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  1. 1. DIRECTORATE OF CORPORATE RESOURCES HEAD OF ASSET MANAGEMENT PMG 4/5 [Career Progression bar at PMG 4] £57,855 – £72,269 [bar at £62,609] REF: REC 01416 Contents 1. Letter from the Human Resources Manager 2. The Council’s Vision and Values 3. Job Description 4. Person Specification 5. Conditions of Service 6. Information on Exempted Posts 7. Equal Opportunities and Diversity Strategy Leaflet is available to view on sity_strat.pdf 8. Equality and Diversity Sub Groups 9. Application Form and Equal Opportunities Monitoring Form 1
  2. 2. Dear Applicant POST OF HEAD OF ASSET MANAGEMENT Thank you for your enquiry about the post within Knowsley Metropolitan Borough Council. Please find enclosed further details about the post and an application form for you to complete and return by the 17 May 2009. Any potential applicant who wishes to find out more about Knowsley MBC can access our website at Interviews are likely to take place week beginning the 25 May 2009. If you have not heard by then you should assume that your application has been unsuccessful. If you wish your application to be acknowledged, please enclose a stamped addressed envelope with your completed form. The Council places great importance on maintaining high levels of attendance at work and all Directorates operate under well-established guidelines to monitor and control absence. If you are selected for interview the Council will, of course, be seeking references and your present or last employer will also be asked to give details of your sickness and attendance record over the last three years. If due to a disability you require any assistance during the selection process please contact us in confidence, e.g. you may need a sign language interpreter, require an accessible interview room, or need help completing a written application [for example taped applications may be submitted by prior agreement] please contact the Recruitment and Employee Services Section on 0151 443 3509. ‘The Council is working jointly with the trade unions to implement a fair and equitable pay and grading structure in line with the 1997 Single Status Agreement. This will be achieved by reviewing every post within the Council through the job evaluation exercise which is currently being conducted. All posts are subject to the review and therefore advertised grades are provisional and will not be confirmed until the outcome of this exercise. You should note that you are applying for posts within the authority on this basis.’ 2
  3. 3. You should return your application to: Knowsley Metropolitan Borough Council, Human Resources and Development, PO Box 84, Ground Floor, Poplar House, Huyton, Knowsley, L36 9WU, or via email to: I look forward to receiving your application and thank you for your interest in this post. Yours sincerely Jaci Dick Human Resources Manager *This pack is available in large print - please ask. 3
  4. 4. 4
  5. 5. JOB DESCRIPTION JOB TITLE HEAD OF CORPORATE ASSET MANAGEMENT GRADE PMG 4/5 DIRECTORATE CORPORATE RESOURCES SECTION/TEAM REGULATORY SERVICES AND ASSET MANAGEMENT ACCOUNTABLE TO SERVICE DIRECTOR (REGULATORY SERVICES AND ASSET MANAGEMENT) RESPONSIBLE FOR CORPORATE ASSET MANAGEMENT TEAM DATE REVIEWED NEW POST PURPOSE OF THE JOB: The post-holder will lead on corporate asset management to get the most out of the Council’s property assets. This will involve the provision of strategic advice with regard to the management and future direction of the Council’s Land and Property portfolio. In addition, he or she will be responsible for implementing the Council’s Land and Property Review and ensuring that the Council develops and maintains an efficient and effective land and property estate, which is fit for purpose, facilitates service delivery and promotes the Council’s flexible work styles. PRIMARY ROLE: • To provide strategic leadership for Corporate Asset Management through a collaborative framework with officers, elected Members and Stakeholders. • To support the Senior Management Team to develop and deliver Knowsley MBC’s corporate policies and objectives to an excellent standard. • To support the Senior Management Team in strategically commissioning services from internal and external partners, identifying appropriate patterns of service provision to 5
  6. 6. meet community needs at a high level, and shaping these requirements in line with corporate priorities. • To support the Senior Management Team in translating strategic leadership into tangible outcomes within the Regulatory Services and Asset Management Division and across the wider organisation. CORPORATE RESPONSIBILITIES: • To support the Council’s Senior Management Team working with elected Members and other Executive Directors to deliver the Council’s vision, priorities and core values. • To support the Council’s Senior Management Group, to assist the Chief Executive and Executive Directors to realise the Council’s objectives, with particular emphasis on the management of the Council’s Land and Property Portfolio. • To carry out specific corporate roles and assignments as allocated by the Service Directors. • To model culture change and promote communication that is clear, effective and transparent at all levels, both inside and outside of the Council. • In collaboration with public, voluntary and private sector partners drive the Council’s agenda for excellent customer service. DIRECTORATE RESPONSIBILITIES (GENERIC): • To promote and implement the Council’s Equal Opportunities Policy in all aspects of employment and service delivery. • To develop effective working partnerships and relationships with elected Members, local, regional and national organisations. • To influence decisions relevant to the Council’s Land and Property Portfolio. • To represent the Council as required in the national, regional and local media ensuring that the reputation of the Council is effectively managed. • To ensure all Council Standing Orders and Financial Procedure Rules are upheld, both personally and within the Directorate. • To ensure that service users and carers are fully appraised of their rights and responsibilities within the relevant legislation and statutory complaints and representation procedures and that they are involved in the planning and delivery of services. 6
