Department of Aboriginal Affairs


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Department of Aboriginal Affairs

  1. 1. List of SES positions Public Sector Employment and Management Act: s65 Updated 18 February 2009 Use View/Document map or Control and click on the letter below to jump to your agency. A B C D E FG H I J L MNO PQ R S TUV W XYZ Department of Aboriginal Affairs Executive Director, Communities and Programs Executive Director, Policy and Regulation Aboriginal Housing Office Executive Director and Deputy Chief Executive Officer Department of Ageing, Disability and Home Care Chief Financial Officer Chief Information Officer Deputy Director-General, Accommodation and Direct Services Deputy Director-General, Corporate Services Deputy Director-General, Service Development Deputy Regional Director, Metro North Deputy Regional Director, Metro South Executive Director, Aboriginal Home Care Development Executive Director, Business Improvement Executive Director, Community Access Executive Director, Home Care Executive Director, Large Residences Executive Director, Strategic Asset Management and Procurement Executive Director, Strategic Human Resources Executive Director, Strategic Policy and Planning Regional Director, Hunter Regional Director, Metro South Regional Director, Metropolitan North Regional Director, Northern Region Regional Director, Southern Region Regional Director, Western Region Department of Arts, Sport and Recreation Assistant Director, Public Programs and Operations, Australian Museum Assistant Director, Science and Collections, Australian Museum Associate Director, Knowledge and Information Management, Museum of Applied Arts & Chief Executive Officer, Sydney Opera House Chief Executive, Film and Television Office Chief Information Officer, Sydney Opera House Page 1 of 15
  2. 2. Commissioner, Office of Liquor, Gaming and Racing Deputy Director, Art Gallery of New South Wales Director and Chief Executive, Centennial Parklands Director Strategic Services (OGLR) Director, Art Gallery of New South Wales Director, Australian Museum Director, Compliance Director, Corporate Services Director, Facilities, Sydney Opera House Director, Finance and Systems, Sydney Opera House Director, Historic Houses Trust of NSW Director, Library Services Director, Major Projects and Investigations Director, Marketing and Business Development Director, Marketing and Development, Sydney Opera House Director, Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences Director, Performing Arts, Sydney Opera House Director, Strategic Projects and Customer Relations, Sydney Opera House Executive Director, Arts NSW General Manager, Marketing Programs and Commercial Services, Museum of Applied Arts & Sciences General Manager, Sport and Recreation State Librarian and Chief Executive, State Library of NSW Attorney General's Department Assistant Crown Solicitor (Employment Law) Assistant Crown Solicitor, Commercial Law Assistant Crown Solicitor, Criminal Law Assistant Crown Solicitor, Property Law Assistant Crown Solicitor, Torts Law Justice Assistant Director General Crime Prevention and Community Programs Assistant Director General, Policy and Legal Assistant Director-General, Corporate Services Assistant Director-General, Courts and Tribunal Services Chief Executive Officer and Principal Registrar, Supreme Court of NSW Chief Finance Officer Crown Solicitor Deputy Crown Solicitor Deputy Protective Commissioner/Director Client Services Director, Asset Management Services Director, Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research Director, Children's Court Clinic Director, Information Services Director, Legal and Community Relations Division Director, Legislation, Policy and Criminal Law Review Director, Local Courts Director, Office of the Public Guardian Director, Reporting Services Director, Victims Services Executive Director, Law Reform Commission General Counsel (Treasury), Crown Solicitors Office Page 2 of 15
  3. 3. General Counsel, Public Trustee General Manager, Client Services - Public Trustee Practice Manager, Crown Solicitors Office Principal Registrar and Director Judicial Support Protective Commissioner and Public Guardian Registrar of Births, Deaths and Marriages Sheriff Office of the Board of Studies Director, Curriculum and Assessment Director, Regulatory and Management Services Cancer Institute Division Chief Cancer Officer Chief Operating Officer Director Cancer Research Director, Cancer Information and Registries Director, Cancer Screening Director, Cancer Services and Education Director, NSW Clinical Trials Business Development Centre Financial Controller Commerce – NSW Businesslink Chief Information Officer Director, Corporate Services and Commercial Operations Director, Project and Property Services Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer Department of Commerce Assistant Commissioner, Compliance and Legal Services Assistant Commissioner, Customer and Property Services Assistant Commissioner, Home Building Services Assistant Director-General, Industrial Relations Service Delivery, OIR Chief Financial Officer Commissioner, OFT Deputy Chairperson, Registry and Administration Deputy Commissioner, Policy and Strategy OFT Deputy Director General, NSW Procurement Deputy Director-General, Office of Public Works and Services Director, Business Infrastructure Director, Business Services, ServiceFirst Director, ServiceFirst IT and Chief Information Officer Director, State Records Authority of NSW Director, Strategic Communications and Government Advertising Executive Director General Counsel and Director, Governance Risk and Corporate Assurance General Manager, Corporate Information and Systems General Manager, Government Architect's Office General Manager, Heritage and Building Services General Manager, State Fleet Page 3 of 15
