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  1. 1. Project Advisor Department of Transport, Energy and Infrastructure (DTEI) JOB AND PERSON SPECIFICATION Title of Position: Project Advisor Division: Building Management Classification Code: ASO-5 Directorate: Building Management Accommodation and Property Services (BMAPS) Position Number: TR0064 Section: Corporate Property Job and Person Specification Approval Chief Executive or delegate Judith Carr / / Executive Director, Building (Signature) Management JOB SPECIFICATION 1. Summary of the broad purpose of the role, in relation to organisation goals The Project Advisor is accountable to the Manager, Corporate Property for: • providing a range of asset management services to a portfolio of metropolitan and/ regionally allocated Department tenancies • undertaking the day to day management of Department Asset Management issues and supervising and directing assigned staff • providing expert advice to the Manager, Corporate Property on asset management related issues and brokering solutions for customers for asset management issues and problems • facilitating the adoption of the SA Government Energy Management Action Plan throughout DTEI which contributes to the achievement of Section and Corporate objectives relating to the effective management of Department assets. 2. Reporting/Working relationships The Project Advisor: • reports to the Manager, Corporate Property • works closely with various other Asset Management staff, project leaders and managers and staff internal and external to the Section • liaises with and monitors the day to day work of a range of external contractors and service providers • supervises the help desk operator, handypersons and day cleaners. 3. Special Conditions • Some work outside normal hours and interstate and intrastate travel requiring overnight absences may be required. • A current drivers license is essential. • Attendance may be required on days other than the public holidays over the Christmas and New Year period. • Required to facilitate and participate in the Department’s performance management processes. -1-
  2. 2. Project Advisor 4. Statement of key outcomes and associated activities 1. As the primary contact point for a portfolio of metropolitan and regional Department tenancies, ensure the provision of a comprehensive range of asset management services to customers in a strategic, timely and cost effective manner by: a) providing a range of asset management services related to Department occupied properties including liaising with Section Heads and their staff to identify customised service requirements to meet the specific requirements of each Section b) providing expert advice to the Manager, Corporate Property on facility management related issues c) managing the day to day operation of maintenance plans d) brokering solutions for customers for asset management issues and problems e) supervising and directing the handypersons and helpdesk operator, including assigning and monitoring tasks and providing progress reports to the Manager, Corporate Property f) undertaking a range of contract management activities in consultation with Facilities Services providers, including: • providing input into tenders and acquisition plans with a view to identifying efficiency and cost savings where possible • contributing to all evaluation teams and contractor engagement • monitoring and reporting on contractors, ensuring their outputs comply with standards, briefs and customer requirements • providing advice to work site managers and local management groups • undertaking periodic audit inspections in accordance with Service Level Agreements, Key Performance Indicators and other financial and contractual arrangements • providing information and supporting documentation to the Strategic Asset Management Officer for the purpose of providing ongoing feedback to external service providers aimed at achieving mutual improvement of processes • participating in continuous improvement strategies which support consistency of approach and the provision of high quality services by external providers g) contributing to the preparation of the annual maintenance and capital budget for DTEI h) contributing to the development, review and maintenance of Asset Management Plans for sites i) contributing to the implementation of local area facility management by delegation where appropriate j) contributing to the development, implementation and review of systems and procedures to ensure compliance with legislative requirements, including those relating to OHS&W k) participating in the development, implementation and review of systems and procedures relating to the provision of comprehensive asset management services including: • administration of procedures to ensure the use of properties meets Department standards • administration of land and building maintenance and inspections • maintaining the property asset computer system with the latest asset management information l) implementing and monitoring annual performance agreements with staff, providing and seeking constructive feedback on performance and ensuring that training and skill development needs are addressed. 2. Facilitate the adoption of the SA Government Energy Management Action Plan throughout DTEI including: a) promulgating information and awareness throughout DTEI of the SA Government Energy Management Action Plan and DTEI's participation in the Plan b) coordinating Department wide energy baseline studies and audits of key sites c) reporting on DTEI's performance against energy reduction targets d) identifying opportunities for energy savings and developing a corporate investment strategy and implementation plan to assist senior management to make an informed decisions and commit to energy reduction targets e) identifying opportunities to employ energy performance contracting as a means of reducing energy costs and greenhouse gas emissions. -2-
