tape JUKI LK-1920-HS 01 SET Belt Loop cutting Machine CUTEX T.B.C-50 10 Sets Pneumatic Type snap Attaching machine (Compressor) PMM 30 Sets Cutting Machine EASTMAN / BRUTE-627 X 11 Sets K.M Needle detector , Conveyor Type HASIMA H.M-750B-100 1 Set Top Fusing Machine HASIMA H.P.M-600 CA 2 Sets Label Cutting Machine CUTEX T.B.C-50-SH 2 Sets 1-Needle Electronic lock stitch button hole machine BROTHER HE-800 A-2 5 Sets 1-Needle Electronic lock stitch Button stitch Machine BROTHER BE-348-D 10 Sets with Automatic thread trimmer Electronic Eyelet Button Hole machine BROTHER R.H-981 H-02 6 Sets Snap button NAOMOTO P.M.M-SA-47 30 Sets Steam Iron NAOMOTO H.S.L-620 30 Sets Vacuum Ironing Flat Table NAOMOTO F8-700 S.D 30 Sets Electric Boiler AZADENG 1 Set 4
  5. 5. Embroidery Machine of 20 head SUNSTAR 2 Sets Embroidery Machine for sampling SUNSTAR 1 Set Thread Suker Machine 2 setsAnother machine. Description Brand Quantity LECTRA CAD SYSTEM 1 Set SOFT WARE & HARDWARE : Total Solution of Pattern Designing, Grading ,Editing , Marker making & Plotting software Pack . Rotary Screw Type Air Compressor ½ Ton 2 Sets GENERATOR -375 KVA VOLVO 2 Sets RENETALIST OF MACHINERY’S (Wash Div.) 1 Description Brand Quantity XGP-550 Lbs Washing Machine 20 Sets GDP-300 Lbs Dryer Machine (Gas) 23 Sets GDP-300 Lbs Dryer Machine (Steam) 5 Sets KZ-125 Kg (42 Inch) Dewater Machine 6 Sets JPE-650 Spray Sand Machine 3 Sets XGP-100 Lbs Washing Machine 2 Sets XGP-55 Lbs Washing Machine 1 Set GDP-50 Lbs Dryer Machine (Gas) 1 Set KZ-60 Kg (24 Inch) Dewater Machine 1 Set GENERATOR -500 KVA, 350 KVA VOLVO 2 Set RENETA TOTAL 63 Sets 5
  6. 6. QUALITY ASSURANCEWe have a quality policy for quality assurance. We introduced independent quality control team (Iqct)The quality policy is written in English and in our native language:-“The quality policy of Givensee Garments Ltd. Is to manufacture and export different kinds of high quality readymade garments to its customer’s:The objective of Givensee Garments Ltd is to attain & enhance customer satisfaction by providing competitive price on time delivery of contracted quality and quantity of readymade garments with reliability and also to increase efficiency of work force.To attain these objectives the management of Givensee Garments Ltd. Has decided to adapt the following.1. To create awareness regarding customer’s requirements through out the organization.2. By providing training to develop efficiency/ awareness of the employees.3. To collect customer feedback regularly to know about their conception about the company and to take appropriate action timely.4. To reduce the percentage of rejection/wastage to maximum 2% per annum.5. To implement and maintain a) ISO 9001-200, b) Oeko-Tex standard 100.All employees of Givensee Garments Ltd. Are being advised to follow the documented proceduresof their respective department/section and work hard to attain these quality objectives.The management is committed to provide adequate resources, competent manpower, suitablepremises, required machinery/equipment and facilities to implement the quality policy & objectivesof the company.Total Employees in quality department :-195 6
  7. 7. COMPLIANCEWe have a compliance policy. Out compliance policy is based on local Labor laws, code ofconducts of key buyers.The factory is full compliance with ILO and Bangladesh Labors Law. Our company policy is asfollows:  No child labors.  No forced labors.  Transport facilities for worker.  Hours of work.  Voluntary over time.  Intervals for rest.  Weekly holidays.  Annual leave.  Festival holidays and leaves with bonus.  Maternity protection.  Workers welfare committee.  Pure drinking water.  Sanitary facilities.  First aid box.  Canteen. Services.  Day care center.  Health care activities for the worker and employ by the company doctor.  We have an agreement with our own clinic for major treatments.  Fire extinguishers each and every floor and conduct fire drill at least 12 times a year. We are giving a top priority on prevention of fire and eventual evacuation.  Other safety department ( no discrimination).  Compensation cases department.  The development of compliance programmer.  Environmental developer.  Smoking free Zone.WE ARE IN DEVELOPING FOLLOWING IN NEAR FUTURE:  Residential for worker.  Work cloths for worker.  Recreational activities for workers.  Gratuity cases department. 7
  8. 8. UTILITY1. ETP (EFFLUENT TREATMENT PLANT) & WTP (AFFLUENT TREATMENT PLANT).Treated waste-water, thus obtained from the plant will be practically color less and will besuitable for discharge into the sewerage / main drain / agricultural field.2. POWER SYSTEM : POWER SUBSTATION UNDER PROCESS.3. WATER SOURCES : DEEP TUBE –WEL 150 M.T/HR4. BOILER : Complete Gas Boiler5. AIR COMPRESSOR:6. GENERATOR : 375 KVA VOLVO . 8