  4. 4. General Manager, Strategic IT General Manager, Strategic Sourcing Government Chief Information Officer Group General Manager, Contracting Services and Strategic Sourcing Group General Manager, eBusiness Solutions and Policy Support Services Group General Manager, NSW Water Solutions Group General Manager, Project Management Manager, Programs Branch Manager, Project Services Branch Manager, Sydney Region Regional Manager, Hunter/New England Region Regional Manager, North Coast Region Regional Manager, Riverina/Western Region Regional Manager, South Coast Region Department of Community Services Chief Financial Officer Chief Information Officer Deputy Director General, Operations Deputy Director-General, Corporate Services Deputy Director-General, Service System Development Deputy Director-General, Strategy, Communication and Governance Director, Community Programs Director, Corporate Human Resources Executive Director, Child and Family Welfare Executive Director, Children's Services Executive Director, Community Services Division Executive Director, Economics, Statistics and Research Executive Director, Operations Development Executive Director, Statewide Services Regional Director, Hunter Regional Director, Metro Central Regional Director, Metro South West Regional Director, Metro West Regional Director, Northern Regional Director, Southern Regional Director, Western Department of Corrective Services Assistant Commissioner, Inner Metropolitan Assistant Commissioner, North West Assistant Commissioner, Offender Services and Programs Assistant Commissioner, Office of the Commissioner Assistant Commissioner, Outer Metropolitan Assistant Commissioner, Probity and Staff Development Assistant Commissioner, Security Assistant Commissioner, South West Chief Superintendent, Centralised Rostering Deputy Commissioner, Corporate Services Deputy Commissioner, Offender Management and Operations Page 4 of 15
  5. 5. Executive Director, Community and Offender Services Executive Director, Information, Communication & Technology (Chief Information Officer) Regional Executive Director, 2IC, Inner Metropolitan Regional Executive Director, 2IC, North West Regional Executive Director, 2IC, Outer Metropolitan Regional Executive Director, 2IC, South West Department of Education and Training Chief Executive Officer, International Business Chief Information Officer Chief Procurement Officer Commercial Director, Customer Service Commercial Director, Operations Commercial Director, Sourcing Deputy Director-General, Finance and Infrastructure Deputy Director-General, Schools Deputy Director-General, Strategic Planning and Regulation Deputy Director-General, TAFE and Community Education Deputy Director-General, Workforce Management and Systems Improvement Deputy Regional Director, Central Coast Director, Aboriginal Education and Training Director, Audit Director, Capital and Infrastructure Finance Director, Community and Migrant Education Director, Corporate Marketing Director, Curriculum Director, Disability Programs Director, Employee Performance and Conduct Director, Finance and Administration Director, Higher Education Director, Human Resource Policy and Planning Director, Human Resource Services and Systems Director, Hunter Institute Director, Illawarra Institute Director, Industrial Relations Director, Industry Programs Director, Information Services Director, Infrastructure Services Director, Learning and Development Research Director, Legal Services Director, Management Accounting Director, Media Director, National Art School Director, New England Institute Director, North Coast Institute Director, Northern Sydney Institute Director, Occupational Health and Safety Director, Professional Learning and Leadership Development Director, Quality Assurance Services Page 5 of 15
  6. 6. Director, Regional Asset Services Director, Riverina Institute Director, South Western Sydney Institute Director, Staffing Services Director, Strategic Asset Planning and Procurement Director, Student Welfare Director, Sydney Institute Director, Western Institute Director, Western Sydney Institute Director, Works & Facilties Management Executive Director, Strategic Relations and Communications General Manager, Access and Equity General Manager, Centre for Learning Innovation General Manager, External Relations Policy General Manager, Finance and Administration General Manager, Human Resources General Manager, Industrial Relations & Employment Services General Manager, Information and Communications Technology General Manager, Learning and Development General Manager, Learning Management and Business General Manager, Planning and Innovation General Manager, State Training Services General Manager, TAFE NSW Customer Support General Manager, TAFE Strategy General Manager, TAFE Training and Education Support Program Director, Connected Classrooms Project Director, Public Partnerships Regional Director, Hunter/Central Coast Regional Director, Illawarra/South East Regional Director, New England Regional Director, North Coast Regional Director, Northern Sydney Regional Director, Riverina Regional Director, South Western Sydney Regional Director, Sydney Regional Director, Western NSW Regional Director, Western Sydney School Education Director Hunter/Central Coast School Education Director, Illawarra/South East School Education Director, Illawarra/South East School Education Director, New England School Education Director, North Coast School Education Director, North Coast School Education Director, North Coast School Education Director, Northern Sydney School Education Director, Northern Sydney School Education Director, Riverina School Education Director, Riverina School Education Director, South Western Sydney School Education Director, South Western Sydney School Education Director, Sydney Page 6 of 15
