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HR Practices in IT Companies by Nirav Khandhedia


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Published in: Education
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HR Practices in IT Companies by Nirav Khandhedia

  1. 1. HR Practices in IT Companies Nirav Khandhedia Symbiosis International University
  2. 2. Nirav KhandhediaEx-MBASymbiosis International UniversitySr. Subject Matter ExpertAmdocs DVCI
  3. 3. HR Practices
  4. 4. A company can have Competitive advantage by havingeffective Human Resource, but Company performance is strongly dependent on having good HR Practices.
  5. 5. To be competitive, acompany has to be..• Fast Growing• Efficient• Profitable• Flexible• Adaptable• Future Ready• Market Dominant• InnovativeTo gain Sustainablecompetitive advantage,company has to have best,talented and motivatedWorkforce.
  6. 6. Four Major Pillars of HR• Acquiring Talent• Enabling Talent• Grooming Talent• Building the culture Devendra Nath Executive VP, L&T InfoTech
  7. 7. HR Practices should be viewed as Strategic and Tactical toolsby which an organization can achieve its goals. Director HR, Emphasis
  8. 8. Over the years, traditional HR Practices are being revisited and analyzed for its suitability in today’s world. One such major practice is the concept of Human Resource Accounting. Gauging Human Resource in Monetary terms.Treat Human Resource as Assets in Balance Sheet, instead of Expense Heads.
  9. 9. ABSTRACT Fair EvaluationSafe, Healthy and 360 Degree PM SystemHappy Workforce Feedback System Performance Open House Highlight Linked Bonus discussion and Performers Feedback Open Book Knowledge Reward Management Sharing Ceremonies Style
  10. 10. Appreciable HR Practices NO Gender Discrimination Opportunities to Non- Engineering GraduatesIsn’t it Corporate Social Responsibility?
  11. 11. Exceptional HR Practices• Connecting with Employee’s family• Training policies• Mutual Admiration (MAD)• Spot Awards• No Attendance Monitoring• Equal privileges at all levels• Succession Planning• Reach Out• Work Life Balance
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