  7. 7. • To ensure (in collaboration with others) that continuous improvement, value for money and best value are delivered by all areas of the Council by challenging existing practices, setting targets for improvement and intervening as necessary. • To support the Senior Management Team in the development and implementation of strategies, plans, policies, procedures, relevant to the work of the Service. • To ensure that all legislative, regulatory and national guidance relating to Asset Management is adhered to and reported on as appropriate. • To promote the duty to co-operate between organisations in order to improve the quality of life of all residents. • To fulfil any other duties as reasonably directed by the Service Director – Regulatory Services and Asset Management. DIRECTORATE RESPONSIBILITIES (SPECIFIC): Managing the Council’s property assets: • Developing and implementing land and property policies, strategies and programmes relating to the effective and efficient management of the Authorities land and property, in line with the Corporate Property Plan and other corporate priorities. • Implementing the land and property review to ensure that the service provided is to the highest standards. • Developing and managing the Council’s portfolio of land and buildings in line with the Corporate Property Plan. • Advising the Borough Treasurer in relation to capital receipt forecasts to inform the Council’s medium term financial plans. • Maintaining and developing comprehensive records of land and property ownership, including a statutory asset register and necessary valuations. • Advising colleagues across the Council on various aspects of property construction, refurbishment and maintenance projects. • Supporting the Council in ensuring the implementation and ongoing adherence to the relevant requirements under International Financial Reporting Standards. • Advising and acting on the Council’s behalf in relation to all estate management matters. Managing the Corporate Asset Management Service: 7
  8. 8. • Managing resources to achieve service, divisional and directorate objectives. • Making best use of information technology to promote business transformation and efficient ways of working. • To promote flexible work styles which facilitate the achievement of Service objectives. • To manage and encourage staff to maximise their potential and achieve Service objectives. • To ensure that all Heath and Safety requirements are met. Working as a member of the Directorate’s Leadership Team: • Supporting other members of the team with new projects and initiatives. • Making a positive contribution to the production and successful achievement of the Directorate’s business plan. • Representing the Directorate and the Council with regard to Asset Management issues as appropriate. Qualifications and Training; • A member of the RCIS with evidence of continuous professional development and significant management experience. Health and Safety To ensure suitable and sufficient risk assessments are carried out taking into account employees capabilities 8
  9. 9. UNDERPINNING BEHAVIOURS; Please see separate framework. UNDERPINNING KNOWLEDGE AND SKILLS; Leadership Knowledge of current policy and legislation Working with others Knowledge of Equalities standard and protocol Effective presentation and report writing skills Achieving Results Project and programme management skills Knowledge of strategic commissioning Evidence Requirements; The post holder will be expected to display the knowledge, skills and behaviours outlined above at the level indicated in the following table. Leadership Significant experience within a multi-disciplinary organisation. Working with others Experience of partnership working in a multi agency setting. Ability to influence and support third party organisations in achieving their goals through partnership. Achieving Results Track record of delivery of tangible results for in a related field. Proven experience of developing and implementing policies and strategies. 9
  10. 10. Underpinning Behaviours – Managers Framework This document defines the way in which the activities and core responsibilities contained within the job description must be consistently deployed as a manager in Knowsley. LEADERSHIP Strategic Looks at issues with a broad view to achieve the organisations goals. Thinks ahead Perspective and prepares for the future. Understands outside expectations and influences on the organisation. Identifies common goals, interests and views with other agencies. Supports the vision for the future and implements the strategy for how it can be achieved. Openness to Recognises and responds to the need for change, and uses it to improve organisational Change performance. Identifies ways in which the organisation needs to change. Personally champions change within their area and encourages and supports the team to make it happen. Negotiation and Persuades and influences others using logic and reason. Sell the benefits of the Influencing position they are proposing, and negotiate to find solutions that everyone will accept. Develops strategies for influencing others at all levels in the organisation. Negotiates