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  1. 1. Greg Hutchings Techniques and Technologies Practices Strategy, Agile transformation, team building, coaching, product management, release planning, iteration planning, Agile practices enablement, automated functional testing, project and iteration retrospectives, metrics. Methodologies Agile methods (XP, SCRUM) Tools Collaboration tools (Rally Development, Valtech Cockpit, Collabnet, Wiki, xPlanner), Profile Build and test automation tools (Cruise Control, Ant, jUnit, Selenium, FIT, QTP, Lo- Greg Hutchings is a senior consultant at Fat, marathon, clover, etc.) Valtech and Agile practice lead Greg has long experience in professional services, software product development, Types of engagements project management and process improvement. He has a breadth of experience in leading efforts to successfully  Large program, product and project management deliver working software for firms in diverse industries, with a special concentration in  Process improvement, Agile training large offshore agile projects, and developing  Project rescue commercial and custom financial software  Off-shore, near-shore and multi site organisation applications. Greg is experienced in  Agile Coaching identifying key best practices and success factors and coaching teams to implement  Team building them, enabling better cost effectiveness and shorter time to market. He is French / English bi-lingual. Experience Common characteristics of engagements he has been involved with include:  Valtech France (2006 – 2008) · New technology development Role: Agile Practice Lead · Close customer collaboration  Speaker on Agile Patterns and Anti-Patterns · Accelerated team productivity  Chair of global internal Valtech program to improve Agile practices · Complex problem domains · Process automation and repeatability  Champion of new agile and offshore service offerings  Consultative expert on Agile adoption for key clients · Test driven development  Author of white papers and original research · Iterative development · Agile methodology · Large, geographically diverse teams  Valtech Technology France (2008) Training and Skills Role: Engagement Management, Project Direction, Coach Project Management Agile methods, CSM  Engagement Management Modern Portfolio Theory Trading and Portfolio Mgmt Systems  Agile Method Coaching Experience with SOA, WebServices, Dot  Program Management Net, J2EE, IBM Websphere Commerce,  Creation and guidance of large agile organisations governance, SarBox and CMMi audits  Product Management, solution identification  Facilitation of client / offshore collaboration and success Valtech Technology France 80, Avenue Marceau 75008 Paris France Tél. +33 (0)1 53 57 73 56 www.valtech.comrights reserved - Partial total gold copying, editing, forwarding of this documents without authorization of the copyright owner is strictly forbidden. © Valtech – Al
  2. 2. Valtech France 80, Avenue Marceau France Greg Hutchings Tél. +33 (0)1 53 57 73 56 Mob +33 (0)6 87 25 00 58  Valtech (2006-2008) Paid client engagements  Societe Generale SGCIB IDEA Program 2006 (2006), 1 mois Onsite Agile consulting and assessment Agile evaluation and advice provided to program management of 160 person IDEA program and staff over 3 weeks on intensive on-site engagement. 30 individual interviews held to gather detailed understanding of current program, methods, tools and organisation. Recommendations made on program and core project level to management team. Large offshore engagement management  Agefos (2006 – 2008) Assumed responsibility for oldest Valtech offshore client to manage client and engagement on 19 months (ongoing) short notice. Re-engaged Bangalore project manager and team, coached in adoption of agile best practices, and facilitated high value direct relationship between client and offshore team. Completed multiple successful deliveries through to production of previously delayed and troubled multi-year project, on time, based on assumed schedule in 2006, 2007 and 2008. Project will be completed end of January, 2008. Onsite CMMi Mini-Assessment  Odyssey (2006) During a two month period prepared for and then delivered a one week CMMi mini audit of this (two months part time) financial software vendor in Lausanne, Switzerland. Valtech created an offshore development centre in Bangalore for Odyssey, who is also a successful client of our agile consulting services. Innovente Program: Large offshore J2EE Retail enterprise application  Darty (2006-2008) Assumed responsibility for troubled 19 person project using Websphere Commerce Server as 16 months (ongoing) the foundation for a highly customized and innovative multi channel retail solution. Implemented agile and program management best practices and grew engagement in 3 months to 80 persons working in 4 locations and multiple vendors (Valtech is prime vendor). Negotiated and managed budget of 3.5m € (2007). Successful deliveries to production in 2007 and 2008. This engagement has become the basis for Valtech’s strategic partnership with IBM in the delivery of Websphere Commerce Server multi channel retail solutions with competency centers in Bangalore and Toulouse and a close relationship with IBM WCS Labs, Toronto. eCommerce subsidiary of SNCF  SNCF / Rail Europe (2007) Coached the launch of a new program at Rail Europe to replace their in-house built eCommerce site with new .NET technology through a (part time over 2 successful partnership with Valtech India. Introduced new Agile roles and methods to months) client and delivery teams and remain a sponsor of the growing number of new projects initiated.  ThoughtWorks (2003 - 2005) Client Principal Mission: To provide outstanding Agile, .Net, J2EE and strategic professional services, on- and off-shore, through trusted consultative relationships  Responsible for West Coast operations  Engagement management for key ThoughtWorks’ clients in Western United States  Project coaching of technical and business project teams in Agile methods  Staff management (recruiting, mentoring, coaching, career path planning)  RFP response and proposal generation  Engagement quality assurance  Consulting and engagement management in the domains of:  Retail banking  Mortgage origination and servicing  Investment management  Retail eCommerce  Web-based educational technology  Network computing  Open source software publishing Representative Clients Innovative Online Bank