  7. 7. School Education Director, Western NSW School Education Director, Western NSW Electoral Commission NSW Office of the Director Election Funding and Disclosure Department of Environment and Climate Change Deputy Director General, Climate Change, Policy and Programs Group Deputy Director General, Environment Protection and Regulation Group Deputy Director-General, Parks and Wildlife Division Director Climate Change Air and Noise Director Urban and Coastal Water Director Water for the Environment Director, Business and Community Programs Director, Environment and Conservation Science Director, Landscapes and Ecosystems Director, Natural Resource Management Investment Director, Northern Director, Reserve and Wildlife Conservation Director, Sciences and Public Programs, Botanic Gardens Trust Director, Southern Director, Sustainability Programs Director, Western Executive Director Departmental Performance Management & Communications Executive Director Park Management Executive Director Scientific Services Executive Director, Botanic Gardens Trust Executive Director, Corporate Services Executive Director, Culture and Heritage Executive Director, Legal Services Executive Director, Resource and Conservation Manager, Litigation New South Wales Fire Brigades Deputy Commissioner, Capability and Support Deputy Commissioner, Emergency Management Director, Community Safety Director, Finance and Information Services Director, Greater Metropolitan Operations Director, Human Resources Director, Learning and Development Director, Logistics Support Director, Regional Operations Director, Specialised Operations Director, Strategy and Planning NSW Food Authority Deputy Director-General and Executive Director, Science and Policy Page 7 of 15
  8. 8. Health Care Complaints Commission Director of Proceedings Director, Assessment and Resolution Director, Investigations Department of Health Associate Director, Health Service Performance Improvement Associate Director, Recruitment and Retention Chief Executive Officer, Clinical Excellence Commission Chief Financial Officer Chief Information Officer Chief Nursing and Midwifery Officer Chief Procurement Officer Deputy Director, Asset Performance Deputy Director, Business Development Deputy Director, Procurement and Contract Services Deputy Director, Workplace Relations and Management Deputy Director-General, Health System Performance Deputy Director-General, Health System Support Deputy Director-General, Population Health, and Chief Health Officer Deputy Director-General, Strategic Development Director, Centre for Aboriginal Health Director, Centre for Epidemiology and Research Director, Clinical Quality, Safety and Governance Director, Communicable Diseases Director, Corporate Governance and Risk Management Director, Demand and Performance Evaluation Director, Director-General's Policy and Coordination Unit Director, Environmental Health Director, Executive and Ministerial Services Director, Finance Director, Health Services Performance Improvement Director, Intergovernment and Funding Strategies Director, Investment and Procurement Director, Legal and Legislation and General Counsel Director, Media and Communications Director, Mental Health, and Drug and Alcohol Programs Director, Primary Health and Community Partnerships Director, Statewide Services Development Director, Strategic Initiatives and Deputy Chief Information Officer Director, Strategy and Architecture Director, Workforce Development and Leadership Director, Workplace Relations and Management Department of Housing Chief Financial Officer Chief Information Officer Deputy Director General, Operations Page 8 of 15
  9. 9. Director, Financial and Performance Management Director, Housing Policy and Partnerships Executive Director, Human Services CEOs Forum Executive Director, Office of Community Housing Executive Director, Organisation Improvement Executive Director, Policy, Strategy and Finance General Manager, Housing Services Central Sydney General Manager, Housing Services Greater Western Sydney General Manager, Housing Services Northern NSW General Manager, Housing Services Southern & Western NSW General Manager, Residential Technologies Registrar of Community Housing Independent Transport Safety and Reliability Regulator Corporate Counsel Executive Director, Corporate Services and Planning Executive Director, Rail Safety Regulation Executive Director, Service Reliability Executive Director, Transport Regulation Strategy Department of Juvenile Justice Deputy Director General (Management Services) Deputy Director General (Operations) Executive Director (Conduct, Policy & Government Relations) Regional Director (Metropolitan) Regional Director (Northern/Hunter) Regional Director (Western) Department of Lands Chief Information and Technology Officer Deputy Director-General, General Manager, Land and Property Information NSW Deputy General Manager, Land and Property Information Division Director Finance and Corporate Support Director Strategic Projects Director, Coastal Estuary Infrastructure Executive Manager, Information Sourcing Executive Manager, Property Products and Services Executive Manager, Titling and Registry Services General Counsel General Manager and Deputy Commissioner, Soil Conservation Service General Manager, Crown Land NSW State Reserves Strategy Project Manager Legal Aid Commission Deputy CEO, Business and Client Services Deputy CEO, Legal Director Strategic Planning and Policy Director, Criminal Law Page 9 of 15