satisfactory solutions on issues with stakeholders. Maximising Actively encourages and supports the development of people. Motivates others to Potential achieve organisational goals. Implements systems and strategies that develop people at all levels. Creates an environment where people are motivated to achieve results. WORKING Respect for Considers and shows respect for the opinions, circumstances and feelings of others WITH OTHERS diversity regardless of their positions, background, circumstances, status or appearance. Shows respect and understanding for people and their situation. Treats others with dignity and respect at all times. Team Working Develops strong working relationships inside and outside the team to achieve common goals. Breaks down barriers and involves others in discussions and decisions. Creates working partnerships inside and outside the organisation. Develops links with outside stakeholders to get different views. Develops strategies to help people work together to achieve organisational goals. Effective Communicates effectively, both verbally and in writing. Uses listening and questioning Communication techniques to make sure that they and others understand what is going on and can effectively transfer ideas and information. Explains complex issues, making them easy to understand. Makes sure that important messages are being communicated and understood throughout the organisation. Resilience Shows resilience, even in difficult circumstances. Prepared to make difficult decisions and has the confidence to see them through. Shows reliability. Remains calm and confident, and responds logically and decisively in difficult situations. Able to monitor one's own and other's feelings and emotions, to discriminate among them, and to use this information to guide one's thinking and action. ACHIEVING Community and Focuses on the customer and provides high quality service that is tailored to meet their RESULTS Customer Focus individual needs. Understands the community that is serviced and shows an active commitment to serving a diverse society. Maintains a broad understanding of social trends and identifies what effect they will have on the organisation. Creates processes that make sure stakeholders’ and customers’ views and needs are clearly identified and responded to. Managing and Plans, organises and supervises activities to make sure financial, technological, using resources physical and human resources are used efficiently and effectively to achieve organisational goals. Uses effective project and programme management across a range of activities that may be complex. Monitors progress towards strategic objectives. Personal Takes personal responsibility for making things happen and achieving results. responsibility Displays motivation, commitment, perseverance and conscientiousness. Acts with a high degree of integrity. Readily accepts responsibility for self and others. Takes responsibility for managing situations and problems. Leads by example, showing a commitment and determination to success. Continues to learn and develop. Problem Solving Commissions services by logically analysing all relevant factors. Gathers information and decision from a range of sources. Analyses information to identify problems and issues, and making makes effective decisions. Applies a range of analytical techniques to understand complex information issues. 10
  11. 11. CONDITIONS OF SERVICE DIRECTORATE OF CORPORATE RESOURCES Post Head of Asset Management Grade PMG 4/5 General The conditions in the National Joint Council for Local Authority Services (Green Book) will apply. Hours of Work 36 hours per week. Salary £57,855 to £72,269 (career progression Bar at PMG 4, £62,609) Annual Leave Basic Leave is 29 days, rising to a maximum of 35 days with 10 years continuous Knowsley service. Car User Status Casual Medical The successful applicant will be required to complete a medical questionnaire and may also be required to undergo a medical examination. Training The Council is a recognised ‘Investor in People’ and encourages training and development for all employees. Pension You are automatically entered into the Local Government Pension Scheme, unless you elect not to join. Employees with contracts of employment of less than three months are not eligible to join the scheme. Contributions rates are dependant on salary as per the contribution rates shown below. Childcare The Council is in partnership with a Childcare Voucher Provider Vouchers which offers employees a salary sacrifice scheme. Further details are available from Humans Resources. Politically This post is considered to be politically sensitive and falls under the Restricted Post terms and conditions of Politically Restricted Posts Disclosure The post is not subject to receipt of satisfactory disclosure. 11
  12. 12. Contribution Rates With effect from 1 April 2008, contribution rates will be on a sliding scale based upon a scheme member’s full time annual pensionable pay. Part time employees’ percentage contribution rates will be based upon the pro rata full time pensionable pay. From 1 April 2009, the new contribution rates will be as follows: TABLE 1 Band Pensionable Pay Contribution Rate range 1 £0 - £12,600 5.5% 2 £12,600.01 - £14,700 5.8% 3 £14,700.01 - £18,900 5.9% 4 £18,900.01 - £31,500 6.5% 5 £31,500.01 - £42,000 6.8% 6 £42,000.01 - £78,700 7.2% 7 More than £78,700 7.5% From 1 April 2008 for those employees who were paying 5%, the changes to contribution rates are as follows; TABLE 2 Year Commencing Contribution rate 1 April 2008 5.25% 1 April 2009 5.5% 1 April 2010 6.5% 12
