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Leadership Traits


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Importance of transition traits in leadership.

Published in: Health & Medicine, Education
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Leadership Traits

  2. 2. Standards  - make appropriate choices in transition skills  - demonstrate initiative by making a personal decision to do what needs to be done  - demonstrate caring by feeling and showing concern for others  - be able demonstrate knowledge of at least five transition traits presented in the lesson  - recall information and incorporate that previous knowledge with new concepts  - demonstrates respect for others  - show understanding of the transition words and their concepts
  3. 3. TRANSITION TRAITS • Goal Setting • Decision Making • Choice Making • Self Knowledge • Self Directed
  4. 4. Goal Setting - What a person wants to achieve
  5. 5. Choice Making - Having a preference of one or more options
  6. 6. Decision Making - Knowing the consequences and making the best choice
  7. 7. Self Knowledge Knowing who you are and where you are strong and where you are weak
  8. 8. Self Directed Can behave in a mature and successful way
  9. 9. Servant Leader
  10. 10. Servant Leader  Servant leadership is a style of leadership that strengthens the lives of individuals at a job to help them grow.
  11. 11. Boom’s Taxonomy Questions  SERVANT LEADERSHIP  What does this mean?  How could you be a servant leader?  What is the function of a servant leader (What makes them a leader)  Do you think bossing people around is a good trait of a servant leader (Why or why not?)  What would happen if no one helped others to become leaders?
  12. 12. Student
  13. 13. Student  A student is a learner who gets an education to help them succeed.
  14. 14. Student  Explain why we need to be students to succeed?  How would you explain why you need to be a good student?  What is the relationship between being a student and being successful in your life?  What are the consequences of putting someone in a leadership position without being a student first?  What would happen if a person didn’t learn how to be a student first.
  15. 15. Leader
  16. 16. Leader  One who is in charge or in command of others.
  17. 17. Leader  How can you be a student and be a leader at the same time?  How would you lead others into making better decisions as a student?  What is the difference good student leader and a bad one?  What influences will good student leaders have on our lives?  What would happen if we had no student leaders at Marion High School?
  18. 18. GRAPHIC ORGANIZERS Show us what you know!
  19. 19. Reading the instructions
  20. 20. Student in charge of Rachel’s Challenge
  21. 21. Medical School
  22. 22. Mother Teresa giving others a chance to succeed
  23. 23. Student teaching class in positive manner
  24. 24. Boss helping staff get to higher place at work
  25. 25. Choice Making
  26. 26. Decision Making