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• Post Independence: 1947–1952After Pakistans Us pak relation after killing of osama bin laden


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• Post Independence: 1947–1952After Pakistans independence by the partitioning of the British India, Pakistan followed apro-western policy.• Ayub Khan era: 1952–1969Pakistan enjoyed a strong and healthy relationship with the United States, In 1954 theUnited States signed a Mutual Defense Assistance Agreement with Pakistan• Partition of East Pakistan: 1969–1971America supported Pakistan throughout the war and supplied weapons to West Pakistanalthough Congress had passed a bill suspending exporting weapons to the nation• Bhuttos socialist democratic era:1971-1977Zulfikar Ali Bhutto sought United States to impose economic sanctions in India & he bitterthe relation by many ways with US.• Zia era: 1977–1988After the removal and death of Bhutto, the Pakistans ties with United States were betterand improved.• Democratic governments: 1988–1998The stage was set for a very tumultuous situation; the 1990s was an era of intense upheavalin Pakistan• Post–September 11After the September 11 attacks in 2001 in the United States, Pakistan became a key ally in thewar on terror with the United States• Present relations (Before Osama’s Death)Present U.S.-Pakistan relations are a case study on the difficulties of diplomacy and policymaking in a multi-polar world.

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