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 The killing of OSAMA-BIN-LADEN Us pak relation after killing of osama bin laden


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 The killing of OSAMA-BIN-LADEN may not have a direct impact on the US-PAK relation , but it could very well change the U.S.-Pakistan relationship for years to come. To be clear, Pakistanis are equally concerned about the internal security situation of their country. They dread retaliatory attacks, which the Taliban vowed to carry out barely hours after the news of bin Ladens death broke. Indeed, if handled properly, bin Ladens death could be the turning point in a faltering bilateral relationship. And if, as has been suggested, bin Ladens death facilitates U.S. plans for withdrawal from Afghanistan, this could also be a time of unprecedented collaboration between Washington and Islamabad. Osama’s death is not the end of Extremism(Terrorism), it may appears more vastly in future. Fight or war is not the right process to end of terrorism, because it is an ideology that spread by some ruthless people to fulfill their cruel intension . If we want to end this ideology we have to bring an another ideology of love & kindness that overcome the brutality

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