  10. 10. Lifetime Care and Support Authority Director, Service Delivery Department of Local Government Deputy Director-General NSW Maritime Authority Deputy Chief Executive, Ports Shipping and Commercial Vessels General Manager, Commercial Vessels General Manager, Corporate Services General Manager, Maritime Property Division General Manager, Policy General Manager, Recreational Boating and Regional Services Motor Accidents Authority Deputy General Manager Financial Controller Department of Planning Deputy General Manager, Land Release, Growth Centres Commission Deputy General Manager, Strategy, Growth Centres Commission Director, Acquisitions and Divestments Director, Communications and Stakeholder Relations Executive Director, Corporate Governance Executive Director, Major Project Assessment Executive Director, Metropolitan Planning Executive Director, Rural and Regional Planning Executive Director, Special Projects Executive Director, Strategic Sites and Urban Renewal General Manager Hunter Development Corporation General Manager Operations, Growth Centre Commission Operations Manager Hunter Development Corporation Special Project Manager, Demand Management Ministry for Police Deputy Director-General Department of Premier and Cabinet Assistant Director General, Community Engagement Assistant Director General, Ministerial and Parliamentary Services Assistant Director General, Public Sector Workforce Office Assistant Director-General, Policy Assistant Parliamentary Counsel Assistant Parliamentary Counsel Assistant Parliamentary Counsel Assistant Parliamentary Counsel Deputy Director General, Government Coordination Deputy Director General, Public Sector Management Reform and Corporate Governance Page 10 of 15
  11. 11. Deputy Director General, Strategic Policy, Innovation and Review Deputy Director-General, General Counsel Deputy Parliamentary Counsel Deputy Parliamentary Counsel Director Operations, Strategic Projects Director, Better Regulation Office Director, Corporate Governance Director, e-Recruitment Program Director, Human Services and Justice Branch Director, Natural Resources and Economic Development Branch Director, Office for Women's Policy Director, Planning Director, Special Events Planning & Policy Director, Strategic Projects Executive Director, Office of the Director General Executive Director, Performance Review Official Secretary, Office of the Governor Parliamentary Counsel Policy Manager, Legal Branch Senior Legislative Drafting Officer Senior Legislative Drafting Officer Senior Legislative Drafting Officer Senior Legislative Drafting Officer Department of Primary Industries Chief Executive Officer, Mine Subsidence Board Deputy Director-General & Executive Director (Fisheries, Compliance & Regional Relations) Deputy Director-General, Agriculture, Fisheries & Regional Relations Deputy Director-General, Mineral Resources Deputy Director-General, Primary Industries Trading and Chief Executive Officer of Forests NSW Deputy Director-General, Science and Research Director, Agriculture and Fisheries Compliance Operations Director, Change Program Office Director, Commercial Services Director, Environmental Sustainability Director, Finance & Operational Services Director, Finance and Administration Director, Financial and Operational Business Services Director, Fisheries Management Director, Geological Survey of NSW Director, Health Science and Strategic Alliances Director, Industry Analysis and Legislation Director, Land Management & Forestry Services Director, Mine and Forest Safety Performance Director, Mine Safety Operations Director, Native Forest Operations Director, Planted Forests Operations Director, Private Forestry and Resources Executive Director (Strategy, Policy and Communications) Page 11 of 15
  12. 12. Executive Director, Corporate Services NSW Institute of Psychiatry Division Director, NSW Institute of Psychiatry Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions Assistant Solicitor for Public Prosecutions (Country) Assistant Solicitor for Public Prosecutions (Legal) Assistant Solicitor for Public Prosecutions (Sydney West) Deputy Solicitor for Public Prosecutions (Legal) Deputy Solicitor for Public Prosecutions (Operations) Executive Director General Manager, Corporate Services Public Transport Ticketing Corporation Chief Operations Officer Redfern-Waterloo Authority Director, Urban Renewal Roads and Traffic Authority Assistant Director National Transport Policy Chief Information Officer Director NSW Centre for Road Safety Director, Corporate Services and Reform Director, Finance Director, Licensing, Registration and Freight Director, Major Infrastructure Director, Network Management Director, Regional Operations and Engineering Services General Counsel General Manager, Camera Enforcement General Manager, Commercial Strategy and Development General Manager, Compliance and Freight Strategy General Manager, Development Program General Manager, Environment General Manager, Governance General Manager, Human Resource Strategy General Manager, Hume Highway General Manager, Infrastructure Contracts General Manager, Infrastructure Maintenance General Manager, Motorway Management General Manager, Motorway Projects General Manager, Pacific Highway General Manager, Project Management Services General Manager, Real Estate General Manager, Road and Fleet Services General Manager, Sanctions and Prosecutions General Manager, Strategy Network Planning Page 12 of 15