  13. 13. EXEMPTED POSTS - CRIMINAL RECORDS BUREAU DISCLOSURE Knowsley Metropolitan Borough Council aims to promote equality of opportunity for all with the right mix of talent, skills and potential. We welcome applications from diverse candidates. Certain posts are subject to a Criminal Records Bureau check due to the nature of the work being undertaken, therefore all candidates who are successful at interview to one of these posts will be asked to complete an application form for a Disclosure check before the appointment is confirmed. Whilst the Council supports the rehabilitation of ex-offenders it is obliged in the recruitment of all employees to utilise an Exemption Order of the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974 in order to ensure safe recruitment to posts where working with children, vulnerable adults or other positions of trust are involved. These are referred to as Regulated Posts. If you apply for a post that is Regulated and subject to a disclosure you will be advised in the recruitment Job pack. If applicable you are required to disclose convictions on the recruitment Application Form under Section 8. Unless the nature of the work demands it, you will not be asked to disclose convictions that are `spent` under the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974. If you are successful at interview you will be asked to complete an application form for a Disclosure check before the appointment is confirmed. Knowsley Metropolitan Borough Council is registered with the Criminal Records Bureau to request Standard and Enhanced Disclosures on cautions, reprimands and final warnings, as well as convictions. We will process the application and pay the charge to the Criminal Records Bureau. Applicants should be aware that having a conviction or a record of some type of unacceptable behaviour would not necessarily bar you from employment in Regulated Posts, as any decision to employ will be considered on the individual circumstances of each case. If you are in doubt about what you should declare you can ask advice from a member of the Human Resources and Development Department on 0151 443 3509. Further information about the Criminal Records Bureau, including how information is assessed in line with the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974 can be found on their website: 13
  14. 14. SAFEGUARDING Where the post involves working with children, in addition to a candidate’s ability to perform the duties of the post, the interview will also explore issues relating to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children, including: • Motivation to work with children and young people • Ability to form and maintain appropriate relationships and personal boundaries with children and young people • Emotional resilience in working with challenging behaviours • Attitudes to use of authority and maintaining discipline EQUALITY AND DIVERSITY SUB-GROUPS Knowsley Council has four established sub groups to support the equality and diversity agenda. The groups are the Black and Minority Workers’ Group, the Knowsley Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Forum, the Disability Workers’ Group and the recently formed Women’s Operational Workers’ Group. The groups are supported by the Corporate Equality and Diversity Manager, Paul Peng who can be contacted on 443 3073. Knowsley’s Black and Minority Workers Group (KBMWG) The group’s vision is to ‘promote respect and value diverse cultures within Knowsley’, and they are committed to challenging all forms of discrimination, racial harassment and bullying to promote race equality in employment and in the delivery of services. Through development days, members of the KBMWG have established and discussed terms of reference and decided on ways to be involved with the council corporately. Contact: Keith Gabbidon-Thompson 443 4466 Knowsley’s Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Forum This group aims to promote the council positively as an employer which is supportive of the group and its members. The group will act as a consultation forum when new policies and strategies are formed and they hope to influence change. Through this group it is planned that a two-way process for exchanging ideas, problem solving and information sharing will be formed with their main aim to raise awareness and reduce discrimination within the workplace. Contact: Vee Wright 443 5377 or Sean Donnelly 443 5331, 14
  15. 15. Disability Workers’ Group The Disability Workers’ Group meet to discuss issues surrounding disability within Knowsley. The council recognises that people are disabled by society and not their impairment. The group advises on all policy and procedure, whether related to employment or service delivery for the council and the Primary Care Trust. They also provide a networking opportunity across the groups to discuss common issues and link with similar employee forums in other local authorities. Contact: Margie Hill 443 3098 or Peter Mowat Women’s Operational Workers Group The Women’s Operational Workers Group first meeting was in January 2006 when the Terms of Reference for the group was agreed and an Action Plan put in place. Within the action plan are objectives to deliver Focus Groups to gain women’s views on topics/issues they have identified at the annual Celebration of International Women’s Day. The group’s primary focus will be the consideration of gender equality issues relative to every aspect of employment and service delivery. As with the other three groups there will be representation at the Corporate Equality and Diversity Strategy Group meetings. The advice and guidance which this forum is anticipated to contribute will be a valuable asset to the Equality and Diversity agenda of Knowsley council, particularly as women make up 63.9% of the total work force. Contact: Maire Gollock 443 5847 or Chris Kneale 443 3175 15