Future group g 3


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Future group g 3

  1. 1. Future group: The Walmart of India Group no-3 Nasir Malik Khalilullah Deepu shaw Hrushikesh Lisha Rafeek Subodh Kumar
  2. 2. Objective of this case  Understand the issues and challenges faced by Walmart and Future Group.  Analyze the retail formats and promotional strategies adopted by Walmart and Future Group.  Analyze the potential for growth for Walmart and Future Group.  Examine how Walmart and Future Group would combat competition from other leading retailers.
  3. 3. Company Profile Founded by Mr. Kishore Biyani. Incorporated In in 1987 as Manzs wear Pvt. Ltd. 2006 its name changed as Future Group. Head quarters in Mumbai. Employees Has over 30,000 people. over 1000 stores in 61 cities of India. Spread of 1.3 million square feet.
  4. 4. Retail format
  5. 5. Retail format E-CommerceFood offers wide range of product to doorstep. Baazar- chain of large supermarkets, Brew Bar.. FashionHome and Electronics, General merchandise. Leisure Books brand includes- all, blue sky, etc. and entertainment, wellness & beauty and music and communication. Pantaloon retail chain, Hypermarket- Big Bazar Supermarket and departmental stores.
  6. 6. Retail formats of walmart
  7. 7. Retail formats of walmart Discount To stores, supercenters, specialty stores. meet growing demand for one shop family purchase. Neighborhood Online Small markets- selling ltd drugs and groceries. music store, merchandise stores, food and drugs markets(bodegas), cash and carry stores Membership warehouse clubs, apparel stores.
  8. 8. Promotions Direct selling model- to touch and feel the product. Walmart slogan- always low price. BigbazarBigbazar Saal isse sasta aur achcha kuch nhi. to maximize market share used slogan- k sabse saste teen din. Innovative Hafte days. offers like wednesday bazaar. ka sabse sasta din to attract customers on week
  9. 9. Promotions Exchange Slogan- bring anything old and take something new. Bigbazaar Low offers called the junk swap. also advertise on T.v, radio and print bill board. price proposition- chane k bhaw kaaju. Celebrity endorsement- M.S. Dhoni, gurella marketing. Termed as value for money stores, 6 day biannual compaign. Psychological Special discounting like 99, 49 offers on festivals, buy one get one offers.
  10. 10. Technology deployment Operational Bar strength of walmart was info. Sys. code reader and EDI (electronic data interchange) for information sharing with suppliers with in & across the stores Retail link to study POS data & product inventories. Introduced RFID to have more visibility in S&C. Implemented Walmart Future SAP to build transact. Mgt. sys. launched e-commerce stores . group also launched e- commerce.
  11. 11. Human capital Walmart High employee turnover, low pay. Relying Benefits But known for giving importance to its employees. on temporary labor. package, especially health care coverage. criticized for its employee relation. PRIL used its employees as assets. Implemented several T&D programs to encourage.. Implemented Happy index program.
  12. 12. International ventures In 1990, walmart started international expansion. By 2004 it had 4900 locations in US, europe & asia. Entered In in canada in 1994 with acquisition of 122stores. 2004, walmart purchased supermarket chains in Brazil. And later entered into china and japan. Entered Future India into joint venture with Bharti enterprises. group did not have international market. However player. entered into joint venture with several foreign
  13. 13. Competition Walmart  faced competition from departmental stores- eg- Target, Kmart, costco, & BJ”s wholesale club. Dollor stores- to combat walmart launched walmart express, a mini version of its discount stores. Furute group faced competition from organized retailers Such as reliance retail-marks and spencer, RPG group-spencer, bharti-walmart, shopper’s stop Tata tesco star bazaar, lifestyle international, and trent.
  14. 14. Competition  walmart and future group has to face biggest competition with unorganized sectors. As in India mare than 95% retail market is unorganized. Inspite of competition with organized retail sector- Walmart and future group managed to successfully launch new retail formats and it tried to cover entire retail ambit.
  15. 15. Looking ahead PRIL offered discount on a continuing basis. Observer opined that walmart and future group used innovative add strategies to attract customers. Future group still have to compete with foreign and domestic players to retain its market leadership. Walmart launched 5 year strategy to offer more healthier and affordable food choices. PRIL also had a plan to achieve a turnover of Rs. 300bn.