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Mobile GIS presentation at BarCamp Saigon

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Moble GIS

  1. Mobile GIS Khánh Lê Nov 15, 2008
  2. Things to ponder Thing in cyberspace that you want it get more and more real? Thing in real life that you hate the most but can't live without? 2
  3. Answers Map – you want it to be more real Mobile – you hate but can't live without So what if they combine together? Let's see how. 3
  4. What is GIS? 4
  5. What is GIS? GIS = Geographic Information System Links databases and maps Manages information about places 5
  6. What is GIS? Helps answer questions such as: Where is it? What else is nearby? Where is the highest concentration of ‘X’? Where can I find things with characteristic ‘Y’? Where is the closest ‘Z’ to my location? 6
  7. GIS as infrastructure Mobile GIS PC, PDA Phone Desktop GIS qGIS uDig ArcView Network Virtual Globes Google Earth Virtual Earth Server GIS ArcGIS Explorer GRASS, GeoServer, ArcGIS Server Geodatabases Files XML DBMS 7
  8. Open GIS GIS is moving from Desktop system to Distributed system → OpenGIS concept → Where 2.0 Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) Develop specifications to increase the interoperability of geospatial data and geoprocessing software components 8
  9. OpenGIS in Vietnam CIREN GIS - Information Centre of Natural Resources and Environment of VietNam 9
  10. Advantages of OpenGIS Cost cutting Platform independent Comply with OGC standards which were accepted by wide- range of governments, organizations, companies Reuse existing resources of data Expandability, easy customization and integration Solve integration, interoperability issue of GIS systems in the real world 10
  11. What is mobile? Mobile is the ability to be on the move. Mobile features: Ubiquity (primary advantage) Reachability Localization Personalization Dissemination 11
  12. The wand Physical Virtual 12
  13. What is LBS? LBS = Location-based Services “A wireless-IP service that uses geographic information to serve a mobile user. Any application service that exploits the position of a mobile terminal.” [OGC, 2005] 13
  14. What is LBS? LBS as an intersection of three technologies GIS/Spatial Database Web Mobile GIS GIS LBS Mobile Internet ICT*/mobile Internet devices 14 ICT* - Information and Telecommunication Technologies
  15. LBS usage 15
  16. LBS methods 16
  17. Mobile GIS components 17
  18. Challenge? Mobile device constraint LBS is still not a mass market technology Very little GPS enabled phone Difficult to access to other technologies (CellId,…) User generated content needs critical mass to be interesting It’s not easy to create content on mobile Device fragmentation Data prices Privacy etc. 18
  19. What is Java ME? Java ME = Java Micro Edition It just means Java for small devices Borned in 1999 Java ME is not A specific set of software A specific set of APIs Java ME is divided in configurations and profiles These provide specific information for a group of related devices 19
  20. Why Java ME? ● Yahoo! Go chose Java ME ● Gmail Mobile, Google Maps Mobile chose Java ME ● ..and Microsoft chose Java ME for Windows Live Mobile 20
  21. JVNMobileGIS A cross-platform mobile map viewer developed with Java ME technology. Support fetching map data from remote server to view on mobile device. Follow OGC (Open Geospatial Consortium - http://www.opengeospati and JCP (The Java Community Process - specifications. 21
  22. Live Demo 22
  23. Join JVNMobileGIS 23
  24. Questions 24
  25. Thanks! khanh [.] lnq [at] gmail [.] com 25
  26. References An introduction to GIS ESRI Education Program GIS For Location Based Services Shashika Biyanwila Using J2ME to Deliver Spatial Information to Mobile Clients JavaOne - ESRI Location is relative Yulop Mobile Internet and LBS: Now and Future Mobile Monday Amsterdam 26