  3. 3. Project Advisor 3. Contribute to the development and implementation of an overall management plan for Department owned properties by: a) maintaining records which define the extent of Department occupied tenancies including a physical examination of each tenancy within the portfolio b) ensuring maintenance programs are in place for all organisational property assets c) making recommendations regarding the retention and disposal of assets d) making recommendations regarding the extension or variation of existing leases or requirements for leased facilities e) participating in the preparation of sub-plans for the management of assets f) consulting and liaising with relevant State and Local Government bodies and other relevant stakeholders in relation to the use of facilities. 4. Contribute to the efficient management and functioning of the Corporate Property Unit and the achievement of section and department goals by: a) participating in the development, implementation and review of systems to accurately define costs of operations b) participating in the development, implementation and review of computerised and manual systems to provide comprehensive facilities management information c) taking action within delegated authority and participating in relevant personnel and resource issues d) undertaking special projects, investigations, analysing options and selecting appropriate solutions e) preparing written reports and recommendations for consideration by senior management f) participating in Section strategic planning processes and contributing to the development and effective delivery of the section business plan g) maintaining and reviewing work practices and identifying opportunities to improve the maintenance group’s efficiency of processes and procedures. 5. Contribute to the continual improvement of facilities management services that meet customer needs at best practice standards by: a) developing, implementing and reviewing standard formats for facilities management agreements with customers b) participating in the monitoring and review of work practices and identifying opportunities to improve efficiency and the Section’s quality management processes c) ensuring property asset management policies, procedures and standards are implemented, monitored and evaluated d) dealing with customers, providers and stakeholders in a professional, effective and efficient manner e) seeking client feedback and taking appropriate action f) promoting available services g) participating in a range of activities aimed at identifying industry best practice, developing appropriate benchmarks, developing and implementing effective internal communication and customer service programs and monitoring the Unit’s performance against best practice. 6. Ensure that a safe and healthy work environment, free from discrimination is provided for employees by: a) implementing departmental human resource policies b) ensuring that the principles of Equal Employment Opportunity and Ethical Conduct are a normal part of doing business c) managing industrial relations issues appropriately as they arise. -3-
  4. 4. Project Advisor PERSON SPECIFICATION 1. Essential Minimum Requirements 1. Educational/Vocational Qualifications a) Nil. 2. Personal Abilities/Aptitude/Skills/Experience/Knowledge a) Demonstrated experience in providing consultancy/advisory services to senior management and clients on a broad range of facility management issues, including relevant policies, standards and guidelines associated with OHS&W and other related legislation. b) Demonstrated experience in the administrative aspects of facilities management including sound knowledge of the principles and practices involved in facilities management and/or property management and experience in monitoring and managing capital and recurrent expenditure for projects and programs. c) Demonstrated project management and supervisory skills adaptable to a variety of situations with sound knowledge and commitment to the principles and practices of customer service and the achievement of service delivery excellence. d) Well developed interpersonal skills that develop rapport and facilitates positive interaction with groups and individuals, resulting in effective and appropriate verbal and written communication with all levels of staff and with a range of people outside the Department. e) Proven ability to work independently, under limited direction and as part of a team, to determine priorities, organise workloads, operate in a consultative manner and negotiate and manage conflict situations to achieve agreed objectives and meet deadlines. f) Proven ability to identify, investigate and analyse problems, exercise sound judgement in formulating clear and effective solutions, make informed decisions and develop and adopt work practices to meet changing work requirements and situations. g) Commitment to the principles and practices of: • Quality management and continuous improvement • customer service. h) Demonstrated commitment to the principles and practices of Equal Employment Opportunity and Ethical Conduct, and an understanding of, experience in, and ability to manage to the spirit and principles of the Premier’s Safety Commitment and the legislative requirements of the Occupational Health Safety and Welfare Act, utilising AS/NZS 4360 Risk Management, or to an equivalent set of standards. -4-
  5. 5. Project Advisor PERSON SPECIFICATION 2. Desirable Minimum Requirements 1. Educational/Vocational Qualifications a) Appropriate post-secondary qualifications in a building, property, business or management field. 2. Personal Abilities/Aptitude/Skills/Experience/Knowledge a) Demonstrated ability to work in a multi-disciplinary environment. b) Advanced word-processing, excel spreadsheet and database skills. c) Experience in the building industry, including the application of standards and current products and procedures used. d) Experience in the establishment and maintenance of asset records. e) Knowledge and understanding of the Departments objectives, goals, functions and organisation, in particular the roles of the various Sections in relation to the Corporate Property Unit’s activities. f) Knowledge of risk management principles, methods and techniques especially in relation to property assets. Examined / / (Title) Acknowledged by / / occupant (Print name) (Signature) Last updated by Winton Consulting 7th October 2004 (Sonia Parsons 0412 455 277; Ian Winton 0418 805 581) -5-