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Rebranding A Cable Channel For A Digital Age


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A look at the first steps of re branding and creating social media for the City of Detroit's cable channel and communications department.

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Rebranding A Cable Channel For A Digital Age

  1. 1. The StartChannels 10 needed a new identity and graphic packages that would bring its lookand feel up to date and in line with other broadcast stations as well as to breathenew life into the channels visual image. I secured the graphic artist and gave full artdirection in designing the new logo, created the promos as well as coined the brandname mydetroitcable Click images to watch videos
  2. 2. Video Player IntegrationChannel 10 had no online video presence; on its website or in social media spaces.The first step was to create and integrate a video player into the channels citywebpage. To date 30,832 videos have been watched on the webpage.
  3. 3. A CNN iReporter account was created to push and keep a positive image of Detroit on aninternational stage like the CNN website. We matched our content to iReporter assignmentsand to date we have had 16,752 video views with 4 reports being aired on CNN.Link
  4. 4. Mydetroitcable SociallyIn 2010 Channel 10 had no social media presence. As a vehicle to engage viewers Icreated and managed accounts on Twitter, FaceBook and YouTube. To further engageviewers and our online audience I used Linkedin, Twitvid and Podbean to created blogs,online polls and micro videos to be mixed in with programming content. Twitvid has beenused to create and tweet short micro videos with over 2,202 video views. Over 6,400 fans Over 16,059 63,421 views and growing followers
  5. 5. Ustream was setup to stream channel 10 programming, behind the scenes of productions and live press conferences.In total Channel 10 has had over 91,585 video views worldwide onlineto date.
  6. 6. Because Channel 10 had no online presence, there were no search references or data.To date when you search mydetroitcable on Google you will find over 10 pages ofmydetroitcable, videos, images and links. We even used Google toMydetroitcable images and videos on create some cool videosGoogle search
  7. 7. Sample of other videos create by KhaliphClick images to watch videos
  8. 8. Mydetroitcable On Other Websites Part of the online strategy was to create content that others would want to place on their website thus helping to increase our online reach.