  13. 13. General Manager, Traffic Management General Manager, Transport Management Centre Group General Manager Driver and Vehicle Services Group General Manager, Business Services Group Group General Manager, Engineering Services Regional Manager, Hunter Regional Manager, Northern Regional Manager, South West Regional Manager, Southern Regional Manager, Sydney Regional Manager, Western Rural Assistance Authority - Office of the General Manager Department of Rural Fire Services Director, Executive Services Director, Infrastructure Services Director, Membership Services Director, Office for Emergency Services Director, Operational Services Director, Regional Services Director, Strategic Services Department of State and Regional Development Chief Operating Officer and Director Marketing Director Group Communications Director, Communications Director, Medical Research Director, Science Research Executive Director, Industry Executive Director, Investment Executive Director, Policy and Resources Executive Director, Regional Development Executive Director, Small Business Development Executive Director, Tourism and General Manager, Tourism NSW State Emergency Services Deputy Director-General, State Emergency Service State Property Authority General Manager, Divestments, Acquisitions and Development General Manager, Planning and Strategy General Manager, Portfolio Management State Transit Authority of NSW Director Operational and Fleet Support Director Safety General Manager Newcastle Buses and Ferries General Manager, Eastern Region Page 13 of 15
  14. 14. General Manager, Finance and Administrative Services General Manager, Human Resources General Manager, Northern Region General Manager, Planning General Manager, Southern Region General Manager, Western Region Manager, Corporate Governance Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority Executive Director, Corporate Services Executive Director, Major Projects Executive Director, Marketing and Visitor Services Sydney Olympic Park Authority General Manager, Commercial and Corporate General Manager, Operations and Sustainability Ministry of Transport Deputy Director-General and Executive Director, Policy and Strategic Coordination Group Director, Corporate Counsel Director, Ministerial Co-ordination Director, Strategic Policy & Projects Director, Transport Operations Director, Transport Planning Director, Transport Policy & Reform Executive Director, Transport Services Group General Manager, Contracts and Planning The Treasury Chief Information Officer (OSR) Chief Operating Officer (OSR) Deputy Director, Revenue Advisory Services (OSR) Deputy Secretary, Budget and Financial Management Deputy Secretary, Environment and Economic Services Deputy Secretary, Fiscal and Economic Deputy Secretary, Human and Social Services Deputy Secretary, Office of Infrastructure Management Director, Crown Asset and Liability Management Director, Economic Strategy Director, Infrastructure, Asset Management and Procurement Director, Management Services (OSR) Director, National Reform Director, Privately Financed Projects Director, Resource Allocation Director, Resource Allocation Director, Resource Allocation Director, Resource Allocation Director, Resource Allocation Director, Resource Allocation Page 14 of 15
  15. 15. Director, Resource Allocation Director, Resource Allocation Director, Revenue Advisory Services (OSR) Director, Revenue and Intergovernmental Director, Self Insurance Director, State Debt Recovery Office (OSR) Executive Director, Office of State Revenue (OSR) Senior Director, Commercial Sector Performance and Reform Senior Director, Corporate Management Senior Director, Fiscal Strategy Senior Director, General Government Financial Management and Reporting Senior Director, Office of Infrastructure Management Senior Director, Project Management Water and Energy Chief Financial Officer Deputy Director General Water Management Division Deputy Director General, Energy and Utilities WorkCover Authority Chief Financial Officer Director, Agent Operations Director, Information Technology Services Branch Director, Legal Group General Manager, Corporate Services Division General Manager, Investment Division General Manager, Occupational Health and Safety Division General Manager, Strategy and Policy Division General Manager, Workers Compensation Division Manager, Corporate Services Division Zoological Parks Board of NSW General Manager, Capital Works and Infrastructure General Manager, Human Resources General Manager, Life Sciences and Environmental Education General Manager, Marketing, Guest and Commercial Operations General Manager, Western Plains Zoo Page 15 of 15