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How to select perfect domain name. An how to guide


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Complete how to guide to select perfect domain name for your business site or a personal blog without using any domain name suggestion
tool. Free & best guide to find domain name for website.

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How to select perfect domain name. An how to guide

  1. 1. <br /> <br /> This guide was written & published by<br />Join us on facebook<br />Join us on twitter <br />Subscribe to feeds<br />Join; get free news, strategies, tools and tips about internet marketing, web design, blogging and online money making etc etc<br /> <br />Select a perfect domain name in 3 steps. An How to guide<br />Notice: Our preferred domain registrar: GodaddyFree suggestion tools:<br />Although we are not going to use any tools in this guide but if you would like to you can use these best domain suggestion tools available on the web.http://bustaname.com <br />You can’t get better tools than these two and yes they’re both absolutely free.<br />Let’s start<br />If you are from one of those who believe that all the good domain names specially '.com' are already registered, you're WRONG not all the great domains have been taken. There are thousands of other domain names available you just need to do a little research.<br />This is a simple formula to find best domain for your business or personal site.<br />Step1 – Define objective<br />Defining business objectives is important, it impacts your overall product/service creation the way of work etc.<br />Sort these out first:<br />What’s your objective keeping in view your customers or website visitors?<br />Suppose if you are starting website about cooking recipes, what will be your basic objective.<br />As an example, here our objective is to create a website which will provide best vegetarian food recipes free, and we want to register domain name for it.<br />Step2 – Select way of communication<br />How you contact your customers or website visitors is another part of branding. <br />Way of communication means which style/tone/manner you will apply while communicating with your customers. Are you going to be very formal, very casual or MIX?.<br />As an example, we are selecting ‘MIX method’<br />Why is communication style important? <br />It helps selecting company name, domain name and other specifics.<br />Step3 - Researching domain<br />Let’s revise<br />In Step1- We select our objective will be to create a website which will offer best vegetarian food recipes free. In Step2- We select our communication style with our customers/site visitors will be in a formal + casual = mix mode.<br />Now we’re moving closer to select a good domain name<br />Prior registering a domain for vegetarian food recipes website, what are the first few names which will come into your mind which you would like to register.<br />99% will think about registering domain names e.g.,<br />99% chances are you’ll see these type of keyword based targeted domain names already registered.<br />Do you think you need to worry about it? No not at all… Most people in this World think the same way and everyone try to register keywords based targeted domain names. Unfortunately for them or luckily for you they are ignoring the fact that these kinds of domain names can give them very minor benefit for SEO but these domain names does more harm than good.<br />Have you ever thought why biggest online store ‘’ is not named, or why eBay is not named ‘’?<br />The only reason behind that is branding and a selection of what possibly can impress people a name which they always remember once they saw it due to its uniqueness and many other unlimited reasons.<br />So what’s the point here the point is that you should focus on a name which creates interest in the audience you are targeting.<br />We need to select domain name for vegetarian food recipes website now think about something which can create interest in your domain name. You can think of some place popular for its veg food, you can think of some chef, you can even think of special ingredient or crockery item often used while cooking veg food etc. it’s up to you.<br />My website objective is to provide best vegetarian food recipes free.<br />Build list of phrases.<br />Short list some phrases you would like to include in your domain name. here, I want to include phrases relates to ‘best’ and ‘vegetarian’.<br />Shortlisted phrases (best):<br />Best<br />Fabulous<br />Yummy<br />Delicious<br />Shortlisted phrases (vegetarian):<br />Veggie<br />Vegetable<br />Veg<br />Complete the mash:<br />Possible domain names out of my shortlisted<br /><br /><br /><br />Final domain name:<br />I have finalized this domain name ‘’<br />Why did I select<br />It’s short, 3 character each from first two targeted words, which creates a good sound verbally and contextually. And there are more chances that people will never forget it easily.<br />This domain name seems available, and someone will register it soon. If you made up your domain using this guide than register it now before someone else get it. Register domain now at my preferred registrar or where ever you like. If you feeling confused about your domain, feel free to ask me!!!<br />Any question? Ask on: My Facebook<br />Register domain at:<br />