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Crm initiatives at 3 m


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Crm initiatives at 3 m

  1. 1. Company Overview OPERATING INFORMATION •60 Countries, 35 with laboratories •35 distinct business units •Manufacturing in 29 countries •Holds 569 U.S. Patents •In 2007, 3M spent 6% of its gross revenues on R&D •2007 Sales: $24.5 Billion, 63% from outside United States •76,000 employees, 7,000 Researchers
  2. 2. Company Overview • US based 3M(Minnesota, mining and manufacturing co. • In 1930 company started central research lab. • Gained significant mileage from Niel Armstrong. •Founded in 1902 in Two Harbors, MN •1906 - headquarters moved to Duluth, MN •1921 - first commercial success: Waterproof Sandpaper. •1925 - Scotch® Branded Masking tape and entirely new cellophane-based tape called ―Scotch Tape‖.
  3. 3. Company Overview HISTORY •In 1946, 3M became a publicly traded company on the NYSE. •In the 1960s & 70s, 3M began a rapid expansion into multiple industries including display and graphics, video production, and digital audio equipment. •In the 1980s, 3M introduced the ―Post-It® Note‖ product line.
  4. 4. Company Overview HISTORY •By 1996, 3M expanded to the data storage industry and spun off the Imation corporation. •Today, 3M is one of the 30 companies included in the Dow Jones Industrial Average. •3M is ranked 101 in the Fortune 500.
  5. 5. Company Overview MARKET-LEADING BUSINESSES • Consumer and Office • Display and Graphics • Electro and Communications • Health Care • Industrial and Transportation • Safety, Security and Protection Services
  6. 6. Company Overview NOTABLE PRODUCTS • Scotch-Brite™ Brand Cleaning Products • Scotch® Brand Tapes • Nexcare™ Brand Skincare Products • Scotchgard™ Brand Fabric Protection • Microtouch™ Brand Touch Screens • FastBond™ Brand Adhesives • Filtrete™ Brand Air Filters • O-Cel-O™ Brand Sponges • Post-it® Brand Notes
  7. 7. What is Knowledge? The Old Pyramid • data • information • knowledge • wisdom Information that changes something or somebody— becoming grounds for action by making an individual, or institution capable of different, more effective action
  8. 8. • Knowledge Originates and Resides in the Heads of People and the Two Types of Knowledge Explicit – knowledge that is codified, recorded, or actualized into some form outside of the head • • Books, periodicals, journals, maps, photographs, audio-recordings • Webpages, websites, portals Tacit – Knowledge from experience and insight, not in a recorded form, but in our heads, intuition • • Intellectual capital - • Doesn’t mean much unless packaged in useful ways • technology and global environment is redefining ―useful ways‖
  9. 9. Shift from Managing Stocks of Stuff to Managing Flows of Knowledge • Librarians use to managing stuff • Books • Magazines • Cassettes Administrators use to managing stuff • Buildings and furniture, land • People • Money Automators use to Managing Stuff • Computers • Fiber optics • Bandwidth
  10. 10. Knowledge Management involves blending a company’s internal and external information and turning it into actionable knowledge via a technology platform KM is an effort to capture information that exists in organization, usually based on the experience and learning of employees. The eventual goal is to share knowledge among members of the organization
  11. 11. • Follows 15% rule • Realigned into market centrered group to focus on building customer loyalty
  12. 12. • Company’s six independent call centre manned by a dedicated team of agents for handling customer queries • Customers called in to ask about the products and services offered. • 3M launched increasingly sophisticated and complex products. • Customer queries became diverse and more complex • Call centre agents handeled 1400 queries per day and found it difficult to answer • It became difficult for employees to be trained across all product line
  13. 13. • All unsolved queries had to be transferred to R&D expert • As many as 18% of the calls were being transferred • Customers were forced to repeat their stories to each agents and experts • Agent had no mechanism to know whether it had been solved or not • Expert spent a lot of time handling queries • It decided to employ CRM and KM solutions
  14. 14. Implementation and benefits • 3M identified that training time and abandoned rated and improving solution accuracy • Create a 14-member task force for exploring available technology options • Task force decided to implement Remedy Action Request System (RARS) • Reason for selecting • easy to integrate with many leading KM solution products • Did not require additional programming before implementation
  15. 15. Implementation and benefits • 3M selected Primus eCRM solution offered by Primus Knowledge Solution • Chosen because it was compatible with 3M’s existing hardware and software infrastructure • It allowed immediate sharing of newly developed solutions • It consisted of a Desktop client software, primus eserver and primus support • It used Associative search engine for search and retrieval of Info. • Adopted Pilot Implementation
  16. 16. Result • Employees able to resolve a high % of calls and call transfer reduced • Training time for new agents declined • Agent found new system efficient and simple to adapt • As soon as, the customer called , the agent checked information about the customer • Customer problem were fed into system and software gave probable solution • Option of pressing on screen button
  17. 17. Result • Access to critical Information • Agents could use natural language statements • Agents received a list of possible solutions • If agents fail to provide the solution then quemultipry will be forwarded to experts • During the initial call, data could be saved in the system • Queried data is save in the system so that others can refer it • Hiring agents who could do multiple tasks • Started with post sales customer support division
  18. 18. Extending the benefits • Company made the knowledge available for internal self service through corporate intranet • Implemented self service extranet with an online troubleshooting option • Website for individual customer