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Georgia Habitats Atlantic Ocean

Georgia Habitat

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Georgia Habitats Atlantic Ocean

  1. 1. Georgia Habitats: Atlantic Ocean 3RD GRADE LIFE SCIENCE STANDARD: S3L1A
  2. 2. Standards Life Science S3L1. Students will investigate the habitats of different organisms and the dependence of organisms on their habitat. a. Differentiate between habitats of Georgia (mountains, marsh/swamp, coast, Piedmont, Atlantic Ocean) and the organisms that live there. b. Identify features of green plants that allow them to live and thrive in different regions of Georgia. c. Identify features of animals that allow them to live and thrive in different regions of Georgia. d. Explain what will happen to an organism if the habitat is changed.
  3. 3. Atlantic Ocean
  4. 4. Location: • Creates the beaches of Georgia.
  5. 5. Touches the southeast corner of Georgia Features
  6. 6. More Features 100 miles of coastline with Georgia Saltiest ocean in the world
  7. 7. More Features Creates the beaches of Georgia
  8. 8. Animals in the Atlantic Grays Reef houses several animal species.
  9. 9. From sharks, trout and flounder Angelfish and butterflyfish
  10. 10. As well as endangered species like Right Whale Manatee Loggerhead Sea Turtle
  11. 11. Other animals in the Atlantic Crabs Shrimp oysters
  12. 12. Animal features that allow them to live and thrive: •Have gills to breathe under water or can hold their breath for a long time. •Can survive in salt water. •Can move quickly underwater to capture food or elude predators (fins, flippers, etc.)
  13. 13. These plants include but are not limited to: • Seaweed • Pennyworts • Algae • Seagrass • sea oats (along coast) • morning glories (along coast).
  14. 14. Plant features that allow them to live and thrive: •Deep roots attach to underwater rocks. •Plants can grow in ocean’s salt water. •Flexible stems that can withstand water movement
  15. 15. Coast Plants