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Content Strategy 101


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My presentation of Content Strategy and Content Strategist responsibilities to the team of the Division Director of The Creative Group, a Robert Half company. The team was made up of 40+ Account Managers and Recruiters from TCG across the country. Note: When I give a presentation, I don't read my slides. I have an entirely separate script prepared with additional information, and real life examples, to go with each and every slide.

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Content Strategy 101

  1. 1. CONTENT STRATEGY Katherine Dallas Hammond Content Strategy Consultant, Fafoutee Films & Media July 25, 2017
  2. 2. Content is… • information: practical, functional or tactical • data with context • a business asset • any medium designed to execute a message • the sum total of the freshness, readability, relevancy, and usefulness of the information presented, and the manner in which it is presented • the essence of a communicated message or discourse, as comprehended or received by its intended audience. 7/25/2017 2
  3. 3. Content strategy is... • a comprehensive approach that will assess an organization’s current state, understand its ideal future state, recognize where the gaps are, and develop an implementation roadmap. • focused on the planning, creation, delivery, and governance of content. • useful and usable content, that is well structured, and easily found. • vital to improving the user experience. 7/25/2017 3
  4. 4. Creating a content strategy 1. Define your goals • Are you are creating content to boost brand awareness, generate leads, convert users, attract past customers or improve search ranking results? 2. Research Your Audience • Your content strategy can only be effective if you know your audience 3. Focus on Your Niche • The more specific you are and focused on your niche, the greater your chances of establishing yourself as an authority in your field 4. Measure Your Results • You need to know what your audience liked as well as what they didn’t like, and why 5. Listen to Your Customers • Your customers need to know they are being heard on social media, so ask them for feedback and suggestions 6. Amplify Your Content • To amplify your content, determine the places your audience is frequenting online, and then publish on those channels to reach them 7/25/2017 4
  5. 5. Content strategy core concepts & terms • Lifecycle: the process that defines the series of changes in the life of any piece of content • Accessibility: the extent to which content is available, understandable, and usable by all • Optimization: the process of refining language to improve its readability, accuracy, clarity, consistency, tone and voice • Quality Assurance: the process to ensure content meets specified requirements before publishing • Findability: the quality of being able to be discovered and retrieved through search or browsing • Metadata: attributes to structure, define and target content • Search Engine Optimization: designing content that will rank well in organic search • Personalization: targeting content to specific users; the right content to the right user at the right time 7/25/2017 5
  6. 6. Content strategy core deliverables • Content brief: a summary that aligns everyone involved around the same vision or goal, and the approach to achieving it • Content inventory: an organized listing of every existing content asset • Content audit: the qualitative study of the content inventory • Content analysis: the quality of content against objective benchmarks • Content flow: a map of content from input to multiple outputs • Persona: a composite sketch of a key segment of your audience • Taxonomy: a hierarchical classification of categories, vocabulary of terms, to describe a specific area of knowledge or subject matter 7/25/2017 6
  7. 7. Target audience • 1st things 1st • Immersed comprehension of the product or service your client is selling • Don’t assume, analyze the existing audience • Talk to people • Survey customers • Analytics data currently being collected • Dive deeper • Industry research, market research, business analysis, industry trends, statistics and forecasts • Check out the competition 7/25/2017 7
  8. 8. Personas • A Persona is a composite sketch of a key segment of your audience • Personas help you deliver content that will be most relevant and useful to your audience • Persona development is a customized process, as it is meant to address unique marketing challenges and opportunities 7/25/2017 8
  9. 9. Content brief • Strategists aren’t always the ones actually writing or producing content. • A content brief is the most important place to exert leverage and make an impact on their writing. • It is a guideline for them to reference and is often a part of the Brand book. 7/25/2017 9
  10. 10. Inside a content brief • Goals: Thought leadership, money… • Ambition: What do you want to achieve? What is a success? • Outline key points: What is the essence of what you want to say? • Support them: Why should anyone believe you? • Target Audience: Who? Get specific. Connect brief to Persona. • Emotion: What should they feel? Know their beliefs, biases, loves & hates. • Tone of voice = How should you speak to your audience? 7/25/2017 10
  11. 11. Content brief continued • Key insight: Great content is always built on a crystal of insight. Create an “Aha!” moment. • World view: A clear, compelling big picture view to create urgency • Story arc: Tell a story • Competition: Gather what content is out there and show your team of writers what’s good and what falls short 7/25/2017 11
  12. 12. Content distribution • Owned media includes the channels that belong to your client, where you control the content. • Blog, website, email newsletter and social media profiles. • Earned media involves others sharing the content. • Social media shares, guest posts, media coverage and product reviews. • Paid media is the exposure you pay for • Pay-per-click ads, display ads or social ads 7/25/2017 12
  13. 13. 13 Paid, earned and owned 7/25/2017 13
  14. 14. Tactics and templates for execution Guides to document a content strategy & streamline creation through: • Alignment - matching marketing priorities to business objectives • Collaboration - content classification and content workflows • Accessibility - clearly defined publishing channels and centralized digital asset management • Insights - metrics that matter to understand your content operation and improve future strategy 7/25/2017 14
  15. 15. Content calendars • The schedule for publishing content for a given period of time • Often annually or during a specific campaign period • Ensures important publishing milestones are recognized and planned 7/25/2017 15
  16. 16. Digital content • Digital content is any content that exists in the form of digital data, also known as digital media • Digital content is stored on digital or analog storage in specific formats • Forms of digital content include information that is digitally broadcast, streamed, or contained in computer files 7/25/2017 16
  17. 17. Digital content file formats • Image: .jpg/jpeg, .png. .gif • Audio: .mp3, .wav • Video: .mp4, .mov, .avi • Microsoft Office: .doc, .docx, .xls, .xlsx, .ppt, .pptx • Portable Document Format: .PDF 7/25/2017 17
  18. 18. Content management • Content is a key business asset that effectively drives business growth by enabling smart decision making • Effective content management is mandatory to leverage the power of content • The explosive growth of content from various channels in varied forms and formats can be a challenge for the content handling capabilities of conventional content management systems • Content strategists should be familiar with a variety of content management systems 7/25/2017 18
  19. 19. Track, measure and adjust • Consumption - How many people viewed, downloaded or listened to this piece of content? • Sharing - How resonant is this content, and how often is it shared with others? • Lead generation - How often does content consumption result in a lead? • Sales - Did the client actually make any money because of this content? • ROI – ( a bit tricky) measure each program that can then be rolled up to determine the overall 7/25/2017 19
  20. 20. Thank you 7/25/2017 20
  21. 21. Index • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • 7/25/2017 21