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Brand association


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Brand association

  1. 1. Brand Association are driven by brandidentity-what the organization wants thebrand to stand for in the consumers mind. Akey to brand building then is to develop andimplement brand identity
  2. 2. Here are some examples Luxurious Car = success, wealth, only the best Credit Card = buy at a “snap” of your finger, easy and fast purchase Sportswear = strong athletic body, no pain no gain, enhance your moves Bed = puffy cloud, great and wonderful dreams 5 Star Hotel = Paradise fit for kings and queens
  3. 3. One key to successful brand building is to develop a brand identity to know what the brand stands for and to effectively express that identity.Hyundai Santro has clearly positioned itself as the “sunshine” car and endorsed Preity Zinta known for her bubbly personality to match their positioning statement.
  4. 4.  Savvy Consumers. Clutters. Competitors. Differential positioning. In-house brands. Greater Accountability.