  3. 3. Valtech France 80, Avenue Marceau France Greg Hutchings Tél. +33 (0)1 41 88 23 00 Fax +33 (0)1 41 88 23 01 Project Director Developed and managed delivery at large US Retail Bank, providing process change consulting and custom application software development. Personally provided executive level business strategy advice, introducing Agile across the organization, using pilot projects, conference and workshop formats and seminars with both technology and business. Projects included innovative retail banking site, identity management for the commercial bank and business strategy to improve financial performance in a large urban marketplace. Dominant Mortgage Originator and Processor Worked with senior client technical managers to introduce Agile best practices and staffed delivery teams to deliver core infrastructure software. Redefined SOA and improved web services architecture using .Net and appropriate patterns. Client is among the largest mortgage loan origination and servicing firms in the US. Major Clothing Retailer Collaboratively planned a methodology change for a major US clothing retailer who was experiencing serious quality and time-to-market challenges with their in-house software applications. Managed team that provided Agile coaching and training services to the entire organization of over 100 software developers, analysts and quality management staff. Responsible for contract negotiation, account operations and staffing at one of the largest US clothing retailers. International Money Management Firm Helped large international UK and US-based investment bank to introduce Agile and XP methodology. Conducted XP and agile training for 100 people at IT organization retreat, and initiated pilot projects to introduce agile in the credit derivatives group, investment data group and both equities and fixed income portfolio management. Provided senior level advice on how to effectively introduce agile and reduce cost and risk of custom software development.  Advisor Software (1994 - 2002) CTO, Executive Vice President Mission: To provide investors and their advisors with innovative software tools to improve their investment decision making  Co-founded and lead company to a team of 35 developers, operations, product management and business development  Established key clients including Fidelity Investments, TD Canada Trust, TIAA-CREF, Patelco Credit Union, Netstock, Nationwide Financial, myCFO (Harris Bank) and Ameritas  Responsible for sales, engineering, professional services and IT operations  Implemented engineering best practices including continuous integration, automated functional testing, object oriented design and development, automated deployment and customized configuration for multiple virtual client sites Technologies and Techniques: Visual C++, COM, DCOM, ASP, SQL Server, XML, CSS, SOAP  Advent Software Engineering Manager (1992-1994) Mission: (1) To develop an order management system to help money management firms manage orders and smooth workflow between research, trading and back office operations. (2) To implement and manage engineering services group to automate build, test and deployment of financial software products.  Lead market research, competitive analysis and product concept validation for OMS  Founded team to create Moxy™ OMS and introduced to market  Recruited and managed Engineering services group (QA, MIS, Build master)  Implemented processes to automate build, testing, metrics gathering and deployment processes © Valtech – Al rights reserved - Partial total gold copying, editing, forwarding of this documents without authorization of the copyright owner is strictly forbidden.
  4. 4. Valtech France 80, Avenue Marceau France Greg Hutchings Tél. +33 (0)1 41 88 23 00 Fax +33 (0)1 41 88 23 01 Project Director  Managed and reported on project status of all engineering department projects Technologies and Techniques: Visual C++, SQL Server, ODBC, formal market validation, ERWIN, structured design and analysis techniques  Franklin Templeton– Accounting and Trading team manager (1987 - 1992) Mission: Development of custom financial software for use at largest West Coast US Mutual Fund Company Managed multiple teams to produce custom in-house applications for:  Portfolio Management  Trading  Research  Pricing  Accounting Wrote software using Clipper, C, Sybase, Cognos Powerhouse and VAX system commands. Technologies and Techniques: dbase, Clipper, C, VAX VMS, RMS, Voice recognition, structure, Yourdon / de Marco structured analysis and design. Training 1982 Université de Poitiers, Centre pour les Etudiants Etranger, cours des langues et littérature 1983 BA/BS University of Oregon, Cognitive Psychology and Pre-Medicine 1986 Pascal programming course 1987 NASD Series 6 license (mutual funds, variable annuities and closed end funds) 1988 Certificates in structured analysis and design 1988 - 1992 Numerous courses in DEC Vax/VMS, DCL, RMS, C, Utilities 1988 Sybase SQL programming and database management 1990 Financial accounting and management 1992 Axys portfolio management and reporting 1994 - 2002 Studies of modern portfolio theory, risk management, portfolio optimization, behavioral finance 1995 ERISA and defined contribution benefits retirement plan management 1997 Edward Tufte, the visual display of quantitative information 2004 ASP / C# .NET boot camp and in-depth training 2005 Agile jumpstart (taught course) 2006 Certified SCRUMMaster training 2007 IBM Websphere Commerce Server Summit 2007 © Valtech – Al rights reserved - Partial total gold copying, editing, forwarding of this documents without authorization of the copyright owner is strictly forbidden.