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Jing screen capture


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Published in: Technology, Art & Photos
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Jing screen capture

  1. 1. “JING SCREEN CAPTURE” Talk less..say moreCOL 270- Khaloud Ismail U28159770071
  2. 2. Outline What is Jing? Who use Jing? When use Jing? How to install Jing? How to use Jing? Jing Pro Jing Con Quiz Bibliography
  3. 3. What is Jing? Jing is a quick and easy tool for creating and sharing editable “screen shots” (images) and “screencasts”, narrated videos of your screen catches as you move through screens.
  4. 4. Who use Jing? Student.
  5. 5. Who use Jing? Workers.  Teachers.  Createa tutorials for working with new technologies.
  6. 6. When use Jing? Education  Use as a reflection tool to rethink Studentsresearch process steps or thought processes. As a communication/help tool, students can record their thought process while solving a problem, in order to best find out where they’re confused. Create teaching tutorials as a learning tool. For example, showing
  7. 7. When use Jing?  Education Teachers  Create video tutorials to answer a question or teach someone or remind yourself how to use a database, website, or software program Add voice to class photos to share classroom activities on your class website. Show parents how to use a class website, how to read a test report, or
  8. 8. When use Jing?Jing With you can remember Fun your favorite momentsYou can say Hi to yourfriends with You can Jing create a special album for your vacation
  9. 9. When use Jing?  Busines s. Provide audio and visual directions to a location. Express your idea to customers.  Presentations.
  10. 10. How to instill Jing?  Download from homepage and install. Directions
  11. 11.  ImageHow to use Jing? Capture..  Screencasting. .
  12. 12. Jing Pro.  Free software for PCs & Macs.  Image editing tools.  Save captures on hard drive and sharing option.
  13. 13. Jing Pro. Does not compress captures. Easy to use, learn and download. Fun sun icon available in your screen.
  14. 14. Jing Cons No video editor. 5 minute limit Costs $ to record in YouTube format.
  15. 15. Quiz Do you really understand Jing tool?  Let’s check!  This is an exercise of using Jing.  interactive-windows.html
  16. 16. Bibliography  Check out the following websites for more information on how using Jing. Jing site Jing Blog Jing Help Center Making a screencast in the next 30 minutes using Jing _embedded TechSmith Site